10 Interior Design Trends to Try with Your Flooring Choices

Whether you’re planning a huge home makeover, building your own home from the ground up, or simply considering a minor refresh, there are some interior design trends you should consider working into your plans if you want a brand new, fresh feel. Here are some interior design trends you can incorporate into your flooring choices – or to complement your flooring choices – for a home that looks like it jumped straight out of a professional interior design magazine. We can’t guarantee you’ll get your own HGTV show after you complete this project, but you will definitely fall in lobe with your stylish and trendy new home.

1. Natural-Looking Wood Floors with Modern Furniture

A hot trend in interior design is opting for a different type of wood floor – a natural finish. You can choose laminate, real hardwood flooring, reclaimed, or even vinyl. The idea is to achieve something that looks more natural and raw. Opting for dark to medium brown tones is ideal with this trend as it gives the wood a much more realistic finish. Because this type of wood can have a slightly old-fashioned flare to it, the trend involves mixing in modern furniture to contrast and keep the look updated and on trend. Think metal-frame coffee tables, sleek edges, and geometric shapes.

Natural Wood Like Floor & Furniture

The combination of traditional and modern is a tough balance to strike but when you do, it’s absolutely stunning. Keep your flooring choices simple so they can stand the test of time, and allow the furniture and accessories to modernize the room and help you achieve that magazine-ready, minimalist chic look. When selecting your flooring option, try to focus on texture – or the illusion of texture – to really maximize the natural look. Look for uneven edges, or wood with exaggerated graining, or even distressing. You also want to make sure the sheen is low. A glossier type of wood can take away from the natural finish. Matte finishes will have a naturally realistic look to them instead.

2. Checkerboard Flooring

It can be done with either tiles or hardwood. Choose your square tile of hardwood and purchase it in two shades – a lighter color and a contrasting color. The checkerboard effect is a great way to add life to a hallway, mudroom, entryway or any other area in the house with very little furniture or accessories to compete with it. The focus here is entirely on the layout of the flooring and it’s a way to add flare to a segway room that, otherwise, would probably go unnoticed.

Beautiful Checkerboard Flooring

Depending on your personal style and the design of the surrounding rooms, you can choose to either lay the square pieces out straight or diagonally. This will depend largely on the flooring in the rooms attached to the segway area. You can stick to a transitional white and black combination but don’t be afraid to try out different things. A light blue and dark gray tile combination can make a gorgeous checkerboard effect. The modern version of this trend really involves thinking outside the box and toying with new color trends.

3. Neutrals with a Pop of Color

For this particular look, you will want to go with a wood – or wood alternative – flooring option in a light gray color. The idea is for the wood to look muted rather than the traditional brown. Light gray and light nude shades will work best for floors, but it doesn’t stop there. Think cream and ivory furniture, off-white walls, and matte silver or gold accessories.

The way to make this combination of neutrals really work is to incorporate – ever so slightly – one bright color into the mix. Try a turquoise throw pillow or a bright orange throw blanket. Choose one color and select only a handful of items to display it. When it comes to furniture and accessories, keep it all muted and understated. Don’t clutter the space with too many objects. Keep the minimalist chic vibe going with the idea that less is more. This trend actually makes the floors really stand out so don’t shy away from a high-quality product. With little to compete with it, the finish of the wood will be really important in doing this interior design trend right. Choose a smooth, matte wood flooring option in the best quality you can afford.

4. Statement Flooring

The polar opposite of the previous trend on this list, this edgy and modern trend stays away from muted flooring and goes into bold flooring instead. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. You can opt for ombré floors, or a patterned tile or vinyl. The furniture and the walls in the room shouldn’t be too bold or eye-catching and accessories should be kept to a minimum.

Simple Series Of Colored Tile Flooring

The focal point of the room is solely on the flooring. If you’re going to attempt this interior design trend, you can’t be afraid to think outside the box and move out of your comfort zone. Think zigzags, complex patterns, color variations, contrasting colors, and unique designs. The busier, the better! If you’re really invested in this trend and are in the mood to take a walk on the wild side, you can actually come up with a flooring design yourself.

