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Wood is a beautiful material that gives warmth and interest to any space. Choosing hardwood flooring for your home or office in Scottsdale makes your space look beautiful and appealing. For a classy and elegant look, hardwood flooring in Scottsdale is the most suitable choice. Nothing compares to the natural beauty, color, intricate graining and depth that hardwood flooring provides.

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of designs, styles, configurations, materials, and patterns. Since Arizona has few problems with moisture, hardwood flooring in Scottsdale is safe to install in almost all areas of the home or office. There are more than 500 styles of natural hardwood that cannot be duplicated by synthetic options. There are many types of wood flooring to choose from that can be refinished according to fit your taste.

Among the wood flooring options in Arizona, one of the most common hardwood flooring options picked is oak flooring. Oak wood floors come in wide a variety of options that give your room a mesmerizing look. Oakwood flooring installation with its fine grain finish offers timeless quality and complements any theme or style present in your home.

Maple is another popular hardwood flooring in Scottsdale. There are many special kinds of hardwood flooring in Scottsdale like cherry that are expensive and more appealing compared to standard wood flooring if you are planning to give a luxurious and elegant look to your house. Also, you can customize your flooring by arranging the planks in a unique design or theme before hardwood flooring installation. Browse the hardwood flooring collections and look for latest wood floor colors, styles, species and textures.

Express Flooring will help you pick the best wood flooring depending on your budget and usage. We offer free furniture-moving and lifetime installation warranties for all of our flooring. We provide hardwood flooring installation services as part of the final price when we put together an estimate.

It is better to take an expert's advice on hardwood flooring installation. They have tools and the materials required for the job. If you are looking to install new flooring in your home, give us a call.

Scottsdale Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for flooring that's durable, attractive and able to withstand the unique conditions of Scottsdale, Arizona?

Hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. It's easy to clean, available in a wide range of colors and designs, and doesn't have to cost a fortune. It's more hygienic than carpeting, and there are plenty of pet-resistant options available. It also copes well with low humidity and won't warp or crack.

Research shows that homebuyers are willing to pay 54 percent more for homes with hardwood flooring, so I can guarantee that it's a great option if you're planning to sell at any point.

Hardwood Flooring in Scottsdale, Arizona

Wondering why hardwood flooring is such a good option for homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona?

The climate in Scottsdale is hot and dry with little to no humidity during most of the year. This creates a stable environment that helps keep hardwood floors in top condition.

Copes well with low humidity:

In parts of the country with lots of humidity or regular temperature fluctuations, hardwood flooring can warp or crack — luckily, that won't be an issue for Scottsdale homeowners.

It is possible for the environment to become too dry for hardwood floors, so it's wise to invest in a humidifier that keeps your home at around 30 percent humidity. However, this won't be necessary for most Scottsdale residents.

Easy to clean:

Since Arizona is a sandy, dusty area, it's important to choose flooring that's easy to clean. So, if you are searching for easy to clean flooring options, you will see hardwood tops the list. Hardwood is one of the attractive flooring options which helps you to get a good look for flooring at the same time it is effortless to clean.

Hardwood is ideal, since it:

  • Is easier to sweep than carpets or rugs.
  • Can be wiped down as needed.
  • Won't get stained.
  • Won't trap dust and dirt in fibers.

Hardwood Flooring Designs

Worried that hardwood flooring won't give you as many design options as you'd like? Think again.

Wood Patterns

When you choose hardwood flooring, you'll be able to select from woods with different colors, textures, grains, and patterns. That means that even if you choose hardwood floors for your entire house, you'll have plenty of freedom to make each room look different.

Wood Types

When it comes to wood species, popular options include:

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Bamboo
  • Birch

Each type of wood has its own unique profile. Harder woods are perfect for high-traffic areas and households with kids or pets. Softer woods aren't quite as durable but will still look great if you care for them properly.

Board Types

Choosing from different board widths is a great way to alter the look of your flooring, and wider boards can help make small rooms look larger.

When it comes to the finish of your wood, you'll also be able to choose from :

  • Finished
  • Unfinished
  • Engineered

Hardwood is a great choice whether you want a traditional, rustic look or a sleek, modern design.

Hardwood Flooring Types

Replacing Damaged Hardwood Floors in Scottsdale

While hardwood flooring is one of the most durable options out there, it's still possible to encounter issues.

Dents and cracks:

Perhaps you've dropped a large piece of furniture, and there's now a dent in the floor? Or maybe you had a plumbing emergency, and your flooring now has water damage?

Whatever the issue, it won't be hard for a professional to take care of it. If only a portion of one board is damaged, a contractor will often be able to remove a small section and replace it with an identical wood for a seamless fix.

Water damage:

For large issues like water damage and warping, your best option may be a whole new floor. When you choose a reliable contractor, they'll look at the issues you've had in the past and recommend an option that will work better in the future.

For example, if you've had issues with moisture, they might recommend an engineered hardwood floor with an added moisture barrier.

Why Should Express Flooring Scottsdale be Your Number-One Choice?

Not all flooring companies are created equal, and choosing the wrong provider could leave you with poor-quality flooring that's badly installed.

Flooring experts:

At Express Flooring Scottsdale, you can be confident that you're dealing with real experts. You'll be advised every step of the process — from the types of wood that will work best in your home, to the installation method that will give you the best finish.

Quality products:

Express Flooring offers a huge range of wood species, from maple to oak, and only stocks are flooring from the highest-quality providers. If you're operating on a budget, Express' range of discount hardwood flooring options can be a great option.

No matter what kind of hardwood you purchase from Express Flooring Scottsdale, you can be sure that it's high quality.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation Services

Choosing the right flooring is only half the job — you also want to be confident that it will be installed correctly.

New Hardwood Floor Installation

When you choose Express Flooring Scottsdale, your floors will be installed quickly and professionally, with no mess left behind. Extra features like moisture barriers will prevent any problems from arising further down the line, and a variety of finishing options are available to increase durability.

Replacement Hardwood Floor Installation

If you're encountering problems with existing hardwood floors, you'll be able to get expert advice that's tailored to your property, along with tips on keeping your new floors in top condition.

Expert Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Being local to Scottsdale means that we know exactly how to keep flooring looking great in the Arizona climate — whether this means sweeping more regularly to remove dust or upping the humidity in parts of your home to prevent cracks.

Hardwood flooring is durable and easy to maintain and increases the value of your home. If you're looking for a great new flooring option in Scottsdale, Arizona, hardwood flooring should be at the top of your list.

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