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2021 Tile Flooring Trends

July 30, 2021
Modern tile flooring installation in a Scottsdale, AZ home
Choosing a brand new floor covering can be an exciting experience, especially if you choose tile flooring and the many benefits that it comes with. However, one of the most critical factors for many homeowners in any flooring line is finding a smart option, and these materials have plenty for 2021.

The latest in porcelain & ceramic tile

Sometimes, finding the best flooring comes down to porcelain vs. ceramic tile, which is better for your home. The truth is, these two materials are considerably similar, with porcelain providing just a bit more density, hardness, and water resistance.

Variety of Aggregates

In 2021, you will enjoy the beautiful appearance of a variety of aggregates, including beautifully bright terrazzo, with speckled chips of color that transform your rooms into a work of art. A variety of solid colors, varying from dark to light, is also popular, including cool blues and greens.

Natural Visuals

In addition to favorites such as big, bold designs and comprehensive format options, the beautiful appearance of natural visuals has made a big impression. Choose from products that mimic solid wood, natural stone, and various earth and forest-toned colors for your best décor matching options.

Find your best tile flooring today

One of the benefits of mobile tile stores is that we bring the store to your door, saving you time, hassle, frustration, and anxiety, and giving you the option to see your flooring choices under your lighting and against your specific existing décor. This not only makes the shopping process more manageable, but it saves you valuable time that we know is important to you.

We proudly serve Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico, including Phoenix area communities in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more, and we look forward to helping you floor your home as well. So when you are ready for the best tile flooring in your home, be sure to call us for an appointment.