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How to Care for Vinyl Plank Flooring

June 23, 2020
Vinyl tile is becoming a popular choice in most households given its characteristics. It is considered to be tough, lasts for a long time, can be used in high traffic areas, but it can get ruined if not maintained well. Vinyl floor cleaning is a walk in the park if it is done from day one. The materials needed to clean are simple and cost-effective.

Any flooring will get dirty and stained as time goes by. The first and foremost step is to not allow dirt in. If you minimize the dirt that comes in, it solves most problems. This can be done by placing good quality doormats near the main entrance and near the balconies where you walk in and walk out.

The best and the easiest way to keep your vinyl floors clean is to use water and a mop. Make sure to wipe up spills as soon as they happen to avoid staining. Cleaning vinyl floors can be easy but there are a few do’s and don’ts that need to be followed.


  • Should either vacuum or clean the floor using a dry mop, this will remove the dust, dirt and hair. Try to clean up as much as possible under furniture, kitchen cabinets etc. After dry mopping you can use a damp mop and mop the place.
  • Our all time favourite is to use apple cider vinegar. This is considered good as the acid level in the vinegar helps to remove the dirt without leaving a soapy residue. Use one part of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of warm water. Never leave excess water in your mop. Make sure it is damp and not wet.
  • If your floor is very dirty, you can add a few drops of dish detergent to the above mix and mop the floors. You can mop the floors again with vinegar and water to remove any remains of the soap. To give a shine to your floors you can also add a couple drops of baby oil to the solution.
  • If there are some stubborn stains, apply some jojoba oil onto a towel and rub the area. Once the stain is removed, use vinegar and water solution to clean up the place.
  • Always use a soft bristle brush; this will help remove any kind of stain.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water and gently rub on the stains caused by juice or ketchup. Once the stain is removed, clean the area to remove any trace of baking soda.
  • For stains caused by lipstick, dye or ink, try rubbing alcohol to remove the stains. For crayon marks or paint use mineral spirits and for stains caused by nail polish use a nail polish remover. But whatever the stain is and how ever you choose to clean, make sure to clean the area thoroughly again with plain water and a soft cloth.
  • To prevent scratches or dents on your perfectly looking vinyl floors, when you are moving your furniture make sure to place plywood sheets under the furniture to move it across.



When cleaning your vinyl floors, you need to be cautious about a few products that may damage your floor.

  • Never use the beater bar attachment when vacuuming your vinyl floors. It can damage your floors even further.
  • Never use abrasive scrubbers or cleaners with high ph levels; they can make your vinyl floors look dull.
  • Never polish your vinyl floors

You can always contact a vinyl professional cleaning service to clean your vinyl floors if they get very bad and start to look dull and monotonous. But with a little bit of care daily can keep your vinyl floors looking great and lovely for years to come.