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Mohawk Laminate Flooring


Mohawk Laminate: The Look of Wood for Less

As one of the largest flooring stores in Arizona, Express Flooring can choose the suppliers we want to work with. It’s no wonder we chose Mohawk for customers who want the elegant look of hardwood flooring at a more affordable price.
Founded in 1878, Mohawk brings more than 14 decades of experience to the creation of laminate wood flooring. It’s the perfect way to add sophistication to your home or business, without costing money you’d rather spend on other furnishings.

Advantages of Mohawk Laminate
Mohawk’s selection of laminate flooring is available with the look of hardwood or the look of stone, whichever you prefer. Either way, this flooring will be a convenient part of your lifestyle—cleaning it is easy, installing it is easy, and maintaining it is easy as well.
Because laminate is often made with recycled materials rather than requiring the harvest of rare and exotic trees, it’s a good choice for anyone who cares about being environmentally friendly. In addition, Mohawk laminate floors are highly durable. They resist stains, scuffs, spills and even fading, which means you’ll never have to worry about your beautiful new floor looking less than ideal as the years go by.

Tips on Caring for Your Floor
Express Flooring is always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers. That’s another reason we’re pleased to have Mohawk as a business partner, because they make a point of providing convenient tips on their website. Just click Care & Maintenance and pick up useful information on everything from quick cleaning to dent protection and more.