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Most Popular Flooring Manufacturers (Brands) [Need to Know]

June 22, 2020
Where you live can play an important role in what flooring products and manufacturers you choose. At Express Flooring, we want to make sure that all of our customers have the information they need to make their floors look amazing.


How to Select the Best Flooring Manufacturers in Your Location

Choosing the best flooring manufacturers in your area requires a little bit of research. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for inexperienced people to compare commercial and residential flooring in Arizona because they’re faced with so many options.

Buying flooring in Arizona gets a lot easier when you shop at Express Flooring. Our store does much more than sell flooring in Phoenix. We serve every city and town in Arizona to make sure homeowners and businesses have access to the products and services that they need. We have offices located in:

  • Avondale
  • Tempe
  • Mesa
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Tucson
  • Queen Creek
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale

Shoppers just have to choose the location near them to get expert recommendations on the flooring they should choose.

Express Flooring maintains a huge selection of carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, stone and vinyl in our warehouses. Working with many manufacturers and distributors makes it possible for us to meet the needs of practically every person in Arizona.

When choosing a flooring manufacturer that’s right for you, it’s important to consider things like:

  • How long the manufacturer has been in business.
  • Whether the company uses sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • The types of flooring products that the manufacturer sells.
  • What features you need for different rooms in your home or business.
  • How different flooring styles will affect a room’s aesthetic.

Express Flooring makes it easy for you to get this information. Instead of forcing you to come to our store, we bring flooring samples to you. We know that it’s difficult to choose residential flooring in Phoenix and other cities until you see what the samples look like in your home. The same is true of commercial flooring in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. Until you see the tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate or vinyl within a room’s context, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what it will look like after it’s been installed.

Before you choose any residential or commercial flooring for AZ buildings, request a free estimate from Express Flooring. We’ll answer your questions and provide samples so you can make an informed decision about which manufacturer’s products are right for you.

What Do You Get From Top Flooring Manufacturers

When home and business owners choose to purchase products from the top flooring manufacturers, they can expect to get several benefits, including:

  • Excellent durability that extends the flooring’s life and beauty.
  • Affordable flooring that exceeds expectations.
  • Unique designs that make floors look amazing.
  • Unprecedented customer services, such as warranties and rebates.

Here are major floor brands:


Shaw Flooring

All About Shaw Flooring

Shaw Flooring got its start more than 70 years ago when the Shaw family purchased a dye manufacturer in 1946. The flooring manufacturer grew rapidly. Today, it employs more than 22,300 people around the world.

Shaw makes an unbelievably wide range of flooring products that can match the needs of Arizona’s homes and businesses. Express Flooring works closely with the manufacturer to make it easy for people in Arizona to purchase reliable:

  • Carpets
  • Hardwood floors
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Tiles

While many flooring stores in Arizona carry Shaw products, none of them offer the exceptional services that buyers get from Express Flooring.

Flooring How-To’s From Shaw Floors

Shaw provides instructions that help consumers make the most of their flooring products. Since the company makes so many types of floors, it also publishes a large number of how-to posts on its website.

Some of the most useful how-to’s from Shaw include:

  • Tips on carpet cleaning, stain removal and maintenance.
  • Instructions to help people care for their hardwood flooring.
  • How to install, care for and maintain laminate flooring.
  • The types of cleaners that are appropriate for tile and stone.
  • Tips on using rugs to beautify rooms.

Flooring Ideas From Shaw Floors

Considering how much experience Shaw Floors has with different flooring products, it makes sense for homeowners to use the company as a source for new flooring ideas. People don’t have to settle for drab floors when they have access to Express Flooring’s wide range of products.

Shaw Floors curates a style board with numerous ideas, such as how to decorate for the upcoming season, how to choose colors for a room and using area rugs to create decorative accents.

The company’s website also has a lengthy selection of posts dedicated to inspiring customers. The inspiration trends section includes information on recent color trends, upcoming home décor trends and contemporary design ideas that will remain in style for years.

Why Shaw Floors: Advantages

Buying Shaw flooring products gives homeowners and businesses several advantages they may not get from other companies. Some of the advantages of choosing Shaw Floors include:

  • Stain-resistant fibers that protect carpets from spills, pets and dirt.
  • Exclusive finishes that make hardwood floors more durable and attractive.
  • Laminate flooring with perfect locking grooves and finishes that mimic the beauty of real wood.
  • Affordable tiles that come in four looks: mosaic, stone, wood and subway/rectangle.
  • Vinyl flooring that looks attractive enough for offices, dining rooms and other high-traffic areas.
  • A commitment to sustainability through post-consumer carpet recycling, solar energy, transparent supply chains and responsible wood procurement policies.



