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Stone Flooring Stores In Arizona

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Express Flooring offers a variety of natural stone flooring options. Natural stone flooring will increase the property value of any home. Express Flooring has several flooring experts that provide free decorative advice in order to help you make the correct decision. We have warehouses in Phoenix and Tucson that provide gorgeous samples of natural stone flooring. Express Flooring can support your needs for both residential and commercial flooring applications.

Express Flooring offers stone variations include travertine, limestone, marble, granite, and slate. Stone flooring from Express Flooring is top quality and can be manipulated to compliment any design or pattern. Stone is one of the oldest elements used in flooring. Stone flooring is an ageless, impeccable choice for high traffic areas. We sell premium stone from the industry's top brands at the lowest prices. Apart from that, we'll also give valuable tips on how to maintain stone flooring as well. You can get those tips from our stone flooring maintenance page.

We have amazing deals and additional online offers for customers who purchase stone flooring services with us. Call today or provide your details with our online free in-home estimate form. Express Flooring's expert staff will provide free advice on what flooring works with your budget. You can choose from our range of natural stone flooring collections.

We offer next day installation with our in-stock stone flooring choices.

Choose your favorite selection and we'll provide you with a free written quote with no hidden fees. Get incredible value for your money with our guaranteed lifetime installation warranty service.

Try our free room scene creator tool to view stone flooring options in your home.

Our room scene creator tool is as easy as mentioned below.

  • Click on the stone flooring manufacturers tab colored in red.
  • Below the stone flooring manufacturers tab, select from our most popular options.
  • You can handpick the flooring choices that are most appealing to you.

Express Flooring design experts will help you choose the best options for your home. Click here to get your free estimate today.

Stone Flooring and Installation Arizona

Many people use stone flooring because of its durability and style. With a variety of colors and types, it’s easier to find the perfect stone that fits your needs. You’ll be amazed that the price of stone flooring is incredibly affordable.

Express Flooring provides a diversity of natural stone flooring options. They have several flooring experts that will offer free advice if you want to make the right decision. Read more about stone flooring and installation below.

What Is Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is sculpted out from natural solid rock to cover your floor. This is a rock that has been quartered and cut. The shape and size of stone flooring may vary from 4x2-foot rectangles to 1-inch square mosaics. In between these two measurements, you’ll find the size and shape to suit your needs.

Compared to other types of floors, stone flooring goes better with age.

The prices of stone flooring also vary from a relatively affordable $2 per square foot to astonishingly $100 per square foot. You can find a good variety of natural stone flooring in most home improvement centers. For installation, you may have to add $5 to $15 per square foot.

If you want to get a free estimate, contact us today!.

What Are The Different Types Of Stone Flooring Options?


Marble is made from metamorphic rocks which are created under heat and pressure. Marble flooring already exists since the ancient times. Valued for its classic elegance, marble is ideal for areas exposed to moisture given that it’s properly sealed.

Its subtle beauty is displayed by polishing to a high sheen. Polished marble gets slippery when wet that’s why it’s not recommended for bathrooms. Honed marble is more textured, but it doesn’t display the lively color of polished marble.

This type of stone flooring is distinguishable for its soft grain patterns and velvety colors that range from red to green, white, and black. It’s more porous than granite and hence more vulnerable to staining. To keep it from staining, apply a sealant every 9-12 months.


Granite is one of the hardest stone flooring materials because it’s made under extreme pressure. This igneous rock has a very dense grain making it nearly impermeable to staining and scratching. It also has the highest price. This is ideal for use in entryways, toilets, and kitchens.


Slate is a metaphoric rock that was created in layers, making it easy to split into thin sheets. These sheets are then cut to make into tiles. Its color may vary from dark green to Sienna and gray.

The slate tile can either be categorized as cleft, brushed, and hone. The cleft slate tile is preserved in its natural texture. The brushed slate tile has smooth ridges while the honed slate tile is filed down to have a smooth finish.

The durability of the slate depends on its density. The denser the slate, the more resistant it is to chip or flake.

Slate floor tiles can be honed smooth or left with their natural rough surface. The rougher surface can give a good grip for sunrooms, kitchens, and patios.


This sedimentary rock is one of the softer varieties of stone flooring. Over time, this stone flooring will develop a soft, amiable patina. It shows in a variety of shades and tones, from light cream to dark rust.

Polished travertine looks like marble while the tumbled variety gives an antique appearance because of its pits and rounded edges.

This type of stone flooring is porous and reacts instantly to acidic substances, so it will cause a stain when you spill lemon juice. To protect travertine flooring, apply a stone sealer regularly.


Limestone is akin to travertine, but harder and over time will withstand daily use. It features distinct grain patterns that when cut into narrow tiles, appear like wood planks. Just like any other porous stone, limestone needs to be sealed to prevent stains.

Stone Flooring Considerations

As you shop for stone flooring, these are the factors that you should consider asking your retailer:

Absorption rating:

This refers to how porous a given stone material is. The more absorbent it is, the more vulnerable it is to staining and cracking damage when exposed to freezing conditions. Natural stones have different absorption rates, with granite as the nearly impervious to water even unsealed. Travertine, slate, and limestone have normal absorbency. Compared to honed or cleft surfaces, polished stone materials are less absorbent to water.


Some stone flooring retailers use a grading system to evaluate the quality of materials. This can pertain to the shape, thickness, and size of the stone flooring. Usually, the grading system comes in three levels:

Grade 1: The highest quality of materials.

Grade 2: May have some minor defects, such as scratches.

