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Wholesale Laminate Flooring Queen Creek, AZ

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Laminate flooring from Express Flooring is a preferred flooring choice for residential homes. Laminate flooring's growing popularity is largely due to its competitive pricing and durability. Residents of Queen Creek have been installing laminate flooring throughout their homes because it's a versatile option that works in any room. Laminate flooring has the same visual beauty and charm of real wood flooring. Express Flooring carries one of the largest selections of laminate flooring in Queen Creek and has the best offers on all types of laminate floors.

Express Flooring provides wholesale prices on all the top laminate flooring brands. Get the best deals on laminate flooring brands such as Shaw Floors, Mohawk, Armstrong Flooring, Alloc, Quickstep, Columbia, Pergo, Tarkett and many others.

Laminate flooring is especially popular in high traffic areas of homes such as hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Express Flooring also carries water-resistant laminate types with extra durability and protection for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Residents of Queen Creek are choosing kitchen laminate styles that look like natural hardwood. Express Flooring's next day installation services are another reason why they are one of Queen Creek's largest laminate flooring providers.

Express Flooring is a locally owned and operated flooring company. Our local service, huge discount prices, free in-home shopping and next day installation offers make us an easy choice. Express Flooring brings the store to your door. The benefit of Express Flooring's free in-home shopping experience makes it easier to make the best choice for your home. Seeing your flooring choices in the comfort of your own home with your lighting conditions, your home's décor and furniture provide the most accurate visual depiction of how these beautiful flooring types will look in your home. We have over 1 million feet of in-stock flooring available for Queen Creek homeowners, renters, and landlords. We bring all flooring samples to you. There is no charge for this complimentary service. Our design consultants also provide free design advice.

Contact Express Flooring to schedule your free in-home estimate and complimentary design consultation. Along with our wholesale pricing on laminate flooring, we also provide our industry famous lifetime installation warranty. We also match or beat all competitor pricing by at least 10% or more on comparable products. We remove all the stress and anxiety typically associated with choosing new laminate flooring for your home.

Choosing the Best Professional and Wholesale Queen Creek Laminate Flooring Services

If you live in Queen Creek and you're looking for resilient or laminate flooring, or top laminate flooring services anywhere in the region, you're in luck. That's because one of the nation's biggest and best providers of all types of laminate flooring -- as well as carpet flooring, tile flooring and hardwood flooring -- is located right in Arizona.

But before I tell you all about Express Flooring, let's talk about the benefits of laminate flooring, and why it might be the best choice for your home.

What is Laminate Flooring?

For some folks, the words "laminate flooring," might conjure up images of the old kitchen linoleum they grew up with -- but modern laminate flooring is nothing like the cracked and yellowing linoleum of yesteryear.

Today's laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring material that can simulate just about any kind of natural or manufactured floor, whether it's hardwood, stone or ceramic tile. And best of all, contemporary laminate doesn't get cracked and yellowed like the old stuff did.

Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring comes in a surprisingly wide variety of different types. These are the basic laminate terms you should know:

  • Glueless-Click: Today, more than two-thirds of the laminate flooring on the market is made in the glueless click-lock style. That's because it's easy to install, thanks to its sticky, pre-attached underpad.
  • Glued: This type requires the installer to glue the joints together. It's time-consuming and costs more, but makes for a strong floor.
  • Pre-Glued: This type has glue pre-applied to the joints, but you have to moisten them to activate the glue.

You can also get a huge variety of surfaces, from smooth and shiny to embossed with swirls and geographic shapes; or from fancy-textured to distressed, which is scraped to simulate natural wood and stone.

Why Do People Love Laminate Flooring?

What's not to love about laminate flooring? Let's count some of the reasons why it's so popular.

1. Laminate is elegant and versatile

Laminate doesn't just replicate more expensive types of flooring -- it also has a life of its own, and comes in a variety of designer colors and patterns to suit any room, from the most formal dining room to the kids' rec room.

2. Laminate is water-resistant

Laminate flooring is made of a tough resin compound that's first layered on a woodchip base, and then glazed on the surface for long life and durability. These materials, plus the glazing, make laminate flooring water-resistant. Did you ever spill water on a piece of plastic and notice how it stays on the surface? When you spill water on a laminate floor it stays on the top -- and all you have to do is wipe it off.

