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Discount Carpet Flooring Stores In Phoenix, AZ

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Express Flooring offers the finest collection of carpets in Phoenix. Our carpet store in Phoenix has all types of carpets, including woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted and embroidered. Express Flooring offers carpet installation as a complimentary service for customers who purchase carpet from us in Phoenix. Express Flooring is the most sought after name for carpet flooring and carpet installation in Phoenix. We sell carpets of exceptional grade and texture from top notch brands at reasonable rates that no other carpet store in Phoenix can offer.

Express Flooring gives you the advantage of choosing the carpet flooring you like from the comfort of your home. We send design consultants to your home to give you a free in-home estimate. They will give you a price for the whole project by the end of the meeting. For more information, give us a call or post your details on our online in-home free estimate form. The staff at Express Flooring provides advice on the latest designs for home flooring.

We offer next day installation for our carpets. Come to a decision on which carpet you want and we will provide you the final estimate with no hidden charges. Get value for your money with our guaranteed lifetime installation warranty for carpet flooring services in Phoenix. Express Flooring provides exceptional carpet floorings with installation service.

Use our room scene creator tool to view thousands of name brand discount carpets in your home. All you have to do is select the type of carpet you want to look at from our selection and the tool creates a preview.

The sales experts at Express Flooring would be delighted to assist you in choosing magnificent carpets for your home. For a free carpet installation estimate in Phoenix, click here.

Discount Carpet Flooring & Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking to install new carpet in your home? Are high-grade options at great rates important to you? Well, you've come to the right place! Express Flooring is the number one carpet dealer to go for carpet flooring and installation in Phoenix.

We're number one carpet flooring installer in Phoenix for a reason. That is because of our carpet quality and our expert carpet installers professional work.

Our expert carpet installers are flexible and do work according to the customers needs so this is one of the fantastic factors in Express Flooring. Along with that Express Flooring is the only carpet installation service in Phoenix which provides quick carpet installation.

There are so many different carpet options with an array of styles, textures, and brands to choose from. We provide the guidance to make these choices a little bit easier and provide peace of mind when it comes to getting your new carpet installed.

Express Flooring offers the best carpet varieties and exceptional carpet installation services to Phoenix homeowners for the lowest rates in the Valley. We understand just how important picking your new carpet is and we work with you side-by-side throughout the process.

Carpet Flooring Phoenix

There are a number of carpet dealers in the local Phoenix area, so how do you know who to pick? Express Flooring is a highly-skilled, reputable and well-seasoned carpet store in Phoenix. We service homes and commercial businesses in need of a new flooring upgrade. When you choose Express Flooring, you’ll walk away with the perfect carpet to fit the style and comfort level of your home.

Express Flooring provides the finest carpet selections and top-notch carpet installation in the Valley. As a highly sought after carpet store, we offer a large variety of carpet options at the best prices. The products we sell are of high-grade and texture from the best brands in the business.

In addition to offering the lowest rates of any carpet dealer in Phoenix, we offer free carpet installation with your new carpet flooring purchase. What’s the catch here? There is none. The cost we give you during the consultation is the cost you pay with no hidden charges. Another perk — our carpets come with a lifetime installation warranty. That’s great news when it comes to protecting your investment!

Living in Phoenix, it’s important to pick the right carpet flooring that adds value, beauty, and warmth to your home, while withstanding and resisting the dirt and dust we bring in from the desert. Do you have pets? We have pet resistant carpet flooring options too. No matter your needs, our expert team will help you pick the right carpet at the right durability, feel and price based on your day to day living activities.

Express Flooring is truly an expert in Phoenix carpet installation and provides exceptional services for any flooring need. We work with you step-by-step to make sure you’re making the best choices for your home.

Express Flooring Offers a Wide Range of Carpet Styles

When choosing carpet flooring for your home, it’s important to pick the right style option that adds warmth, beauty and will wow your guests when they walk in the door. Express Flooring in Phoenix offers a wide variety of carpets options to suit your comfort and your design style. From embroidered, woven, needle felt, knotted and tufted, Express Flooring has any type of carpet that you need.

If there are so many options, how do you choose what kind? There are a few considerations we look at and it all comes down to how the room will be used. We look at the amount of exposure to your carpet, the amount of traffic your carpet will get, and also the amount of light that reaches the room. Once we know those three things, we can help you pick the right one.

Here are a few of the carpet styles that Express Flooring offers:

Recycled carpets:

Recycled carpet options are the trend right now with their eco-friendly and green properties. Most carpets today are partially made out of recycled materials as homeowners are becoming more focused on being environmentally friendly. Express Flooring offers fantastic recycled carpet flooring installation right here in Phoenix.

Cut and loop carpets:

Cut and loop carpets are exactly what they seem — they’re made of cuts and loops. This is another very trendy carpet variety as they offer an array of textures and patterns instead of just one solid color. As the mid-century modern look finds its’ way back to current day, cut and loop carpets meet the needs of many homeowners looking to add a vibrantly styled carpet flooring in their Phoenix home.

Frieze carpets:

Frieze carpets are known as twist carpets, meaning that the fibers are just that — twisted. With a fun and somewhat messy (in a good way) appearance, these carpets are tough and a great option when you need the durability.

Carpet tile:

Carpet tile is another popular carpet flooring trend right now, especially for families with children and also commercial spaces and offices. The tiles allow endless possibilities for customizing by linking different styles together. They can also be easily replaced with a single tile if one gets damaged. No more worrying about any wine spills, pet messes or kids drawing on the floor.

