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Styles, Colors, and Types of Tile

One of the things that makes tile special is its versatility. At Express Flooring, we offer many different types of tile to choose from—each with its own unique traits. Its variability makes tile a great option for a variety of different spaces in your home. Below are just some examples of tile styles that Express Flooring offers:

Popular Tile Styles

Faux Wood – Tile that looks like wood
This style is extremely popular in the market today. Faux wood combines designs and colors of hardwood flooring with the characteristics of tile. It’s a more durable alternative to hardwood and generally requires less upkeep, making it a great choice for any type of home.

Ceramic is a natural tile made from clay materials that are quarried and molded into an array of different colors. Ceramic is water-resistant, which makes it long-lasting and helps protect it from staining.

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles commonly used to cover floors and walls, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. The clay used to build porcelain tiles is generally denser. They can be either glazed or unglazed.

Mosaic tiles often come in small squares that can be put together to create larger designs. They’re made using a mix of different materials such as glass or ceramic and have beautiful decorative features that help them stand out.

Sandstone tile has a warm, earthy feel that traditionally looks great around pools, tubs, and bathrooms. Each tile slat ranges in size and color, which allows for more customization.

Travertine is made from limestone and is naturally porous. It looks similar to natural stone and is available in a range of soft colors. Travertine is a great choice for pools, decks, and bathrooms.

Slate is highly durable and often used in places with heavy foot traffic. It varies in style and texture and is known for the subtle veins of color visible within every slab that make each piece completely unique.

Marble is available in an endless array of colors and styles which make it a great option for renovation projects. It’s available in honed, finished, and polished options that are great for bathrooms or spa rooms.

Onyx is a type of stone that is often mixed with fiberglass, mesh, or resin. It’s similar in appearance to marble but is more fragile. It is a great choice for light traffic areas or even countertops.

Granite is an indigenous speckled rock that makes for a unique tile choice. It’s durable, low maintenance, and very difficult to scratch. A polished granite floor will nicely complement any kitchen or bathroom.

Terrazzo is a diverse tile made up of quartz, granite, glass, and other suitable elements. Each piece often consists of a brilliant mesh of colors that blend well with any look. Terrazzo is often used in public buildings or anywhere with heavy foot traffic.

Quartzite is known for its slip-resistant and durable features. When polished and crystallized, it maintains a look that closely resembles marble. Kitchens and bathrooms are an ideal spot for this type of tile.