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Pet Friendly Tile Flooring


Find a Floor Your Pets Will Love

Because of its durability and resistance to scratches, tile is a smart choice for families with pets. It’s easy to clean if your pet has an accident. Tile also absorbs air conditioning well, which allows it to stay cool to the touch and provide comfort for your pet during the warm summer months. If you ever can’t find your pet in the summer, just check the tiled areas in your home!

Some of the best options for pet friendly tile are granite and slate. These materials are the most durable and offer a long-lasting solution to high-traffic areas for pets and people alike. To make the experience even better for your pet, we recommend finding a rug or pet bed to place on the tile to use as a soft place to lie down if they want to escape the hardness of the tile.

While some types of tile may be slippery, there are a vast number of non-slip sealants for your flooring that will help give your pets more grip. This way they will love the new tile as much as you do.