All About Masland

Masland is a member of the Dixie Group, a company that markets high-end broadloom carpets and rugs to homeowners and businesses. As a member of the Dixie 

Group, Masland maintains a commitment to protecting the environment. Masland pursues this goal in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Choosing environmentally friendly components for its carpeting and other flooring products.
  • Eliminating waste from its manufacturing process.
  • Recycling scrap metal, cardboard, plastic and carpet fibers.
  • Participating in green energy initiatives.
  • Meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) qualifications.

While Masland does everything possible to protect the environment, it also focuses on making exquisite carpets and rugs. Since Express Flooring wants to maintain its position as one of the top flooring stores in Arizona, we carry several of Masland’s products, including:

  • Fine wool runners and carpets.
  • Nylon carpets that come in numerous colors and designs.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles and planks.

Certified Environmental Products From Masland

When searching for environmental flooring for Phoenix homes and businesses, it makes sense for Express Flooring customers to browse some of the best products made by Masland. Luckily, Masland manufacturers several certified environmental products. Some of our favorites include:

  • Amplify carpet, which contains 49 percent pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Argan II carpet, which is primarily made of recyclable nylon.
  • Articulate carpet, which contains 48 percent pre-consumer recycled materials.
  • A long list of vinyl tiles that meet or exceed indoor air quality certifications.

Masland can guarantee that its carpets and vinyl tiles meet LEED qualifications because it uses a third-party certification program to test its products. Anyone who wants eco-friendly residential or commercial flooring in AZ should consider buying some of Masland’s products.

Masland Carpeting

Carpet makes an excellent option for residential flooring in AZ. Carpet’s soft texture makes it a joy to walk on. The flooring’s fibers absorb sound to curb disturbing noises. Carpet can even trap allergens to improve a home’s indoor air quality.

Express Flooring carries several carpet products from Masland so Arizona residents and businesses can choose the perfect options for their floors. Customers can often get discounted or free installation of Masland carpeting. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our current promotions for online shoppers.

Warranty and Care From Masland

Masland gives buyers a two-year limited warranty on all its carpets. The company’s warranty will cover the cost of repairing or replacing carpets that contain manufacturing defects.

Masland also offers additional warranties that vary from product to product. For instance, buyers can take advantage of limited lifetime warranties for stain-resistant nylon carpets.

Taking good care of Masland flooring will extend the product’s lifetime. Some of the most important care tips include:

  • Regular vacuuming at least once per week.
  • Preventative maintenance such as using walk-off mats and periodically relocating furniture.
  • Promptly cleaning spills and dirt before they can cause stains.
  • Hiring professionals to clean carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months.



All About Daltile

Daltile has been manufacturing and distributing tiles made of ceramic and natural stone for more than 70 years. The company has earned a reputation for making beautiful tiles that work well for residential and commercial floors in Arizona.

Daltile is the largest tile manufacturer in the United States and employs more than 10,000 people.

Express Flooring has a large selection of tiles from Daltile. Some of our favorites include Daltile’s:

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Terrazzo tiles
  • Natural Stone Collection
  • Quartz tiles
  • Ahanzu tiles

Why Daltile?

Daltile goes the extra mile to make sure it exceeds its customers’ expectations. Some of the most impressive things about Daltile include:

  • The company’s dedication to environmental sustainability.
  • Its unparalleled selection of tiles for homes and businesses.
  • Technological innovations that make custom tile services, linear cutting and beautiful dealer displays possible.

Express Flooring has been selling Daltile flooring products for years. Over that time, we’ve learned to trust the company’s ability to manufacturer durable tiles from a wide range of materials. Working with Daltile is one of the reasons we feel comfortable offering our customers free lifetime installation warranties.

Tile Patterns From Daltile

One of the reasons Daltile stands out from other tile manufacturers is that its designers spend a lot of creative energy making new patterns. Express Flooring carries some of the most popular patterns, including the ones that have been developed to look like natural wood.

Tile patterns from Daltile often include subtle details that make floors more interesting. Instead of choosing monochromatic tiles that look uniform, you can add textures and colors to your floor. Daltile even makes tiles that have unique shapes. Sculpting the three-dimensional tiles makes it possible for light and shadows to become an essential part of Daltile’s products.

Care and Maintenance for Daltile Products

Daltile products are extremely durable, but they still require some care and maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. Arizona residents and businesses can care for their Daltile products by:

  • Cleaning tile regularly with soapless detergent.
  • Avoiding acidic and alkaline cleaners that can damage natural materials.
  • Replacing broken tiles as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Hiring professionals to clean tile and grout once the floors start to show age.

Your house is your citadel, where you sleep and eat. But we’re past the Middle Ages so your citadel is going to need flooring. If you’re looking for the best flooring in Phoenix then let Express Flooring help you. They provide the widest array of hardwood, tile, and other flooring products in Arizona.



