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Types and Styles of Hardwood

There are many hardwood flooring types available on the market today. When making a decision, you can choose between various colors, textures, and species of hardwood. Take a minute to browse the styles of hardwood we offer, then set an appointment to discuss your options with one of Express Flooring’s Design Consultants to find the type that best suits your home and lifestyle.

Solid Hardwood Floors
Solid hardwood is cut from larger pieces of differing types of wood with a thickness that varies from 3/4″ to 5/16″. You can sand and refinish solid wood floors multiple times, giving you the ability to keep them looking stylish and new. Solid wood is available for purchase in two ways—unfinished or pre-finished.

Unfinished Solid Wood
This type of wood comes with no seal or finish. During installation, unfinished wood will be sanded and finished within your home, which gives you more flexibility and control in creating a final look that fits your style. Unfinished boards are also simpler to repair if damaged because the seal and finish is easier to remove and reapply.

Pre-Finished Solid Wood
Pre-finished hardwood comes already sanded and sealed from the factory. It’s generally more durable than unfinished wood but doesn’t allow for as much customization.

Engineered wood floors
Engineered wood floors are thin slices of hardwood layered on a high-quality plywood base. Its thickness may vary from 3/8″ to 1/2″ and it’s available in different wood species including red oak, Brazilian cherry, and hickory. Most engineered wood comes pre-finished.