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Four Looks You Can Get with Luxury Vinyl Flooring

April 14, 2023
Wood-look vinyl plank flooring in an Arizona home
Choosing the perfect luxury vinyl flooring is quick and easy once you know which visual options you want and need for your home. The outstanding benefits serve you in every room, so it all comes down to what looks best in each space.

There are plenty of choices, including wood and stone look products, but those aren’t the only visual schemes you’ll find here. Consider these four looks as you prepare for your perfect flooring experience.

1. Wood-look

Wood-look floors are some of the most common for this product line and mimic all kinds of hardwood with LVP flooring products. Enjoy the colors, textures, and installation layouts that make your guests think it’s natural hardwood.

2. Stone-look

Stone-look floors offer the same stunning realism as wood-look floors, replicating stone types like marble, granite, and slate, to name a few. Consider a stone tile look mosaic for added formality and high-end visuals.

3. Geometric prints

Geometric prints add interest and fun to any room with sharp, curvy, clean-cut, and diverse lines. Creating the look you want with LVP flooring is easy when nothing else will do.

4. Bold designs

Bold designs in luxury vinyl flooring could be the touch your home needs, bringing trendy vibes to spaces where they're needed most. Consider this option if you have a room that needs a lift.

A mobile showroom that does it all

When you work with Express Flooring, you'll never have to deal with the hassle, anxiety, and frustration of showroom shopping because we bring the store to your door. A mobile showroom is a perfect way to see your favorite flooring samples in your home environment for a much better selection process.

To find the best luxury vinyl flooring in Phoenix, AZ, you should know that our Phoenix service areas include Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more. We’re ready to ensure your best flooring choice today, so contact us at your convenience to get started.