Armstrong produces flooring under the famous brand names Armstrong and Bruce, and the high-end luxury brand Robbins. It leads the vinyl-sheet and vinyl-tile flooring category with over 40% of sales. It also includes other flooring options such as wood, laminate, and linoleum.

All About Armstrong

Armstrong was founded by Thomas Armstrong with the motto: “Let the buyer have faith” in 1860. For more than 150 years, that philosophy is still strong and well applied in its flooring today. The company has succeeded to become the top manufacturer of durable wood flooring products in North America, serving both residential and commercial consumers.

The company’s headquarters is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and operates in 15 production facilities in the United States (US), Australia, and China. It has a team of 4,000 employees committed to offering the highest degree of quality, innovation, and service.

Armstrong manufactures products that inspire spaces where individuals work, heal, and play. Innovation has always been a vital part of Armstrong. In fact, innovation isn’t only incorporated in the brand’s product development, but also in its business operation and product marketing.

From the first production of linoleum, Armstrong has regularly created new processes, equipment, and products that range from low-maintenance floors to tiles created from renewable materials. It’s recent innovation, the Diamond 10 technology, allows the new luxury flooring to endure a heavy beating. Diamond 10 is made created with cultured diamonds, which are very hard minerals.

Flooring Inspiration and Ideas from Armstrong

If you have no idea how to design your next flooring project, here are Armstrong’s flooring inspiration and ideas:

Photo Gallery

Get ideas and inspiration from its Photo Gallery. Simply choose from the drop-down boxes your selection for a room, floor type, color, and style. Then, you’ll be presented with the results of actual customer photos.

Floor Finder

Get help by searching for the best floor for your home by answering some questions about your project through Floor Finder. You’ll be asked about what room you’ll be remodeling, the type of material you want, traffic, and type of installation. Based on your choices, Floor Finder will suggest a product category that suits best with your answers.

Design a Room Visualizer

For a more visual experience, try the virtual room designer. You can try it on various floors, paint colors, and stains. Simply select a room type and upload your own photo. You can take a photograph of your room or select an image saved on your device. After you’re done, you can save and share the designs.

Armstrong Flooring – Commercial

Armstrong supplies the best commercial flooring in AZ. Here are some of its best commercial flooring products:

Luxury Flooring: Its wide palette of synchronized colors make it easy to create wonderful designs and patterns. It’s easy to maintain and install.

Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl: Made to offer attractive, easy-to-clean and durable floors, this type of flooring provides a wide array of colors that offer a clean, fresh look.

Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl: Crafted with a high-performance coating to resist stains, scratches, and scuffs. It’s easy to maintain and helps conserve energy.

Eco Flooring: For sustainability, eco flooring is the best option to improve both design quality and performance. It contains no heavy metals and created with a rapidly renewable material.

Linoleum Flooring: Its natural insulation properties can help minimized energy used for heating and lighting.

Hardwood Flooring: Natural beauty and durability, two qualities of hardwood that meet the needs of today’s tough commercial spaces. Visit a few hardwood flooring stores in Arizona and find out the various kinds of wood utilized for this type of flooring.

Laminate Flooring: This type of flooring offers design flexibility and excellent performance. Armstrong provides the most variation in wood species and visuals.

Vinyl Composition Tile: Its sturdy construction guarantees lasting beauty in heavily populated areas, while organic appearances effectively hide soil and scuffs.

Armstrong Flooring – Residential

If you’re searching for residential flooring in Arizona, here are Armstrong’s best flooring products:

Solid Hardwood: Armstrong offers two types of solid hardwood for residential spaces: paragon and Appalachian ridge. The paragon of solid hardwood has the right blend of strength and beauty. The Appalachian ridge, on the other hand, mixes scraped and brushed craftsmanship with refined sanding effects. Both hardwoods are super resistant to scratches and durable.

Vivero Luxury Vinyl Flooring: This vinyl flooring features Diamond 10 technology for a durable finish. It’s 100% waterproof so it is suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.

Vinyl Sheet: This type of residential flooring offers superior comfort and warmth. It’s easy to maintain and super durable.

Alterna Engineered Tile: This engineered tile is a great option for porcelain, stone, and ceramic. It’s comfortable, sturdy, and beautiful.



Mannington produces products in each flooring category. It’s one of the leading vinyl-flooring brands and also known for other flooring products such as porcelain tile, laminate, and wood. Recently, this brand introduces its recent innovation, known as the Adura Luxury line of high-quality vinyl tile and planks, which imitates the appearance of hardwood and ceramic tile.

All About Mannington

Mannington is one of the leading brands of fine flooring all over the world. Based in Salem, New Jersey, it offers several residential and commercial flooring products including vinyl, hardwood floors, laminate, and carpet under the brands of Mannington Residential, Mannington Commercial, Amtico, and Burke.

