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Find Carpeting Your Pets (and You) Will Love

Few things in life are as gratifying as pet ownership. But as all pet owners know, flooring can take the day to day abuse of their love. The good news: Carpeting and furry friends can coexist in harmony. Here’s what you’ll want to know to find the perfect carpet for you and your dog, cat, or other furry-baby.

Stain Resistance Savvy pet owners invest in carpets made of fibers that are specially treated with a safe chemical finish that automatically repels stains and liquids so they don’t settle into the fibers. Stain-resistant / pet-resistant carpets are a must-have on every pet owner’s list.

Water Absorbency Water resistance is another must for pet owners. One company, Shaw, is raising the bar with their 100-percent-waterproof Lifeguard carpet. While in most cases a water-resistant carpet is fully sufficient for pet owners, you might consider Shaw if your home is truly a menagerie.

Dirt and Soil Resistance Those muddy paws—as well as heavy traffic—can make carpets get a lot dirtier a lot faster. That’s why it helps to invest in carpeting specially made to resist/repel dirt and soil. These fibers are infused with chemicals that repel foreign particles like dirt, mud, liquid and dust, allowing for easy cleanup.

Hypoallergenic Qualities Animal hair and dander is often at the top of the list of allergic triggers. Hypoallergenic carpeting is formulated to trap those irritating particles. So in essence, hypoallergenic carpeting can actually improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home, especially if you have pets.

Best Stain-Resistant Carpets

Another great options for today’s pet owners, Shaw offers cutting-edge pet-proof carpeting that’s processed with its patented R2X stain- and soil-resistance treatment. In short, it repels pet accidents clear down to its padding, so you have more time to clean up before damage sets in.

As one of the most famous American names in flooring, Mohawk is especially known for its versatile SmartStrand carpeting. This line is constructed of fibers that are specially treated to provide permanent stain resistance, as well as exceptionally long-lasting durability.

Pet Owner Tip: You don’t have to limit your pet-proof carpeting to the living room. Plenty of manufacturers make low-pile pet-proof carpet tiles that are perfect for the entire home.