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Express Flooring is a one-stop destination for vinyl floor options and vinyl installation services in Tucson. Express Flooring has luxury vinyl flooring in Tucson available in sheets, tiles, and planks that are fashionable, resilient, easy to clean and more comfortable than other hard surfaces. These parameters are very important for a customer when they choose stock vinyl flooring in Tucson.

At Express Flooring, quality has always been a priority. We offer vinyl flooring tiles in Tucson from famous brands, and our website will educate you about the features and warranties available. Our luxury vinyl flooring in Tucson brings beauty and comfort to your home. We are the leading luxury vinyl flooring supplier in Tucson.

Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Tucson, AZ

Our stock vinyl flooring in Tucson is available in a wide variety of styles that offer easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. They make a great choice for any room, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl flooring tiles in Tucson have long-term protection against moisture, scrapes, and scuffing.

Express Flooring offers stock vinyl flooring in Tucson that is easy to install. Our vinyl flooring combines eye-catching beauty, unmatched durability, pet friendly and low-maintenance requirements to bring you floors that everyone will love. Vinyl flooring is crafted using a revolutionary engineering process that provides superior wear resistance and durability with the optimal visual impact of realistic wood and stone. We have always been favorites for vinyl flooring tiles in Tucson because of our go-to collection for homeowners.

We offer free next day installation for our stock vinyl flooring in Tucson. We also offer huge deals for our vinyl flooring. Settle on which vinyl flooring you want, and we will provide you the final estimate at your home with no hidden costs. Get value for your money with our guaranteed lifetime installation warranty services for vinyl flooring purchased from us in Tucson.

Choosing Vinyl Flooring in Tucson

The popularity of vinyl flooring in Tucson continues to grow as more people realize that the material has become more attractive and affordable over the years.

People got to know more about the durability of the vinyl flooring as these flooring can take a beating and still hold the quality. Along with that, it is having deficient maintenance, and any can take any spills as well. Its repair cost is also affordable, so most of the people are using this vinyl flooring.

Apart from that, Today’s vinyl flooring comes in a variety of styles that makes it an excellent option for most Tucson houses. Before homeowners choose a flooring option, they should learn more about vinyl flooring so they can decide whether it matches their needs.

Vinyl Flooring and Installation in Tucson, AZ

Vinyl stores in Tucson typically sell three types of vinyl flooring:

  • Vinyl planks flooring
  • Vinyl sheet flooring
  • Vinyl tile floors

All of these flooring options are easy to install. Many homeowners choose to do the installation themselves. Others decide to pay for professional services. Express Flooring offers low-cost professional vinyl installation in Tucson and the surrounding areas. People who don’t want to attempt an installation project can rely on the experienced flooring installers who work for our store.

Our vinyl plank flooring is designed to lock together. The design makes it possible to install vinyl plank flooring without any tools. Since all of the planks fit together, installers just need to remove the old flooring and replace them with the vinyl planks.

Vinyl sheet flooring requires a different installation process, but it’s nearly as easy to install as vinyl planks. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in rolls that measure 6 to 12 feet wide. The installers who work for Express Flooring precisely measure floors so they can cut the vinyl sheets to match each room’s dimensions. Adding a strong adhesive helps ensure that the vinyl sheet flooring stays in place for many years.

Installing vinyl tile floors can take more time than installing other types of vinyl flooring, because the tiles come in separate pieces. Installers, therefore, have to lay down a larger number of pieces. Although it takes longer to install vinyl tile flooring, households can add more creativity to their homes by making their own designs.

Express Flooring offers free decorating advice that can help customers choose patterns and mosaics that look terrific in their homes.

Why Invest in Long-Lasting Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Homeowners have several reasons to choose vinyl planks from Express Flooring. Some of the most popular reasons that people choose vinyl plank flooring include its:

  • Durability, even in high-traffic areas
  • Resistance to moisture and spills
  • Low price compared to hardwood flooring
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Despite vinyl’s low cost, the flooring material can last 25 years or longer. Keeping the vinyl planks clean can help extend the flooring’s lifespan.

Luxurious Vinyl Flooring Solutions in Tucson

When some people think of vinyl flooring, they imagine the vinyl floors that they saw in the 1970s and ‘80s. Vinyl flooring in Tucson has come a long way since then. Today’s best vinyl flooring dealers in Tucson sell vinyl flooring solutions that accurately mimic the looks of hardwood, ceramic tile, and other materials.

Just because we have luxurious vinyl flooring solutions, though, doesn’t mean that we charge high prices. In fact, most homeowners find that they can save money by choosing our vinyl flooring products instead of flooring made from popular materials like hardwood, stone, and ceramic.

Customers shopping for vinyl flooring can help ensure that they get the best prices by contacting Express Flooring for a free in-home estimate. Homeowners who choose Express Flooring also benefit from:

  • Professional, accurate measurements.
  • No-interest financing for those who qualify.
  • Our free lifetime installation warranty.
  • Next-day installation for in-stock vinyl flooring.

Our employees even go the extra mile by bringing products and samples to our customers’ homes. Seeing different types of vinyl flooring at home makes it easier for people to choose options that match their preferences. Instead of seeing our flooring products in the store, customers get to experience them in their own homes.

Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Infographic

High-Style and Low-Maintenance Vinyl From Express Flooring’s

High-style vinyl flooring solutions don’t require much maintenance. Regular sweeping and mopping will prevent dirt from collecting on vinyl floors. Apple cider vinegar makes a great cleanser for vinyl floors. Food stains usually respond well to baking soda. Homeowners can even eliminate minor scuffs by rubbing the area of WD-40.

Express Flooring offers cleaning services for customers who want a deeper, more professional cleaning that will protect their vinyl floors for decades.

Vinyl Plank Floors That Resemble Real Hardwood

Today’s vinyl plank flooring manufacturers have the ability to make vinyl planks that mimic the looks of real hardwood floors. Some of the most popular vinyl plank floorings looks like:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • Mahogany

Customers benefit in several ways by choosing vinyl plank floors instead of hardwood floors. Vinyl usually costs less than hardwood, so it fits into the budgets of more households. Vinyl plank floors are also better than hardwood at repelling moisture and spills.

Professional Luxury Vinyl Installation in Tucson

Vinyl flooring looks its best when it has been installed by an experienced professional. Not all vinyl flooring dealers in Tucson offer low-cost installation for vinyl planks, vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl tile floors.

Express Flooring does more than give its customers affordable installation. We guarantee next-day installation for all vinyl flooring products that we have in stock. With our professional luxury vinyl installation, homeowners get the floors that they want without waiting for days or weeks.

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