The company was founded by John Boston Campbell in 1915. It’s a family-owned business that’s committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and the environment. You won’t find this brand in the large big box stores because it’s only available at independent retailers, like Express Flooring.

Why Mannington

Mannington is recognized as an industry leader in innovative product development. Its residential flooring products are made to match your lifestyle. They’re a great interaction of design, beauty, performance, and durability.

The commercial flooring of Mannington also provides the widest range of options that work in any flooring situation. From modular carpet to luxury vinyl planks and engineered hardwood, Mannington has them all for you.

Its laminate flooring is a better option than hardwood and ceramic flooring because of these following reasons:

  • Feels soft and warm
  • Easy to maintain
  • Looks elegant without any worries
  • Imitates the look of natural wood without the hassle
  • Five times more resistant to scratches
  • Affordable

Let’s not forget its commitment to sustainability. It offers environment-friendly products like “green” laminate floors which offer beauty, performance, and environmental benefits. These products are created with more than 70% recycled content and contain very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from finishes.

Mannington Carpet Options

Carpet offers a contemporary, luxurious aesthetic to your commercial space. Mannington offers two carpet options: modular, broadloom, and entryway systems. Both of which offer a new level of luxury and are engineered to last long. They also come in various colors, construction, and design.

Modular carpet is a line of carpet tiles featuring different constructions and infinity backing design. Compared to broadloom, modular is more convenient because you only have to replace dirty carpet tiles individually and not replace an entire roll of carpet. Here are three examples of modular carpet styles:

A La Mode: An abstract design that hints the extravagant display of fashion.

Belvedere V: A hybrid of a modern palette and classically fitted texture.

Boucle: Visually rich texture transforms a classic fashion textile into a contemporary, extravagant floor aesthetic.

Broadloom carpet is constructed on a wide loom to eliminate the need for seams. It’s sold in rolls and comes in various designs. Here are three examples of broadloom carpet styles:

Bradbury: Features the crisp, modern colors and patterns of the most incredible eras in design.

Circ: Its modern pattern is inspired by a striated artisan tile.

Modern Wear: Its cut pile construction suits most any fabric or finish.

The entryway systems confine extra filth and moisture at the door. It is available in four styles.

Recourse II: Shows a geometry of tiles

Ruffian II: A subdued linear pattern that confines dirt and moisture at the entryway.

Take Back: Features linear striations of infused color

Traverse: A solid graphic carpet

Mannington Hard Surface Products

Nothing can give you a cozy feeling than to have a Mannington floor welcoming you back home. The hard surface flooring is very stylish yet durable. Here are the hard surface products you can choose:

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): Mannington offers two types of LVT, Amtico, and Mannington. Both of which has the ability to closely imitate the look of natural wood or stone. While Amtico offers superior durability, Mannington offers exquisite visual designs.

Resilient Sheet: Mannington uses water-based inks instead of VOC in manufacturing this type of flooring.

Rubber Sheet & Tile: This type of flooring offers slip resistance in a range of vibrant designs.

Hardwood: The engineered wood is created of several layers for strength and durability. Variations include American Hickory, American Maple, and American Oak.



If you like to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, Bedrosians is your best choice as it offers the best porcelain tiles and stones on the market. It provides mosaic, ceramic, natural stone, and other outdoor living products. Its products are popular in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces in the US.

All About Bedrosians

Bedrosians Tile & Stone was founded by Ed Bedrosian in 1948. Today, 78 years later, the company is based in Anaheim, California with more than 30 branches throughout the US. Their growth has made the brand one of the biggest independent porcelain tile and stone distributors in the country.

Installation, Maintenance & Care from Bedrosians

Installation of the tiles and stones constitutes acceptance. Hence, all supplied materials should be checked by the customers before installation to determine if they’re acceptable. Any marks or discolorations should be first eliminated to the pleasure of customers.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles should be installed on a clean proper substrate, like concrete. A wood floor isn’t a proper substrate for ceramic, porcelain, stone, and clay tile. For proper adherence, the porcelain tile needs a special set of thin-set mortars.

Natural stone products are porous by nature so they require a special maintenance routine. Use neutral cleaners to prevent stains and damage. To remove any abrasive agents from the surface, use a vacuum or a mop.

Warranty: What Will Bedrosians Do?

Bedrosians offers a one-year limited warranty. This warranty only relates to installations made by appropriately licensed tile contractors. A defect may refer to any inadequacy of the product to do what’s its expected to do.

Bedrosians may set a particular date for a job site visit to check the allegedly defective product, picture the installation, and make a report. For each claim, their Product Warranty Department will assess the information. Bedrosians will then inform the buyer in writing when a claim is determined.

