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Even With Allergies, Carpet is a Great Choice!

September 29, 2022
Hypoallergenic carpet in an Austin, TX home
Many homeowners avoid carpet because they think it makes their allergies worse. However, it might make them better.

These floors can trap and hold allergens to ensure they don't become part of your breathable air. And that makes your allergies a little easier to bear.

What makes carpet a good choice for allergies?

Many fibers resist the things that cause allergy problems in the first place. Choosing a hypoallergenic product is even more so because they're created for it.

Nylon is particularly beneficial for preventing mold growth and other allergen releases. These options are also easier for carpet cleaning, so dust, pollen, and dander can't settle into the flooring either.

Tips for the best flooring for allergies

Be sure to look for products that offer shorter fibers and tighter twists. This allows you to get more sediment and allergens from your flooring while cleaning.

Regular cleaning is essential to removing allergens, so keep a schedule. And professional carpet cleaning should happen once every 12 to 18 months.

Enjoy all the benefits carpet has to offer

Besides offering an excellent allergen solution, these floors offer impressive comfort and softness. In our mobile carpet store, you'll find a tremendous underfoot experience that's great for bedrooms and children's rooms.

You'll also find extensive visual choices, giving you a fantastic decor match. Finally, don't forget to ask about current trends that could keep you in style for years.

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