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Wholesale Hardwood Stores in Sun City, AZ

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Express Flooring provides a large selection of hardwood flooring that can add beauty to your interiors with luxurious and classic styles that makes it distinctive from other flooring types. Hardwood flooring is in demand these days because of its defined look that enhances the value of your home. Hardwood is a versatile flooring material that provides a pleasing and cozy environment in any modern or traditional looking home.

Hardwood improves its patina over time, which is a rare feature making it much more glorious and attractive. Hardwood is a seamless, non-allergic sustainable material that can handle heavy foot traffic without getting damaged easily. Express Flooring brings an unbeatable collection of hardwood flooring samples with polished finishes and shades to our customers in Sun City.

Our hardwood collection contains both prefinished and unfinished flooring types that are of high quality. Express Flooring sells hardwood that is manufactured from the most notable brands with a Janka scale grading system, making it accessible for residential and commercial areas.

Fill out a free in-home estimate form to get a project price for your project. We provide free in-home estimates and lifetime installation warranties, which makes us unique compared to our competition. Our expert staff will help you make the best decision on your flooring choice by bringing samples to you. We provide next day installation on our in-stock hardwood flooring because we want to make the process of buying and installation flooring as quick and easy as possible.

Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring in Sun City

Homeowners agree; there's nothing as luxurious and attractive as elegant hardwood flooring. It goes with any type of décor, and instantly lends a customized decorator look to your home. Plus, hardwood floors are invariably expensive looking, in spite of the fact that hardwood flooring can be surprisingly affordable.

If you live in Arizona and you're looking for hardwood flooring, Sun City is home to one of the best flooring stores in the nation -- and best of all, it's a flooring store that can be brought right to your front door. Here's a look at the most popular brands and types of hardwood flooring available today, and why Express Flooring makes it easy and affordable to buy the new flooring you've been dreaming about.

Quality Hardwood Flooring in Sun City

There's no doubt about it: Sun City homeowners appreciate the finer things in life. Driving through Sun City, you'll see neighborhoods graced with gorgeous designer homes that boast showstopping interiors. Elegant, expensive-looking hardwood flooring is the norm here; but when it comes to hardwood deals, Sun City residents have an ace up their sleeve -- Express Flooring. With more than one million square feet of in-stock flooring, Express Flooring is the go-to source for all kinds of wood flooring deals.

Hardwood Brands in Sun City

Even if you don't know anything about wholesale wood floors, you may have heard of Armstrong and Mannington, both iconic American brands offering a wide range of wood flooring options. We also carry traditional, retro and contemporary hardwood flooring from prestigious brands like Karelia, Vintage Wood, Pioneered, Columbia, Tarkett, Pinnacle, Kahrs and Mullican Engineered.

Exclusive Hardwood Flooring Types From Express Flooring

With so many types of hardwood flooring available, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why it's a good idea to earn a bit about the different qualities and visual characteristics of hardwoods before you make your choice.

Here's a quick overview of some of the most popular types:

Oak, cherry, maple, hickory: These classic hardwoods are famed for their long-lasting durability and beauty. Plus, they can be cut in a variety of board lengths, and stained in a wide array of colors.

Bamboo: Technically not a wood but a grass, bamboo has the strength, appearance and durability of solid wood. Because it's fast-growing and impressively sustainable, bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly choices you can make.

Exotic: Exotic hardwoods can include Santos mahogany and Brazilian cherry. While they're more expensive than domestic woods, they're always popular because of their deep, beautifully complex grain patterns.

You'll also need to decide whether you want a solid wood floor, or engineered wood flooring that's made of a thin wood veneer over synthetic materials. Engineered wood has the appearance and durability of solid hardwood, but is substantially cheaper.

Another factor to consider is board width. The wider the plank, the fewer seams you'll see in the flooring. Plus, wider planks can better showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

On the other hand, flooring planks can also be cut to create lovely, intricate patterns. Consider the elegance of parquet flooring, which is made by placing wood pieces in a geometric design. Likewise, flooring with a narrow strip pattern can make a small room look larger.

If you live in Arizona and you'd like to look at a wide variety of different types and styles of hardwood flooring, Sun City is only a quick phone call away. That's one of the best things about Express Flooring -- you don't even need to leave your home, because we bring the store to you. Once you've scheduled your in-home appointment, a flooring expert from Express Flooring will bring a huge selection of hardwood flooring selections right to your door, so you don't need to walk down miles of store aisles. In addition, you'll also get professional advice about which type and style of hardwood flooring will look the best -- and last the longest -- in your home.

Hardwood Flooring Installations from Express Flooring

Are you interested in getting a flooring sale and installation price that covers everything -- including the flooring, installation materials and labor? Then you'll be happy to hear that Express Flooring always bundles the price for flooring and installation. This means that you'll get a single flooring sale and installation quote that includes everything, all in one price. There's no added cost involved -- and best of all, never the slightest bit of sticker shock for our customers.

Plus, Express Flooring offers next-day installation, as well as other perks such as free furniture removal for your installation, and even a free lifetime installation warranty.

Why Us?

Whatever you're looking for -- hardwood flooring, tile flooring, carpet flooring, vinyl flooring or laminate flooring -- we want you to rest assured that you'll find the best discount flooring sale and installation deal at Express Flooring.

With this in mind, here's one more look at the many reasons why Express Flooring is the place to go if you're looking for hardwood flooring near Sun City:

  • We're a one-stop-shop for all kinds of flooring
  • We have more than a million square feet of in-stock inventory
  • We offer a free, customized in-home consultation and estimate
  • We bring the store right to your doorstep
  • You'll get a single flooring sale and installation estimate that includes everything
  • We offer regular sales, extended warranties and a lifetime installation warranty
  • We'll move your furniture for free
  • We offer next-day installation
  • We offer discounts for government and public service workers, teachers and seniors
  • We offer affordable and easy financing

When it comes to buying elegant, durable hardwood flooring, Sun City residents know that there's only one place to go in Arizona -- Express Flooring. Be sure to visit Express Flooring for a free in-home consultation and estimate. Once you do, you'll be just a day or two away from having your own luxury hardwood flooring -- flooring that you'll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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