Commercial Flooring from Bedrosians

Bedrosians offer a range of residential and commercial flooring options. They include:

Porcelain: A form of ceramic that’s stronger and harder than other toughest flooring options. It’s resistant to stains and water and requires very minimal maintenance.

Natural Stone: These stones aren’t made by man but by nature. Its beauty roots from its distinct variations in color and streaks.

Decorative & Mosaics: This type of flooring offers bold designs that can truly change the look of your room.

Ceramic: Its a popular application in floors because of its strength and flexibility.

Quarry Tile: This type of flooring is versatile and easy to maintain.

To assist you with your flooring selection and installation, Contact Express Flooring.



Pergo is a well-known flooring company that specializes in hardwood flooring, laminates, and other similar flooring solutions. The company is known for quality, excellent looking products and for offering high value of service and customer support. That’s why the company comes highly recommended and is featured in most quality flooring stores in Arizona.

All About Pergo

Pergo is a company that specializes in both laminate and hardwood flooring today. The company has long been known to offer top-grade flooring products and was responsible for the creation of laminate flooring back in 1977. Since that time the company has been refining its products and offers one of the toughest laminate floors on the market today. When searching through flooring stores in Arizona you’re bound to come across some Pergo products and you can consider those products with faith that they are going to hold up very well over time. Pergo is a top-quality brand today and one that you can depend on to offer you top quality performance again and again. The company has been developing its hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, and laminates for decades and that’s why it’s used for residential flooring in AZ and commercial flooring in AZ.

Pergo: How To Buy Flooring

Buying flooring today isn’t quick or easy and it requires quite a bit of research to do properly. That’s because there are so many different types of flooring to choose from today. Even if you go into flooring stores in Arizona and tell them that you just want to go with Pergo brand flooring, you’ll still have dozens of options to choose from.

That’s why the first thing that you have to do when you want to buy flooring is to consider how the flooring is going to be used. You need to buy flooring that’s going to fit your needs perfectly, and those needs change depending on the room that you’ll be installing the flooring in, and how that flooring is going to be used.

For instance, if you want flooring for a kitchen or bathroom, you likely want a tile or vinyl flooring solution that’s 100% impervious to moisture. These solutions are well-known for being rugged and work well in high moisture situations, but vinyl products have a very different look and feel to them than something like laminate or hardwood. That’s why when a homeowner wants something with the warm appeal of hardwood flooring, they need to consider a laminate floor, engineered hardwood or full hardwood flooring option. There are plenty of options for residential flooring in AZ that meet these needs, and many of them are offered by Pergo.

The best next step is to take a look at the different flooring options in person and consider which one you like the look of best after deciding on a type of flooring solution to go with. It can take real time to pick out flooring options you like the look of, but once you do make sure that you take notes about the product.

If you aren’t sure about which type of flooring is going to fit your needs best, you should sit down and talk about it with a professional. The best flooring stores in Arizona will understand which flooring solutions are going to fit your needs the best and help point you in the right direction. It will take you time to pick out the option that makes the most sense, and that also looks good to you, but once you do you’ll be glad that you did all the research before making a final decision.

Find your perfect hardwood floor from Pergo

It makes no difference if you want to go with commercial flooring in AZ or you want residential flooring in AZ, you can get the hardwood floor that you want from Pergo. To start with deciding on the hardwood floor that you want, consider how it is going to be used. It’s to be used in a room that won’t get much traffic, and won’t be subjected to pet nails then you can go with a softer hardwood flooring option if you like or a hard option without issue. If it’s going to be in a high traffic area or subjected to sharp pet nails often you’ll want to invest in one of the hardest hardwood flooring options from Pergo. The flooring stores in Arizona that you go to will be able to explain which floors are hardest and which are the best fit for your needs.

Consider the options that are recommended to you for your particular needs and then look at each of the different options in person. You will want to take a close look at the different colors and patterns on the flooring so that you can choose the option that you like the best overall. This is a time-consuming process and something that you don’t want to rush through. When looking for flooring in Phoenix you should also consider getting samples of a few different options to bring back to your home. While one flooring option might look great in the store, it will look slightly different at home. It’s best to see the actual flooring in your home so that you can decide if you really like it or not in your own space.

After you look through all your options that fit your needs you can decide on the one that you like the best and order it from one of the flooring stores in Arizona. From there you can go ahead and have the flooring installed and enjoy the new top-quality floor that you have in your home. There are so many different hardwood flooring solutions from Pergo that you need to take your time and choose something that will work well and that you’ll love, whether you are going for commercial flooring in AZ or something for a residential installation.

