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Porcelain Capella

Ah Capella Tile Brings Back Old World Charm

The Capella collection has arrived at Express Flooring and is dazzling clients with its impressive designs and authentic textures. Inspired and influenced from Old World terracotta and the pavers of long ago, the Capella line offers a unique collection of colors and hues to enjoy. If you're looking for a taste of the Old World in your flooring, the Capella collection by Express Flooring is a wonderful design choice.

Capella tile flooring options

Today, we will be taking a look at how terracotta tiling has changed throughout the years and the role its played in architectural history. Bring a piece of history into your own home by choosing the stunning designs from the Capella collection.

Terracotta Tile Through the Years

The use of terracotta in architecture utilizes a form of masonry that dates back to ancient times. Terracotta is still used today in designs due to its genuine textures and rustic feels. The term 'terracotta' translates to "fired earth". This comes from the art of using clay to craft floor tiling, roofing, other materials, and pottery.

Beautiful looking terracotta tile

Terracotta has been used as part of many architectural designs and has served many different purposes over history. These are some of the most interesting highlights about terracotta throughout history.

Ancient Times

Thousands of years ago during the Bronze Age, ancient peoples used terracotta to create numerous items and good. Whether it was roofing or tiles or plates and jugs, terracotta could be used for multiple different purposes. Terracotta could also be sculpted and molded into intricate figurines.

Terracotta in the Qin Dynasty

Perhaps one of the most fascinating uses of terracotta is the 'terracotta army' crafted during the Qin Dynasty. The first ruler of China, Qin Shi Huang, valued the importance of the Chinese military. He hoped to create an army that would be able to keep him protected even after he passed on to the afterlife. This enormous project took some of the greatest ceramic artists in China working together to finish the job. Qin Shi Huang passed on in 210 BC and was put to rest in a stunning mausoleum.

Outside of the mausoleum stood 8,000 life-sized soldiers, thoughtfully baked and crafted from terracotta. This stunning terracotta art piece is on display in Xian, China and has been prominently featured in television and film.

Terracotta and the 1770's

In the 18th century, early colonists seeking political independence from Europe by settling in North America. These early settlers brought the ideas and design elements of Europe with them. They continued to use clay terracotta tiles as a tool for crafting their settlements. These glazed and unglazed tiles were useful for building various unique structures and were sometimes used to create various design elements.

Terracotta Glazed and Unglazed tiles

The Use of Modern Terracotta Today

Today, terracotta does not have as many creative uses but still can be an exciting design element in any home. Terracotta has a stunning color that can be used to create a variety of unique, dazzling designs. The attractive appearance of terracotta flooring is durable and easy to clean which makes it a great addition to any home and a top choice for interior flooring. Terracotta can create many rustic-feeling designs and is an essential design element to update the appearance of interior flooring.

Dazzling Designs of Terracotta Tile

The Stunning Designs of the Capella Collection

Each piece of the Capella collection has been inspired by the rustic designs of the Old World and chosen with care. Our team of expert designers and contractors has put together a delightful collection with only the most premium designs included.

Terracotta is appreciated in modern times due to its handmade visual quality and the beauty that goes into each tile. The quality of the construction of terracotta and old world pavers is unrivaled by any other flooring design in any generation. Views of the Capella collection will appreciate the artisanal hues and colors that make up the designs as well as the rustic quality demonstrated in the construction of each tile.

History in Your Home

With the beautiful designs of the Capella collection, you can bring a taste of history into your own home.

Choosing the Right Flooring

When looking for flooring for your interior flooring needs, you deserve a design that is durable and able to keep up with daily use. If you are searching for durable floors that are easy to clean and can hold up against stains, terracotta flooring is an excellent solution. Not only is this type of flooring easy to clean, it is extremely durable and a great addition to any design.

The Capella collection by Express Flooring makes it easy to bring these historic elements into your interior flooring. Express Flooring is your top choice for flooring in Arizona. Our team of skilled flooring contractors has a passion for creating quality, durable designs that can be enjoyed for many years to come. With high-quality construction and a genuine passion for quality customer service, Express Flooring is your home for the best flooring options in the valley of the sun.

We offer a variety of different financing options to work with your budget and schedule. Get in touch with one of our flooring experts today to learn more about how you can transform your flooring with the Capella collection.

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