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Hardwood is a universal choice of flooring because of its durability, eco-friendly properties, and attractiveness. They enhance the ambiance of your home with an impressive finish. Hardwood is a naturally obtained material renowned for its stylish and refined appearance.

Express Flooring has a large selection of hardwood flooring from multiple brands that give warmth and comfort to your feet and creates a natural environment in your home. Express Flooring hardwood does not collect allergies and is easy to clean. Our hardwood flooring has efficient side hardness that makes it resistant to marring and denting. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of materials, finishes, and colors.

What makes Express Flooring different from the rest of the competitors is our lifetime installation warranty and how we sell our flooring. We bring the store to your door with our free in-home estimates. All you need to do is give us a call or fill out an online estimate form to set up an appointment within the next day.

Our call center representatives will give you a two-hour time frame of arrival and can even set up a half an hour call ahead with your design consultant. The design consultant comes to your home with hardwood flooring samples or any other types of samples you want to look at and then measures the rooms you want new flooring in to come up with a final project price. This final estimate includes the price of installation, materials needed and any other installation costs.

You can contact us at ExpressFlooring.com any day of the week or a team member will contact you after filling out an online form. We want to make the experience of buying and installing flooring as easy as possible. Let Express Flooring make it easy for you.

Find the Ideal Hardwood Flooring for Your Peoria Home or Business

Hardwood flooring makes a great option for homes and businesses in Peoria. Thanks to the area’s dry climate, you don’t have to worry about floods warping your real hardwood floors. People living in other locations don’t always have that advantage.

Before you decide what type of product you want for your floor, reach out to Express Flooring so we can help you review your options and find the perfect one for your home or office.

About Express Flooring Hardwood Floors Peoria

Express Flooring in Peoria has spent years building relationships with some of the world’s best hardwood flooring manufacturers and distributors. Our catalog of hardwood flooring products come from companies like:

  • Shaw
  • Armstrong
  • Mannington
  • Columbia
  • Award
  • Harris-Tarkett
  • Karelia
  • Vintage Wood
  • Mullican Engineered
  • Kahrs
  • Pinnacle

You can find samples of our hardwood flooring products by visiting our Peoria-area store. The easier alternative, though, is to schedule an appointment with Express Flooring. We’ll bring an unlimited number of samples to your location until you find the perfect option for your floor.

Express Flooring Specializes In

Peoria customers certainly appreciate the savings that they get from our hardwood sales and the choices they get from our diverse selection.

Really, though, we specialize in helping our customers. We use our knowledge of the latest hardwood flooring products to help you find an option that you will love.

Our employees also receive professional training in installation. In fact, we offer next-day installation services for all of the products that we have in stock. It’s just one more way that we focus on the needs of our customers. When you succeed, we succeed! Helping you is our true specialty!

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Peoria

When you see solid and engineered hardwood flooring products side by side, you might not notice a difference in the options. In reality, engineered hardwood is made of high-quality plywood slices that have been pressed together. A slice of hardwood is placed on top of the plywood so the product looks just like real hardwood flooring.

There are some differences in solid and engineered hardwood, though. We’ll help you learn more about the pros and cons of each option so you can choose the right product for you.

When it comes to moisture, engineered wood flooring does a better job resisting the negative effects of water. We don’t recommend putting real hardwood in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. If a pipe starts leaking, the water could destroy your floor. Moisture is bad for engineered hardwood, too, but it’s not as devastating.

If you want as much durability as possible, then you should choose solid hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors can last for decades when taken care of. Plus, you can have the surface refinished if it accumulates too many scratches and dents. Engineered wood is also durable, but it won’t last as long as real hardwood. Because engineered wood has such a thin strip of real hardwood on top, you can’t refinish the floor.

Engineered wood floors are easier to install than real hardwood floors. Express Flooring has frequent discounts for our services, though, so the installation process may not matter much to you. Always check our online offers to find out whether you qualify for installation discounts.

How Express Flooring Becomes #1 in the Flooring Industry

Express Flooring does more than sell high-quality flooring products at warehouse direct prices. Unlike many hardwood stores in Peoria, we’ve developed a range of services that help us stand out from the crowd.

Our customers cite numerous reasons for why they keep coming back to our store in Peoria. Some of the reasons that we hear most often include our:

  • No-interest financing for customers who qualify.
  • Free, lifetime installation warranty.
  • The diverse selection of hardwood flooring options.
  • Affordable hardwood installation services that include free furniture moving and measurements.
  • Accurate, in-home estimates.
  • Free estimates that include the costs of products and installation.
  • Fast and free installation.
  • Big savings.

Of course, people like that we bring an unlimited selection of hardwood flooring products to their locations. Over the years, we’ve found that many of our customers can’t imagine what different flooring options will look like in their homes. After you’ve seen a dozen samples, it’s easy to get confused.

We bring hardwood samples to your Peoria location so you can see what each one looks like within the room’s context. Once you see various hardwood flooring styles in your home, you’ll know which options you like. This simplifies the selection process and helps ensure that you get the perfect product for your floors.

Hardwood Flooring Options From Express Flooring

Don’t feel intimidated by the large catalog of hardwood flooring options that we keep at Express Flooring. We make the selection process easier by breaking our products into categories like:

  • Solid wood floors
  • Unfinished wood floors
  • Pre-finished wood floors
  • Engineered wood floors
  • Locking wood floors
Hardwood Flooring Options

Of course, our experienced professionals are always ready to help you explore your options. Schedule your free, in-home estimate today. Once we confirm your appointment, we’ll measure your floors, bring you an unlimited number of samples and give you free decorating advice. After you choose a product, we’ll install it the next day, assuming that we have it in stock. You won’t find that kind of guarantee from anyone else in Peoria.

Many more styles available. Contact us today for more available brands
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