Laminate flooring made to last

There’s high-quality laminate flooring and there’s low-quality laminate flooring. If you’ve ever walked across a laminate flooring and it made that unpleasant clicky clack sound that makes it seem very cheap, you’ve experienced the low-quality stuff. That’s not the stuff that you want for your home or business and you should do your best to stay away from it. The best way to avoid a subpar product is to invest in top quality Pergo laminate instead. Pergo invented laminate flooring and has been refining the product ever since. That’s why so many flooring stores in Arizona stock Pergo products, and it’s why it has such good reviews. A high-quality laminate flooring solution is designed to last through years of hard use. It’s a thick flooring solution that’s at least 10mm and preferably 12mm in thickness, and it comes with a very durable upper substrate that won’t wear or scratch easily.

When investing in quality laminate flooring it will hold up through years of use well and can be used in both commercial and residential settings. When you are looking for options for commercial flooring in AZ, make sure that you get Pergo laminate flooring that’s rated for commercial use. The best flooring is more expensive than low-quality laminate is, but it’s worth the investment for the strength that it offers you. Don’t go with a low-quality product just to save money because you’ll realize the mistake you’ve made after it’s installed. It doesn’t feel as good, doesn’t last as long, and is clearly less attractive than real hardwood. Laminate flooring that’s of top quality looks similar to actual hardwood, offers a similar feel, and is very enjoyable to work with.



Congoleum is a top-rated vinyl flooring company and is known around the world for offering some of the toughest flooring solutions out there today. Many of the best flooring stores in Arizona recommend products made by this company for a bunch of different reasons, which is why it’s important to look out for the product when looking for a good commercial flooring in AZ or residential flooring in AZ.

All About Congoleum

Congoleum is a leading flooring company today that specializes in Resilient Flooring, a top-rated vinyl flooring product that’s known for its top level of quality and resiliency. This flooring company focuses on offering only the best products, and for that reason, the company has a name for being high quality, for being professional and reliable to deal with. When you’re searching for residential flooring in AZ or even commercial flooring in AZ, Congoleum is an excellent company to deal with. The line of products from Congoleum is available in many flooring stores in Arizona and there are plenty of professionals out there willing to recommend those products.

Why Congoleum: Congoleum Advantages

Congoleum is well known for backing its products and can be depended on to offer high-quality customer service to each and every one of its customers. It’s worthwhile to work with this company when looking for a good flooring solution just because of the high grade of product and customer service that’s being offered. If you want a flooring solution that’s going to last, and you want a business that you can rely on to work with, Congoleum makes a lot of sense. Of course, since the company specializes in a vinyl product, you can’t rely on them for something else. If you’re looking for a tough vinyl floor though, there really isn’t a better option out there today.

Residential Floor Care from Congoleum

Congoleum sells a top-grade product known as Resilient flooring, and one of the best parts of this commercial flooring in AZ is that it is so easy to care for. It wipes clean with less effort than most other flooring solutions sold today. That means if you get a spill or something on the flooring, you can just wipe it off and go back to enjoying your perfect flooring once again. A good general-purpose cleaner is all that’s necessary to keep the floor looking good over time. Many people rely on a broom, a vacuum, and a dust mop to keep the floor looking great and to prevent dirt and debris from building up. Floor maintenance is much simpler than with a product like hardwoods, or even something like laminate flooring where moisture is more of an issue.

Benefits of Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring from Congoleum is a top-grade vinyl flooring product that’s known for being tough and long-lasting while offering a range of additional benefits as well. If you decide to get this flooring in Phoenix, you’ll love how moisture-resistant it is. The floor is nearly 100% moisture resistant, which means that you can use it effectively in bathrooms and kitchens without worrying about any issues. This flooring is so tough that it can even be used in places like entryways, mudrooms and sunrooms without much issue.

Resilient flooring is a somewhat soft feeling and warm flooring option that pads the floor more than harder surfaces do, and it also helps to dampen noise. When this flooring is installed in the upstairs sections of the home, it reduces sound transfer downstairs, giving everyone a more pleasant living experience.

Resilient flooring is more durable than other vinyl flooring options thanks to careful design. It includes additives such as aluminum oxide to make it much more difficult to break down and allowing it to withstand sharp objects and long term wear more effectively. This flooring solution is available in flooring stores in Arizona and it comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and patterns to fit whatever flooring look you’re going for. It’s a flexible flooring solution that meets most needs, and in many ways, it’s superior to something like laminate flooring which can’t be used in as many locations. If you’re searching for a tough flooring option that you can use for commercial flooring in AZ, or throughout your home, resilient flooring is an option worth considering.

No matter what type of flooring you decide to get for your home or business, make sure you’re working with quality flooring stores in Arizona. Having a team of professionals to assist you in finding the best quality flooring for your project is very valuable when trying to achieve the best results. You’ll end up with a superior product and you’ll be more satisfied with your investment overall.



Express Flooring, Arizona’s number one flooring store, is proud to offer the best in vinyl flooring options. Our wide variety of vinyl plank flooring for both residential and commercial use are manufactured by the most popular brands out there today. Express Flooring is a supplier of top vinyl flooring brand, Amtico.

