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Discount Carpet Flooring Stores in Mesa, AZ

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Express Flooring continues to offer residents in Mesa the best deals on carpet flooring, carpet pad, and carpet installation. Express Flooring offers the lowest discount prices on the industry's top carpet brands. Express Flooring's huge volume purchasing allows us to offer favorable discounts to the residents of Mesa looking for carpet, pad, and installation services.

Mesa carpet flooring brands & services:

For over a decade, Express Flooring has been offering great discounts on carpet flooring. Every day, more people in Mesa are choosing Express Flooring. Express Flooring's reputation for offering the best deals on top carpet brands can't be matched. Such brands include but are not limited to Beaulieu, Bliss, Shaw, Tuftext, Mohawk, Stainmaster, Karastan, Aladdin, Philadelphia, Horizon and more. Furthermore, Express Flooring will match or beat any competitor's price by 10% or more on comparable products.

Express Flooring carries over 1 million feet of in-stock carpet flooring. The best deals on pet-friendly carpets for both residential and commercial applications are found at Express Flooring. Our durable carpet flooring for less set us apart from all other carpet flooring stores in Mesa. Express Flooring offers next day installation on all in-stock carpet. Our industry famous lifetime installation warranty is what sets us apart from our competitors. Why choose another carpet flooring store with less warranties when you can be covered for life with Express Flooring. Contact us today and take advantage of our wholesale discount prices.

Only at Express Flooring can you find a sale on today's newest carpet styles. Our residential carpet flooring experts bring all carpet samples to your home. Our free in-home shopping experience and installation services remove all the stress associated with choosing new flooring. The Express Flooring free design consultant experience will guide you to the most durable and pet resistant carpet styles best suited for your home.

Our specials:

Express Flooring is a locally owned and operated carpet flooring provider. Our carpet suppliers offer a variety of carpet flooring to compliment any room of your home. Our warehouse direct carpet prices make our carpet flooring a great value. Our licensed and bonded carpet installers offer next day installation and even move your furniture too.

Choosing Carpet Flooring for Homes in Mesa

Many people in Mesa prefer carpets that give them warm, comfortable floors. Before homeowners choose carpets, though, they should learn about the different brands, materials and styles offered at Express Flooring stores.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring in Mesa?

Carpet flooring offers several benefits that Mesa homeowners don’t get from most other types of flooring. Many people prefer carpet because they like having a soft material on their floors. Wood, tile and other flooring materials can feel a bit hard underfoot. A good carpet invites people to take off their shoes and relax.

Carpet also acts as an insulator that keeps homes warm on chilly nights. Carpet’s insulating properties can also make homes quieter. Flat surfaces let sound waves bounce freely around rooms. Carpet’s fibers absorb sound waves to reduce the amount of noise in your home.

Mesa residents who live with allergies might think that carpet is a bad flooring option for them. Contrary to what many people think, carpets can actually improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, pet dander and other allergens in their fibers. As long as homeowners vacuum their carpets regularly, they can prevent allergens from floating in the air.

The Basics of Carpet Fiber

Carpet manufacturers use different fibers to give their products certain features. Popular fibers used to make carpets include:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

Many people prefer wool carpets because the fiber has a resilience that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it useful for hallways, living rooms and other areas of the house that get used daily. Wool also has acoustic properties that will deaden echoes and unwanted noise in homes.

popular fiber types in carpet

Wool Carpet:

Most of today’s wool carpets actually include additional fibers. For instance, 20 percent of a wool carpet might come from synthetic fibers. Blending wool with other fibers helps lower costs. After all, wool is one of the most expensive natural fibers used to make carpets.

Nylon Carpet:

Nylon carpeting has become one of the most popular options for homes. Nylon has a low cost that makes it affordable for most households. Despite the low cost, nylon has strong stain-resistant properties. The fibers are also durable enough to withstand daily use and direct sunlight.

Polyester Carpet:

Polyester carpeting has a soft feel that many Mesa households will love. PET, a type of polyester, also gives consumers an environmentally friendly option for their homes. PET is made from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic items. Once the carpet ages, homeowners can even have their PET carpeting recycled.

Polypropylene Carpet:

Polypropylene is a popular fiber among households that don’t want to spend much money on their carpets. Its low cost, however, doesn’t affect polypropylene’s stain resistance and durability.

In addition to exploring various types of carpeting fibers, homeowners should learn about how the fibers are cut or looped.

The most popular carpets at Express Flooring include those made from:

  • Cut pile
  • Loop
  • Cut and loop

Cut pile has a luxurious look and feel that’s created by cutting and twisting plush fibers. When manufacturers cut the pile, it causes fibers to stand upright, which gives the carpet a soft feel that Arizona households love.

Loop carpet has an even softer feel than cut pile. Loop carpet is made from continuous loops of yarn. Today’s manufacturers know ways to vary the loop lengths, so they can create designs that look as nice as they feel.

Cut and loop gives homeowners an opportunity to purchase highly decorative carpets. Since the carpets contain a combination of cut and loop fibers, manufacturers can create a wide range of patterns and styles, including squares and swirls.

A Quality Selection of Products in Mesa

Express Flooring keeps a large selection of carpeting for Mesa homes. Some of the most popular carpets at Express Flooring come from companies that have reputations for designing attractive, durable products.

Top companies that make carpeting for Express Flooring include:

  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • Masland
  • Beaulieu
  • Stainmaster
  • Milliken
  • Lees

By keeping products from these companies in stock, Express Flooring can meet the needs of Mesa’s homeowners. Buyers even get next-day installation when they choose in-stock carpeting at Express Flooring.

Transform Your Space with Carpet Installation, Mesa

People don’t need to know precisely what type of carpet they want for their homes. Express Flooring makes it easy for homeowners to transform spaces by bringing carpet samples during in-home visits. Looking at a variety of carpet samples can change what people think about their options. Homeowners who want to make the best decisions will use Express Flooring’s convenient service.

Why Express Flooring?

Express Flooring does more than give its customers great deals on quality carpets. It also offers a variety of services that help it stand out from other flooring companies in the Mesa area.

Some of the services that Express Flooring customers appreciate include:

  • No-interest financing for those who qualify.
  • Affordable, next-day installation for carpet in stock.
  • Free furniture moving.
  • Accurate measurements taken by trained professionals.
  • Frequent discounts and coupons for products and services.

Express Flooring also offers convenient in-home estimates. When Express Flooring performs an in-home estimate, the business’s representative brings a selection of carpet and other flooring styles. This makes it easy for busy households to decide what types of carpets they want for their homes. Instead of visiting the store, the store comes to customers.

Homeowners in the Mesa area can contact Express Flooring online to schedule in-home estimates. Express Flooring always responds to inquiries within 24 hours.

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