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Some things in life just click, and this is what Express Flooring is all about. The team at Express Flooring doesn't disappoint its customers when it comes to projects involving hardwood flooring. Express Flooring's hardwood flooring options are fantastic because of their durability. But what separates us from our competitors is our huge exhibit of hardwood flooring styles. Express Flooring ensures that hardwood flooring installation will be easy for homeowners to deal with and will not get in the way of their daily affairs.

When it comes to quality, we don't compromise at Express Flooring. We give our customers in Tucson a variety of hardwood flooring types to choose from. We cater to a large set of customers like local customers and corporate clients through our warehouse in Tucson.

We at Express Flooring provide outstanding quality of new generation hardwood flooring in Tucson that most people love to have installed in their homes. We offer a variety of hardwood flooring in Tucson at reasonable prices adhering to all our customers.

Hardwood flooring in Tucson is made from many layers of wood and, in some cases, other fibers. The top layer is a wood veneer showing the gorgeous grains every homeowner dreams of. Beneath that, firmly pressed plywood builds a strong and durable foundation. You can have a look at our guide that details buying hardwood flooring in Tucson. At Express Flooring you have many options to choose from that are made from eco-friendly from cork to bamboo, which touts their own unique qualities, including sound and temperature insulation.

At the comfort of your home, we provide a wide range of online services that help you know more about the hardwood flooring installation process. We personally guide you through your entire hardwood flooring installation project. The Express Flooring location in Tucson has masterful staff that will provide you great advice about modish patterns for your home.

Tucson Hardwood Floors

Tucson wood floors make sense for many homeowners because the city doesn’t get a lot of precipitation that could stain or warp the wood fibers. At Express Flooring, we sell discount wood flooring in Tucson that will match the needs of most individuals and families. We give your home a timeless and stunning appeal to your floor. Along with that we always do offer multiple styles and latest designs of hardwood flooring which helps you to make a statement that will last long.

Usually, before customers purchase flooring from any Tucson hardwood dealers, they should learn more about the qualities of hardwood floor and the installation process.

Hardwood Flooring and Installation in Tucson, AZ

Hardwood installation has become much easier in recent years as more manufacturers have developed floating boards that lock together. Still, homeowners can choose Tucson wood floors that require more labor-intensive installation procedures.

The most common installation processes include:

  • Nailing hardwood flooring to the wooden subfloors
  • Stapling, which takes a similar approach to nailing
  • Gluing hardwood flooring to the subfloor
  • Locking planks together without needing to use tools

The approach that professionals take to hardwood installation in Tucson often depends on the wood’s thickness. Depending on the thickness, professionals may decide to use urethane adhesives, nails or other installation materials. In most cases, homes in Tucson don’t need moisture barriers. There are occasions, though, when an installer might recommend adding a moisture barrier.

Natural Hardwood Flooring Options Available

Express Flooring keeps a wide range of hardwood flooring options in stock, so customers don’t have to wait to get their new floors installed.

When homeowners come to our Tucson hardwood stores, they often have some idea of what wood species they would like to buy. Some of the most popular species include:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Ash

These domestic species can add beauty to any home. Since the wood typically comes from within the United States, though, customers can purchase their flooring at affordable prices.

We also keep some exotic species in stock. Brazilian cherry is a particularly attractive wood flooring option. Customers can expect to spend a little more money since exotic woods come from other countries. Regardless of what types of wood homeowners choose, they will find the lowest possible prices at Express Flooring. Express Flooring offers financing options to make our products even more affordable for people in Tucson.

Types of Hardwood Flooring in Tucson

Because of the city’s climate, any type of hardwood flooring can work well in Tucson. In addition to keeping several species of wood in our store, we stock a variety of hardwood flooring designs. Some of our favorite hardwood flooring for Tucson homes include:

  • Unfinished hardwood floors.
  • Prefinished hardwood floors that come to us sanded and sealed.
  • Engineered wood floors that are durable, eco-friendly and water-resistant.
  • Locking wood floors that have specially designed planks that link together without tools.

Our staff members can provide detailed information about these and other types of hardwood flooring to make sure customers choose options that will add beauty to their homes for 50 years or longer.

Types of Wood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Options in Tucson

Homeowners can use basic cleaning and maintenance to extend the lives of their floors. People who choose hardwood floors for their Tucson homes should:

  • Sweep the floors daily.
  • Vacuum the floors at least once a week.
  • Use a wood flooring cleaner for a monthly deep clean.

The hardwood flooring options from Express Flooring should last at least 50 years. Customers can use our flooring maintenance page to find tips that will keep their hardwood flooring in terrific shape for many decades.

Your Destination for Luxurious Hardwood Floors

Express Flooring works hard to stand out from other Tucson hardwood stores. We negotiate with our suppliers to get the lowest prices possible, and we pass the savings on to our customers.

We do more than low offer prices on Tucson wood floors, though. Many people come to Express Flooring because we offer additional services and perks, such as:

  • Affordable hardwood installation in Tucson and surrounding areas.
  • A lifetime installation warranty.
  • Work was done by professional floor installers.
  • Next-day installation of hardwood flooring that’s in stock.
  • Free in-home estimates for hardwood and other types of flooring.
  • Interest-free financing for customers who qualify.
  • Complimentary decorating advice.

Why Choose Express Flooring for Hardwood?

Unlike most Tucson hardwood dealers, Express Flooring does everything possible to help busy customers find the perfect flooring options for their homes. We do this by bringing products and samples to your home.

By bringing our products and samples to customers’ homes, people get to see exactly what their flooring options look like within context. It’s often difficult to imagine what hardwood will look like when you can only see it in a store. Seeing at home provides a better perspective that helps ensure we can help you find the perfect hardwood flooring.

Bring products and samples to our customers also makes it possible for busy families to get the services they need. Our customers don’t have to rearrange their schedules to buy hardwood flooring in Tucson. Instead, they schedule free, in-home estimates on our website.

Tucson homeowners who want affordably priced, beautiful hardwood floors can get all of the products and services they need from Express Flooring. We put our customers first to make sure they all get flooring options they will love for decades to come.

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