1. All About Amtico

Amtico creates beautiful, popular vinyl tiles for any home interior. No matter what look you’re going for, Amtico has the high-quality, best in class vinyl tiles to match. As a leader in the flooring market, Amtico has been in business since the early 1960’s. Mannington Mills acquired the flooring brand and took it to new heights, with Amtico finding space in hundreds of thousands of homes across the nation.

Amtico vinyl flooring is designed and manufactured in Britain. They pride themselves on top design talent, precise craftsmanship, and the most innovative manufacturing processes. All of Amtico’s luxury flooring is unique and of the highest quality in vinyl plank flooring. The brand is recognized as a leading manufacturer with expert knowledge and a highly sought out modern design and look. From commercial to residential collections, Express Flooring is proud to offer the wide range of products that Amtico has to give.

2. Why Amtico

Amtico’s luxury vinyl flooring options are long-lasting, unique, and beautifully designed to match a wide variety of interior spaces. The brand prides itself on the most innovative manufacturing processes in flooring to produce the highest quality end product for any residence or commercial space. From vinyl that mimics the look of different stone tiles, to planks that have the look of true hardwood flooring, the Amtico product is one that stands out among the rest and is sure to impress any person that walks into your home.

Amtico flooring offers carefully crafted signature collections with extensive warranties to further enhance and back their beautiful and durable product. Create your dream floor when you choose Amtico vinyl options for your property.

3. Featured Collections from Amtico

Between their residential and commercial product lines, Express Flooring offers the range of Amtico’s signature collections with a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. High-quality and endurance are two features of the Amtico product that make it a top-selling brand of Express Flooring.

Below are just a few of the wonderful flooring collections that we provide by Amtico:

Amtico Signature Collection

Amtico encourages buyers to create their own signature style by selecting between wood, stone, or abstract palettes that work for the design of your home. You can also further customize the pattern that they are laid out, offering you a unique look fit to your preferred aesthetic. Whether rustic charm and warmth, modern, elegance, or sophistication is your taste, Express Flooring has the Amtico vinyl for you.

Amtico Form

If you prefer the look of real wood or stone, the Amtico Form collection provides durable flooring in beautifully textured designs that are perfect for you. Hand-crafted or cool and contemporary are the elements of this collection. Choose from artisan embossed wood, natural wood grain emboss, or contemporary ceramics that are sure to add timeless beauty and intrigue to any space.

Amtico Spacia Collection

If performance is important to you, the Amtico Spacia Collection is the way to go. In addition to a unique and stylish look, durability, and endurance that stand the test of time are key to this collection. Choose from wood, stone, or abstract flooring options. This collection is water-resistant, spill-resistant, easy to clean, and great for underfloor heating. Express Flooring has a ton of Spacia Collection options that are perfect for your new flooring project.

Amtico Click Smart

Just like it sounds, the Amtico Click Smart line is a simple click-vinyl that is easy to install. You don’t need any adhesive for installation and it still has a beautifully finished look. In addition to easy installation, this collection is super low maintenance and great for those homes with pets and children. Choose between wood and stone options.

Commercial Collections

Amtico produces 8 collections of the highest quality commercial flooring options. These collections include Amtico Signature, Amtico Spacia, 

Cirro for the environmental and health requirements, Amtico First, Amtico Access, Amtico Assura, Amtico Marine, and Amtico Acoustic.

All of these collections are made to fill different business requirements and looks. From setting the standard for flooring in health, education, retail, and office environments, Amtico flooring is created to fill any and all specific needs. The various wear layers, slip resistance, acoustic performance, and more make these collections stand out among other commercial flooring dealers. Choose from a variety of colors and designs when choosing Amtico’s commercial flooring options.

4. Amtico Floor Designs

Amtico offers a wide variety of flooring designs that range from wood to stone, and abstract. Whether your taste is more modern, more eclectic, rustic, or elegant, Express Flooring has an Amtico vinyl flooring design to match. All of Amtico’s flooring has a look of timeless, natural beauty that is sure to impress anyone that walks through your door. Improve the charm and warmth of your home with their wood options or give off a look of pure richness with a cool, grey stone. Whatever your preference, Express Flooring is ready to help you choose the next flooring of your dreams.

If you’re choosing from Amtico’s extensive commercial flooring collection, you have the same variety of design styles, textures, patterns, and options as you would in the residential collections. This is something that sets this brand apart from many other commercial flooring manufacturers. Choose from 8 collections fit for any business need and you’re sure to choose the right flooring for you. From flooring that fits the highest of health standards, to great acoustic, slip resistance, and more, Amtico’s commercial flooring designs continue to rank as a top seller of Express Flooring.