Grade 3: Consists of major flaws making them only suitable for accent pieces.

Coefficient of friction:

This measures and compares how slippery a stone material is. This is a very important consideration if you have kids, pets, or elderly people residing in your house.

While this fancy test can identify the slip resistance of your floor, it’s generally obvious to say that marble can be a bit slippery when wet. Slate, on the other hand, gives a decent grip. If you’re really worried about slippery stone flooring, consider using an anti-slip surface coat.

PEI rating:

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating evaluates materials on a scale of 1-5 based on their ability to resist wear and tear. For safety, choose at least a PEI rating of at least 3 for residential homes. If you live with pets or children, chose a rating of 4 or 5.

Indoor and Outdoor Stone Flooring Options

The way we use our houses is constantly changing. Having different rooms with different purposes isn’t what everyone needs. Open plan living that makes one large space out of smaller rooms have been the trend lately.

An indoor-outdoor room unites two separate rooms into one space. Stone flooring is perhaps the lone material that can be used successfully in this project. However, not all natural stones are suited outside as some can get slippery when wet and form cracks under harsh weather.

Here are a few indoor and outdoor stone flooring options you can use:


Limestone is very hardwearing, making it a good option for indoor and outdoor spaces. It can give a natural feel to the are with its varying colors.


Slate is naturally slip-resistant making it perfect to utilize for your indoor-outdoor space. Best of all, it’s relatively cheap so you can save a great deal in your stone flooring project.


Sandstone weathers quite well so you can use it as another option for your indoor and outdoor design scheme.


Porcelain endures well against extreme weathers, making it a good hard wearing solution. It’s slip resistant as well so it’s safe to be placed outside.

Latest Trends In Stone Flooring

The most amazing innovation that the stone tile flooring has done is its ability to realistically replicate the appearance of natural and man-made materials. This has started in 2017 and will continue to flourish for many years to come.

The wood-like tile is starting to become popular and is quickly becoming a full-house staple. Brick-look tile is also the trend these days. Personally, I like it more as an accent wall rather than placed on the floor.

The marble-look tile is a classic look and is still now. It looks elegant and classy, but its natural variety is vulnerable to rings. That’s why a lot of people replicate this marble appearance without the hassle of cleaning.

Larger-format tiles (TPT) are also all the rage for their unique, stylish designs. They’re popular for fabricators and designers, alike. As a result, many manufacturers started manufacturing larger sizes in various materials, such as glass, stone, and ceramic.

Square is already a thing of the past. Trendy tiles now come in different shapes and sizes, including wedges and hexagons. There are even more exotic shapes available for special order. Black and white are also becoming a trend for its complicated and striking look.

Marble And Granite Flooring Installation

New marble and granite flooring taking the place of an old and damaged flooring will create an instant impact on the appearance of your room. Before you lay down any marble or granite floor, ensure that the subfloor is clean and dried. Remove any residue, adhesives, or old tiling.

Old tiles can be removed by a hammer. Marble is a very soft stone and can be vulnerable to cracks. Before you lay the marble on the clean floor, make sure that its level. You can try filling any depressions in the floor surface or sanding down any bumps.

You can lay out the marble or granite floors, once the subfloor is cleaned, dried, and leveled. Begin at a corner of the area and begin laying down the stone tiles. Use the plastic spacers to know if each tile will fit. If you need to cut the tile, measure and use the wet saw.

Now, mix the thin-set adhesive according to the directions on the bag and apply on the floor. Lay the stone floor on top of the adhesive and wait for 10 minutes. Use spacers to make the right spacing between the tiles. Apply the sealer and grout.

Most Favorable Stone Flooring Brands


Bedrosians offers a wide variety of colors and choices whether you’re installing tile in your home or office. Several choices include marble, granite, and travertine. They also offer unique shapes and patterns.


Is the premier supplier of travertine, limestone, and marble stone floors. It also offers other flooring materials, such as porcelain, glass, and ceramic.


For four decades, Shaw has been known for exceptional quality. They offer a wide range of flooring products from stone to vinyl, hardwood, and carpet. Shaw stone floor products are produced in accordance with industry standards and are made to last a lifetime with proper maintenance.


Mohawk offers a large variety of tiles and stones to suit the needs of everyone. They invest heavily in environmentally responsible practices. It’s their mission to make innovative products to offer the best floor possible.


Daltile has been in the flooring business since 1947. They offer a variety of stone products from ceramics to mosaics and porcelain. Now, as a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Daltile becomes the largest manufacturer of ceramic tile in the US.

Benefits Of Stone Flooring

It lasts forever:

There’s a reason why most ancient structures are made of stone- it’s an extremely strong, robust material. If you like to build a house that will last for many generations, stone flooring is a great choice. Compared to other types of flooring, stone needs very little maintenance.

Makes a smooth flow:

When using the same stone indoors and out, it creates a smooth flow as two spaces are connected seamlessly. It becomes more stunning if you pair the stone with sliding glass doors and large windows.

Stays naturally cool:

You’ll appreciate the stone floors more if you live in tropical weather. Stone remains cool to the touch even when the temperature is hot outside. Walking barefoot on the stone floor will bring a satisfying feeling during the summer.

Keep dust and allergens at bay:

The hard, nonporous surface of stone floors makes it impossible for the dust and allergens to hide. This makes cleaning more effective. This is also a great advantage if you or one of your family members is prone to allergies.

Works with radiant heat:

If you’re considering to install and underfloor heating in your room, stone floor is your best option because it conducts heat very well.

Benefits Of Stone Flooring
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