3. Laminate is affordable

If you've ever priced flooring, you know that laminate is one of the least expensive types of flooring on the market. Since it can replicate so many expensive materials (especially hardwoods), it's ideal for homeowners on a budget who want the look of natural wood or stone.

4. Laminate is easy to maintain

Because of its water-resistant properties, laminate is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain -- just a quick swipe with a cloth or once-over with the mop will make your floor shine -- and there's no waxing necessary.

5. Laminate is durable

Laminate is one of the most durable, long-lasting types of flooring on the market. That's why retailers and other commercial properties typically use laminate. While your kitchen floor might not handle the same amount of foot traffic as a big box store, you'll be grateful for its durability when the neighborhood kids come crowding in.

Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of laminate flooring in a nutshell:


  • Laminate flooring is durable and long-lasting
  • Laminate flooring is beautiful, elegant, versatile, and can suit any room
  • Laminate flooring is cheaper than other types
  • Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain
  • Laminate flooring is water-resistant


  • Laminate flooring doesn't add to a home's resale value like hardwood flooring does
  • Laminate flooring can't be sanded or refinished like hardwood
  • Laminate flooring isn't 100 percent waterproof and can't tolerate large amounts of standing water
  • Laminate flooring has a harder walking surface than some other materials

Why Express Flooring is the Best Laminate Flooring Provider in Queen Creek

If you're looking for a laminate dealer, Queen Creek is home to one of the best in the nation. Because of our top quality flooring, superlative customer service, quick and professional installation and low everyday prices, Express Flooring has been a trusted laminate provider in Queen Creek for more than a decade. Here are a few of the ways we not only offer the best inventory and prices, but also the best Queen Creek laminate installation and services.

What Resilient, Laminate Flooring Brands are Available through Express Flooring of Queen Creek?

One reason we're the best Queen Creek laminate store is because we keep more than a million feet of flooring inventory in stock, from brands such as these:

  • Armstrong
  • Shaw
  • Kronotex
  • Mannington
  • Columbia
  • Mohawk
  • Tarkett
  • Gemwoods
  • Pandora
  • Endless Beauty
  • Eastwood

Queen Creek's Best In-Home Estimate Service

When you're ready for your new flooring, all you have to do is call us -- or visit us online -- to schedule a free at-home installation consultation. While there, our top flooring experts will give you professional advice on what type of flooring is best for your home.

We literally bring the entire inventory to your door, with a vast array of swatches and catalogs for you to examine. This way, you don't have to walk down long aisles; instead, you can choose your flooring from the comfort of your own living room.

Incredible Laminate Flooring Deals

After you choose your flooring, we'll provide you with a flooring sale and installation price that is not only competitive but can also be tailored to suit your budget, thanks to our no-interest payment plans for qualifying customers. In addition to regular sales, we also have discount flooring prices for teachers, public service workers, and seniors.

These are some of the reasons why Express Flooring is the top laminate provider at Queen Creek. In fact, with our low everyday discount prices, you could even call us the top wholesale laminate provider at Queen Creek as well.

How Do We Deliver the Best Laminate Installation Services to Our Customers?

If you're looking for Queen Creek laminate installation, then look no further than Express Flooring. Thanks to a full-time roster of some of the best, most highly-trained installation professionals in the country, we can offer next-day installation on in-stock flooring. We'll even move your furniture to make the installation--and we also offer a free lifetime installation warranty.

Professional Queen Creek Laminate Flooring Installation: What We Do

Once our professional installation team arrives, you won't have to lift a finger. They'll even move your furniture for you, and move it back once your floor is installed. We only use fully-licensed installation experts, so you can rest assured that the job will be top-notch. Plus, we offer a free lifetime installation warranty.

When it comes to laminate flooring, Queen Creek residents know what to look for. After all, the area is well known for its lovely homes, including many with decorator showplace interiors. These residents know that when it comes to quality laminate flooring, Queen Creek boasts one of the best dealers you'll find anywhere in the country.

These are the reasons why Express Flooring prides itself on being the No. 1 Queen Creek laminate flooring provider. If you're looking for a laminate store in Queen Creek or any other area of Arizona or if you're looking for any type of flooring be sure to call Express Flooring for your free in-home estimate, so you can take the first step toward having the elegant flooring you've always wanted.

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