If you’re ready to install Amtico’s beautiful vinyl plank flooring into your home or business, contact Express Flooring of Arizona today to get started. Our expert team is ready to assist you in all of your vinyl flooring and installation needs. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it!



Express Flooring, Arizona’s number one flooring store, is proud to offer the best in tile flooring options. Our wide variety of ceramic tile flooring for both residential and commercial use are manufactured by the most popular brands out there today. Here in Arizona, tile flooring can be a great option for the heat of the summer, keeping your home or business nice and cool. Express Flooring is a supplier of top tile flooring brands like Interceramic.

1. All About Interceramic

Since it’s opening in Mexico in the late 70’s, Interceramic has placed products in hundreds of thousands of homes all around the world. Their mission is to provide superior-quality tile products for any flooring project need. They pride themselves on providing the most innovative, highest standard ceramic tile products with an exceptionally qualified team, innovative manufacturing strategies, and worldwide distribution.

With quality innovation and superior products, Interceramic products are in the homes and commercial spaces of many happy Express Flooring customers. Interceramic provides a diverse range of beautiful styles that are fit for any aesthetic and need. Whether you’re seeking modern, traditional, elegant, or any other type of ceramic tile look, Interceramic products are a go-to brand for the Express Flooring team.

2. Products Offered: Interceramic

Express Flooring offers a wide range of Interceramic tile options to match any interior aesthetic and durability desired. Whether natural stone is your look, ceramic, porcelain, wood, or glass, Interceramic products fill any tile need. Express Flooring customers can rest assured that whatever design and style they choose, they will be receiving a high-quality product that has been built to last.

Natural Stone

Choose from beautiful stone flooring options for an instant elegant and cool look to any environment. Interceramic offers dramatic marbles, granite options, limestone, traditional marbles, travertine, slate, mosaic, and more. Choose from a variety of layouts to customize a unique tile look. There is a range of designs within each category as well. The options are really limitless.


Interceramic produces many different ceramic products in a range of patterns, textures, and colors. Some of the names of the beautiful options include Amalfi Stone, Aquarelle, Brick, Cellar, Contour, Forester, Imperial Quartz, Linen, Oakwood, Quartzite, Retro, Sunwood, Wheelhouse, and more. All of these are different looks to match any type of interior design. Express Flooring can help you choose which one is right for you.


Express Flooring provides a range of timeless, beautiful porcelain tile from Interceramic as well. These mimic any look including stone, wood, marble, mosaic, glass, and more. Choose a distinct texture, layout, pattern, and design when selecting your new Interceramic porcelain tile from Express Flooring.

Green Squared

This collection is the industry standard for sustainable tile and tile installation products by Interceramic. It maintains the characteristics of environmentally friendly products while practicing sustainable manufacturing, packaging, end of product life management, innovation, and more. Green squared products are Interceramics commitment to sustainable practices and Express Flooring is proud to offer this collection to all customers.


Durabody tiles by Interceramic are manufactured to last a lifetime and are ceramic tiles that are glazed exactly like porcelain. This increases the durability and water resistance of the ceramic tile, without the cost of a standard porcelain tile. Durabody tiles come in a variety of different looks including stones, woods, abstract designs and more. This is a huge money saving benefit where you will still get that beautiful porcelain look.

3. Care And Maintenance

Interceramic tile is easy to care for and maintain. Everything that falls onto ceramic tile rests right on the surface. Dirt and dust can be easily wiped up or mopped without even using a cleaner, but if you do opt for one, be sure to choose a ceramic tile cleaner. You don’t need to worry too much about the cleaner, as ceramic tile is durable and meant to last. You can also do a simple sweep or vacuum to keep the surface from collecting any dirt and dust.

You will also want to keep the grout clean in order to prolong the life of your beautiful, Interceramic tile flooring. If your grout is sealed, this will be an even easier task to keep up with. Ceramic tile flooring is also great if you have pets or children because it’s highly durable and so easy to clean. It’s exceptionally easier to maintain than other types of flooring.

4. Interceramic Green

Interceramic Green is a consolidation of efforts and actions that keep the company preserving and protecting the environment through sustainable innovation and manufacturing. Interceramic promotes the use of natural resources, which is great news for Express Flooring customers who are trying to choose a floor with a lower impact on the environment.

Interceramic prides itself on the commitment to maintain a good relationship with the environment and its business practices by planning and implementing practices that work harmoniously with the ecosystem. When you choose Interceramic tile flooring products from Express Flooring in Arizona, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a brand that is committed to and cares about its impact on the environment. Just another reason why Interceramic is a top brand that Express Flooring is proud to supply.

If you’re ready to install in your home or business, contact Express Flooring of Arizona today to get started. Our expert team is ready to assist you in all of your flooring and installation needs. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it!


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