Saxony carpet:

Saxony carpet is a cut pile carpet that ranges from a velvety appearance to textured. Saxony carpets are suitable for a wide range of home design styles.

Berber carpet:

Berber carpet is a loop carpet that comes in a large variety of colors. You can also pick between large or smaller loops from chunkier to thinner. This carpet option can be used in homes or in offices too.

These style options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide carpet options and varieties that Express Flooring has as a local carpet dealer in Phoenix. With different colors, patterns and textures, Express Flooring has a carpet flooring for any style and need.

Our expert team will help you decide what design style to choose and also what brand name will make sense for the appearance, price, durability, and comfort you’re looking for. Our most favorable carpet brands include Mohawk, Shaw, Masland, Beaulieu, Stainmaster, Milliken, and more.

If you want to try it on for size, check our room scene creator tool to view our discount carpets in your home.

Professionally Installed Carpet in Phoenix, Arizona

Express Flooring provides exceptional carpet installation in Phoenix. From residential to commercial building space, our carpet installation experts get the job done right. It’s important to work with a well-seasoned company like Express Flooring for your installation needs, to be sure you’re getting the best price for the best service.

Professional carpet installation enhances the beauty of your home or office, provides insulation and sound control, and also ensures your comfort levels will be met. Express Flooring provides next day installation and a complimentary carpet installation service for customers in Phoenix who purchase from our store. As soon as you decide which carpet you want, we provide a final estimate with no hidden charges.

Here’s what working with our expert team at Express Flooring for installation is like:

  • We help you pick the best carpet option that works well for your home.
  • We reach out to schedule your installation as soon as your carpet is available.
  • We deliver and install your new carpet on time with the highest quality and with exceptional customer service.

Having your carpet flooring installed the right way is important for maintaining the value, durability, and appearance. Express Flooring will make your home light up with an impressive, new carpet floor. It’s important to pick a reputable carpet installation company that cares about the end result. Your investment is important to the Express Flooring team and we make sure you walk away with the best flooring in the Valley.

Discount Carpet Brands in Phoenix

We know just how important your investment in new carpet flooring is. It’s imperative to pick the best quality for the best price that fits your budget. Many homeowners run into big headaches when they realize they picked the wrong flooring for their home. At Express Flooring, we work with you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Express Flooring offers the lowest rates for the best quality carpet flooring than any competitor in Phoenix. Get the highest value for your investment when you work with us for your new flooring needs. As a carpet dealer, we offer high-grade brands in a variety of textures and styles.

Our most favorable carpet brands include Mohawk, Shaw, Masland, Beaulieu, Stainmaster, Milliken, and more. Our expert team will work with you on choosing the best brand for your dollar and for your needs.

A good carpet flooring can make or break your flooring choice. You don’t want to pick a carpet that doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Here’s what picking the best discount carpet option will get you:

Warmth and comfort:

Almost always, the top reason for homeowners choosing carpet installation in their homes is the warmth and comfort that a great carpet provides. Carpet adds a coziness to any living room or bedroom and a great surface to step your toes onto when you first wake up in the morning.

A good discount carpet brand will also provide insulation, saving your money on your energy bills during the colder months. Your carpet will keep you saving money continually even after the installation is done.

Less noise:

High-grade carpet quality also provides great noise insulation, more so than other flooring options. Carpet absorbs vibration and the sounds you hear will be more clear and enjoyable as opposed to loud and obnoxious.


A lot of people with kids or with pets may tend to shy away from carpet flooring because they’re afraid it will stain or wear easily. Express Flooring has amazing stain-free treatments and spot cleaner will bring up most spills and stains immediately. A great specialized carpet cleaner will take your carpet durability a very long way!


If you have children or older adults living in your home, the cushion that a discount quality carpet provides is important for avoiding slips and falls. Choosing high-quality carpet will ensure a slip-proof room and prevent the worry of disaster from happening. Keep your peace of mind and choose a carpet that offers great traction for those who are prone to falling.

You want to make sure that you’re choosing a carpet brand that covers all of these benefits. Express Flooring will help you to pick out the right discount carpet brand that makes sense for the style, activity level and people in your home or in your office space.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring infographic

Why Choose Us?

Express Flooring takes great pride in providing exceptional service and installation when it comes to helping homeowners with their flooring needs. We are a well-seasoned team of highly-skilled experts that are ready to take on your flooring installation in Phoenix.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we are highly qualified to get your job done right:

  • We are the most highly sought after flooring company in the local Phoenix area.
  • We have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners pick the best flooring type for their home.
  • We offer the lowest rates for the highest quality carpet brands than any other flooring dealer in the Valley.
  • We offer free professional installation with your carpet purchase.
  • We provide free consultations with pricing estimates with no hidden charges.
  • Our carpets have a lifetime installation warranty.
  • We have the largest selection of different carpet designs and styles in Phoenix.
  • We are the number one flooring store in Phoenix.

We get it — picking the right team to help you with your new carpet needs is a big decision. You want to be sure you’re getting the highest value for your dollar so you end up with an amazing new floor that looks great and lasts for a long time. We can assure you that Express Flooring provides exceptional service and quality products every time.

Our sales team experts at Express Flooring are ready and excited to assist you in choosing the perfect carpet flooring for your home. Click here for a free carpet installation estimate in Phoenix.

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