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Wood Flooring by Mohawk

As one of the largest flooring stores in Arizona, Express Flooring can choose the suppliers we want to work with. It’s no wonder we recommend Mohawk hardwood flooring for customers who want a classic blend of vintage sturdiness and beauty for their home or business.

A Favorite Company
Founded in 1878, Mohawk brings more than a century of experience to the creation of its renowned SolidWood flooring. This wood flooring is treasured for its combination of natural beauty and long-lasting durability, matching style with strength and impressive looks with easy cleanup.

Mohawk Wood Flooring
You can choose from four timeless styles of wood, each available in solid planks crafted of the finest hardwoods. Perhaps you’d like the rich darkness of walnut with its swirling grain. Or maybe you’re drawn to the traditional warmth of open-grained oak. If stains are an issue, you’ll appreciate the durability of light-colored maple. And if you appreciate the drama of color variations, hickory will suit your floor.

No matter which you choose, take advantage of the style selection guide on the Mohawk hardwood flooring website, which lets you view each type of wood’s color, light resistance and shading. Express Flooring makes your decision even easier, bringing large samples to your home or office so you can see what your flooring will look like once it’s installed.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you can relax knowing that, while planks are usually about 3/4″ thick, they come in a variety of widths so there’s sure to be one that’s right for your floor.