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DuraTru Vinyl Flooring: Value That's Deeper Than the Surface

What makes your home special? Obviously, the people (and pets) who live in it would top that list. In addition, the furnishings, wall decorations, color design, and lighting all make your residence uniquely yours.

Then there's the flooring, which is hugely important if sometimes overlooked. Your floors can really enhance your overall decor. On top of that, flooring that's soft and supportive will protect your knees and feet, helping you avoid joint pain.

DuraTru Vinyl Flooring, which is available in either sheets or planks, is that type of flooring. It's stylish, with a contemporary flair, and comfortable. In fact, over the years, the technologies involved in vinyl production have advanced considerably. This material now ranks among the very best flooring options.

This kind of flooring offers homeowners in Arizona and elsewhere a range of benefits. For instance, it lasts a long time -- the "Dura" in the name is short for "durable." It's easy to install and easy to maintain, and it's affordable as well. What's not to love?

Strength Beneath Your Feet

You'll really appreciate your DuraTru flooring after you've had it for a while. Indeed, many homeowners are amazed at how well it holds up over time. Even after a great many visitors, party guests and others have trampled all over it with their various shoes and boots; these floors can stay in pristine shape, good as new.

What accounts for this exceptional toughness? Well, the answer lies partly in its patented ArmourBead finish, which makes it about five times as hard-wearing as the average floor with a polyurethane surface.

There's more exciting news: DuraTru flooring is capable of staying firmly in place. That is, it'll remain level with your floor over the long haul. It won't curl or bend upward, and it won't get puffy, either. As a result, it's much less susceptible to cracking and breaking.

What's more, if you ever did notice a tear, hole or crack in your vinyl flooring, all you'd have to do is remove the damaged tile or plank and replace it with another. In other words, fixing your vinyl flooring is a fast process that's limited to a small area.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Flooring

Perhaps you've spent many hours of your life scrubbing floors. Maybe the mere thought of taking care of a floor makes you shudder a little. In that case, you should be surprised and delighted to find out how little effort is involved in cleaning a DuraTru floor.

The outermost layer of this flooring, which is trademarked, is called OptiClean. It excels at resisting stains and moisture. Plus, getting rid of dirt is a painless assignment. Most of the time, all you'll have to do is sweep your vinyl floor in order to keep it sparkling. On occasion, though -- especially in those rare moments when you're facing a stubborn stain -- you'll want to dip your mop in warm, soapy water and use it to quickly wash the floor. (The user's guide will explain cleaning techniques in detail.)

As a bonus, this type of vinyl flooring makes it hard for mildew and other harmful fungi to start growing.

Peace and Warmth

DuraTru Vinyl Flooring comes with an inner layer of fiberglass, which provides greater comfort to feet and legs. Not to mention, this fiberglass can muffle sound. Thus, you can enjoy a quieter environment at home, which is ideal whenever someone is trying to read, study or nap.

Now, here's an experience that you may be familiar with. You're walking around your home with bare feet. You're deep in thought. You step onto a floor. Then, all of a sudden, you practically jump into the air because that floor is so cold. It's certainly an unwelcome surprise. And it's one you'll never get with vinyl. That's because this kind of flooring is able to stay relatively warm no matter the interior temperature of your home.

Transforming Your Home With Vinyl Flooring

Installation of a DuraTru floor is uncomplicated and trouble-free. Even so, for optimal results, you absolutely should rely on trusted experts to handle this procedure. And, once this vinyl flooring is in place, you'll want to wait a day to move your furniture on top of it and about two days to start walking all over it.

You have three basic options when it comes to the look of this flooring: tile, wood or stone; the stone versions include limestone and slate.

Whichever selection you go for, you'll find that the vinyl looks uncannily like the material that it's supposed to resemble, even at close range. That's because, between the flooring's protective OptiClean layer and the layer of fiberglass, there's a photograph of stone, tile or wood. All of those photos are high resolution, high definition and highly amazing.

It may not be real stone, tile or wood, but this flooring offers affordability, durability, convenience, comfort, support, and elegance that are all very real. In the end, DuraTru Vinyl Flooring is a product that you can always depend on and enjoy with every step. It's flooring that's as special as your home. To see a sample of DuraTru Vinyl Flooring in your home, schedule a free in-home appointment with our design consultant. You may even qualify for a Vacation Voucher.

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