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Best types of Flooring for a Restaurant or Bar (Ultimate Guide 2019)

June 23, 2020
If you own a bar or restaurant, then you know how important the right flooring is. From easy maintenance to longevity, it’s an investment that is crucial to your profits. Flooring for the “Front Of House” is just as crucial as flooring for “Back of House”.

By the way, extra points for you if you can identify the local restaurants in the images.

Here is a guide to the best types of commercial restaurant flooring or bar flooring so you can make an informed decision.

Before that have a look at the Commercial Flooring Vs Residential Flooring topic.

Commercial Flooring Vs Residential Flooring:

The first important condition that needs to be fulfilled by commercial flooring is that it should be slip-resistant. If it is not so, the floors will be more accident-prone, and you will have to face more lawsuits. Residential flooring does not need to fulfill any such criteria, although it is recommended that it too should be slip-resistant to reduce accidents. The second consideration should be inflammability. If your floor is inflammable such as carpet, then your restaurant becomes a risk-prone place. Hence, it is important to avoid such flooring. Durability is another important concern for restaurant owners. If your flooring is not durable, it might not be able to take the heavy traffic during peak hours and may crack/break. This will only cost you more money in repairs. Residential flooring does not experience such traffic, and so durability is not an equally important criterion.


When it comes to laminate flooring, the benefits include strength and durability. The surface is smooth and level and resists stains, scratches, and wearing out. One of the other excellent benefits for a restaurant or bar is that it resists fading. This gives you a look that stays like new for longer.

That’s the reason why it is the most popular flooring option among restaurant and bar owners. Along with that, it is effortless to maintain this flooring as even two days old stain marks can be removed using a wet mob on these floors. Considering restaurants are prone to such stains, this flooring is desirable. The other reason to choose laminate flooring comes is it comes with various textures and colors. It gives a warm feel to your restaurant and even makes it look richer.

Tile Flooring

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For instance, ceramic tile has durability and longevity, there is not a lot of maintenance, and the choices in styles and colors is immense.

Do keep in mind that ceramic tile can be susceptible to cracks if something substantial is dropped on it. But as far as cleanup, a simple sweep and mop will make it look good as new, and it’s fine if it gets wet at times.

Travertine is an excellent choice, too. It’s Eco-friendly and natural, it has the power of natural stone, yet there are eye-pleasing soft hues available that work well with any decor.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

This is a type of flooring that is durable, yet allows for many aesthetic ideas. It’s ideal for spills, heavy foot traffic, and abrasions. It can even be placed to mimic other types of flooring and at a lower cost for some.

Stone Flooring

Speaking of Travertine, stone flooring is another more elegant choice. Each type of stone has its own durability level, but on average it is durable and provides a natural texture. This texture helps with a grip so it is ideal for kitchen areas or non-slip bar flooring where slips and falls can be prevalent.

We Help You Choose

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