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Common Carpet Seam Mistakes

June 18, 2020
Carpet flooring is and has always remained a popular choice for homes. With its warm and rustic look, it lures the owner into having them. Carpet installation can be a tricky DIY task. If not done correctly, with the right amount of precision and proper techniques then it may end up looking a bit shabby- which is exactly what you don’t want. While you will find many tips and advice on what to do, we’re going to tell you what exactly not to do! Especially when it comes to the carpet seams, there are a few common mistakes that people tend to make. We’re going to list them out for you so that you don’t end up making them.

Common Carpet Seam Mistakes

Mistake 1: Do not stretch the carpet perpendicular to the seams- That’s what makes the seams peak. Stretch the carpet parallel to the seams.

Mistake 2: Never expose your seams in such a way that it accentuates their visibility. You have to be smart with these things. Keep the seams hidden from sunlight or any direct light exposure. Otherwise, the seam will form shadows and be very noticeable

Mistake 3: During the carpet installation, if the seams are not matched properly then this may lead to seam splitting. This can be very dangerous as people may trip on it. To avoid this, keep seams away from the foot of a door or areas with high traffic. Also, while installing, place a piece of plywood under the seam while pressing it into the adhesive. This will give it a stronger flatter surface to avoid splitting. Seams must be well matched to each other during installation.

Mistake 4: If you don’t seal the edges of the seam well, they will open up within no time. Another mistake that leads to this is cutting the carpets across the rows of tuft. All cuts must be made parallel to these rows.

Mistake 5: Avoid using irons on the seams that are too hot as this may fade the color of the seams and make it more noticeable from the rest of the carpet. Choose your seam weights correctly, which allow heat to dissipate. Whatever tools you use during installation must be free from dust and dirt. Use the proper glue and follow instructions well. Moisture can also cause discoloration. So make sure that the steam is allowed to escape during ironing.

Mistake 6: Using bad or wrong tools can make your seams appear very goofy. Use a sharp knife while cutting seams. Always pre-stretch the area of the seams.

Mistake 7: Laying the glue too quickly, can lead to hardening of the glue which can form lumps under your seams. Don’t be in a hurry.

A time-taking task is to try to match the seams of new pieces with those of old ones. The main problem will be the thickness of the padding. Choose thinner padding for the new ones, which should be like the old one. Stretch the seams as close together as possible. Apply tape or adhesive and then iron the seams well.

So, choosing carpet floors was a good decision. This list will help you make the seams almost invisible to the naked eye and that will surely last long!