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Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Vinyl Installation

Get your rooms professionally measured Vinyl Installation

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Do you want to install your Vinyl flooring on your own?

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What is in-home Vinyl installation

Get Professional Vinyl Installation for Your Floors

Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular options for American households. Vinyl flooring has qualities that can benefit you in several ways. You'll need reliable vinyl installation, though, to make sure you get all of the benefits.

Express Flooring works with experienced contractors so you get the installation services that you need.

How it works?

It is a seamless experience when it comes to vinyl installation by Express Flooring. First of all, we help you choose the right Vinyl for your needs. There are many types of vinyl, looks, styles, colors, and brands; in fact, it can be overwhelming at times. But with help from experienced decorators, you have the ability to make an educated decision.

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    Quality Vinyl

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    Measured by Experts

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    Vinyl Installation

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Vinyl Flooring Installation

From its durability to its versatility, there are tons of reasons why people love to use vinyl. It's especially useful to have in your home whether you're living in Phoenix or Tucson or other places it is beneficial.


Thanks to its slip-resistant flooring option. It is incredibly useful for senior citizens. Along with that vinyl flooring, doesn't need high maintenance. Low maintenance is enough this one of the valuable feature of Vinyl flooring. But Putting it together requires a strategy. Here's what you should know about vinyl flooring installation:


Kid friendly Vinyl flooring

Why Should I Use Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for homeowners. Mainly because it's easy to maintain and will last longer than normal flooring options. So, its the ideal flooring option for heavy-traffic areas such as entryway or kitchen.

Homeowners are also tempted to use vinyl flooring in kitchen and bathroom applications. Mainly because of its stunning looks and can withstand heavy traffic. Apart from these vinyl flooring is stain resistant, water resistant, versatile and also provides great durability at an affordable cost.

Over the years vinyl flooring has advanced a lot and today it's economical and attractive as well. It's less expensive than other types of flooring that are high-end, such as stone, wood or ceramic floors. That's why it's not surprising that people love vinyl flooring thanks to its accessible pricing.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

When you think about all of the uses that vinyl flooring brings, it's important to consider the benefits. Here are a few key considerations:

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are several types of vinyl flooring, which each have its own purposes. Here are some common types of vinyl flooring to consider:

Tools and Materials Used in the Vinyl Flooring Installation Process

Tools used in the vinyl installation

The vinyl flooring installation process requires specific tools and materials in order to get the job done properly. Some common tools and materials used in the process include:

Installing Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Installation Process

Installing vinyl flooring requires following some general rules that either the homeowner or professional installer will carry out during the vinyl flooring project. Here is what you can expect in a typical vinyl flooring installation:

  1. Choose Your Preferred Vinyl Flooring. Pick the type of vinyl flooring you want before you proceed with the project as this will impact the pricing of your vinyl flooring project and aesthetic of the room.

  2. Measure the Space. You need to be as accurate as possible, so use the tape measure to get the correct measurements where you plan to lay the vinyl flooring.

  3. Clean Dry Existing Floor. Before you start any further work, it's important to clean dry existing floor parts. Smooth the surface of the subfloor to ensure that it's flat and in good condition. You can use the patching compound to fill in holes when laying atop concrete.

  4. Cut the Vinyl Sheet. Use a utility knife to cut the vinyl sheet with ease.

  5. Lay the Cut Vinyl Flooring. Position the vinyl flooring where you planned and cut any excess.

  6. Create a Template. This step requires separating the vinyl flooring and using craft paper to produce the template with exact measurements. Once this is created, double-stick or folded tape can be applied to the paper to tape it to your floor and to keep the craft paper in place during the vinyl flooring installation. The vinyl is then placed back into position and the vinyl is cut again for the vinyl cut.

  7. Install Sheet. Start by applying the adhesive where the vinyl flooring will be attached and press it into place to install the sheet.

  8. Move Furniture. Reposition any furniture you moved back into place.

  9. Clean Your Floor. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your vinyl floor appropriately.

Do's and Don'ts of Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are a few actions you should do and some you should avoid. Here are some quick tips for vinyl flooring do's and don'ts:

Why Vinyl Flooring Installation Should Be Done by Professionals

While you can install vinyl flooring on your own, it may not always be the best option. Installation of vinyl floors can be time-consuming. A vinyl flooring project can also turn into a huge problem if you don't know what you're doing. For example, vinyl sheet flooring installation requires precision.

However, using a professional to install your vinyl flooring can save you time and frustration. A flooring specialist has the experience and expertise to know how to install your vinyl flooring correctly. Professional installers also can ensure your vinyl flooring project achieves the look you want. So, it's ideal to let a team of professionals take care of installing vinyl sheets.

Go for a Pro

Instead of tackling a vinyl flooring installation, consider using a reliable professional team, such as Express Flooring. Express Flooring takes pride in providing the best in-home shopping experience and uses only licensed contractors to perform your vinyl floor installation. brings flooring samples right to your door so you don't have to worry about hunting down different types of vinyl flooring options. Contact Express Flooring to schedule an in-home appointment today!

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