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STAINMASTER® Carpet from Express Flooring

Whether at home or in your office, carpet adds unsurpassed elegance, warmth, and comfort to any room. Unfortunately, staining is always a concern. That’s why so many homeowners are enthusiastic about easy-care STAINMASTER carpets–and why Express Flooring stocks so many SAINMASTER varieties.

Benefits of STAINMASTER® Carpet

If your home has lots of traffic or activity, especially with kids or pets, durable, easy-care STAINMASTER carpets are ideal for your lifestyle. It’s made with top quality nylon that’s manufactured with a proprietary soil-and stain-resistant technology. This special treatment enables the carpet fibers to repel stains that would ruin other types of carpeting or flooring.

For all its functionality, STAINMASTER carpet is versatile as well. Designs come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to match any type of color scheme or decor, from formal to casual. Plus, the company offers a lifetime limited warranty on all its carpeting, which covers food and beverage stains, soiling, pet urine stains, and static shock.

Types of STAINMASTER Carpet

While all STAINMASTER carpet is made with this cutting-edge stain-resistant technology, there are actually several different types available:

For beautiful, durable, easy-care carpeting that will stand up to stains and wear, you can’t do better than invest in luxurious STAINMASTER carpet.