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What are Deep Pile or Low Pile Carpet?

June 23, 2020
Every flooring remains in trend for some or other time but one flooring that is always in demand is carpet flooring. Carpet flooring is one of the most popular floorings across the country. Carpet flooring is very soft to walk on, comes in various colors, designs, tones, and shades. It adds beauty to your home or office. And helps you to easily impress people who visit your home or workplace. There are many types of carpets such as deep pile, cut-loop pile, woven carpets, etc.

The most demanding one out of all this, which remains in fashion in every season is a low pile carpet. Pile carpet means carpet made from fabric, which makes it very adorable. These deep or low pile carpets have smaller fibers and loops. And high pile carpet means the fibers are taller and looser.

Few benefits offered by low pile carpets are as follows

Easy maintenance:

Low pile carpets have a very smooth surface as compared to high pile carpet, hence it’s very easy to maintain a low pile carpet. You can easily clean low pile carpet and another advantage in low pile carpet is that much dust is not visible. As in low pile carpet, short fibers are present that do not give much place for dirt and grime to hide. Low pile carpet is weaved very tight, so staining does not occur much.

No allergy:

Often we see that carpets are not much preferable for people who have allergies. But if you are a great carpet lover and love to walk on a smooth, soft surface then you can go for low pile carpet. Low pile carpet’s short, tight, fibers stop allergens from staying in your home flooring. Still, frequent cleaning of carpet is important if you have allergies.

Wonderful for playrooms:

If you have children or pets and you want to have flooring for them, it’s best to go for low pile carpeting. Low pile carpeting has a very soft surface that does not cause pain even though you fall on it.

So if you are thinking of going for carpet flooring Phoenix, try considering low pile flooring for your home or office.

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