Choose a series of colored tiles that have the same finish and combine them together. You can decide on the layout by having your tiles placed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally. You don’t necessarily need to find a pattern; you just need to design one. To complement and offset the statement flooring, you’ll want to stick to muted furniture, solid patterns, and minimalist colors. You should also avoid area rugs because you don’t want to take anything away from the flooring.

5. Monochromatic Rooms

This interior design trend is your chance to maximize the use of your favorite color, though the trend works best with a softer color palette, like lilac, teal, or peach. From the floors to the walls, to the furniture, everything should be the same shade, but the idea here is to mix in slight variations of the one shade. Mixing lighter and darker variations of your color choice will keep in line with the monochromatic interior design trend while also making the effect softer, more natural, and easier on the eyes.

Beautiful Monochromatic Rooms

Just remember not to stray too far away. If you’ve gone with amethyst as your monochromatic room shade, don’t throw in a plum couch and lilac curtains. This can be a little too jarring, visually speaking. Look for subtle variations instead. It may be hardly noticeable but overall, it will have a softer look.

6. Light Flooring and Dark Walls

Another popular interior design trend this year is contrasting floors and walls, with the floors being very light and the walls being dark. This trend hinges on selecting solid colors and uncomplicated finishes. The floor option you choose should be smooth, with minimal grain. This is a good time to go with solid vinyl plank flooring, carpeting, or smooth laminate. Go for a deep, intense shade on the walls, like burgundy or navy.

Light Flooring With Dark Walls

The light flooring and the light ceiling will brighten the room and the minimalist furniture choices will help offset the intense walls for an even and balanced finish. If you’re concerned about painting your walls a color to dark to paint over someday, you can also try wallpaper. Just be sure to stay away from patterns and 3D finishes. You really want the color alone to speak for itself and not draw any attention away from the impeccable flooring.

7. Jewel Tones

This interior design trend is certainly an eye-catching one. Incorporating bright, bold shades from the flooring to the walls, this trend is full of life. The focus with this interior design trend is on deep berry tones like purple and magenta, and jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red. Ideally, you want to go with carpeting for this look to really make the space warm and inviting. Opt for a bold, bright, vivacious color to brighten up the room and extend that color to the walls, as well.

Your chance to incorporate a collection of other brights should come in the form of accent pillows and wall décor. A nice complement to this trend is to include some gold accents around the room, as well. This really ties in the jewel effect and helps everything come together. Another great way to maximize this trend is to opt for a contrasting, colorful area rug over a small section of the already-carpeted flooring. Don’t shy away from patterns, as one solid color over another solid color can be a little too understated for this lively interior design trend. No matter your mood, stepping into this living room is sure to put a smile on your face.

8. Bring the Outdoors In

In stark contrast to the last trend, this interior design trend is focused on a calmer and more serene look by bringing a little bit of nature right into your living room. Ideally, you’d want to opt for natural-looking recycled wood. Though recycled wood can scratch more easily than laminate flooring, it is about as durable as you can get when it comes to flooring. Recycled wood floors also evoke a cozy, warm, and very inviting feeling into any home. They are a casual reminder of everything there is to love about the great outdoors.

To really bring this interior design trend home, don’t stop at the impeccable flooring. Add some light colored furniture with a comfortable texture. Think fabric couch over leather, and wood frames over metal. Aside from requiring little maintenance (or none if you go with the faux sort), the greenery inside your room will give your room a fresh new look. The idea here is to make the room feel as peaceful and relaxing as taking a stroll through the woods. When you don’t live near a heavily wooded area, it can be really nice and refreshing to wake up to that feeling in your own home every single day.

9. The Victorian Era

This classic, antique-style is making a huge comeback. While Victorian-era style has never completely disappeared, it has been combined with other styles and slightly modified over the years. Now, it’s all about recreating the classic Victorian-era look in every sense of the idea. This trend calls for deep, rich, and statement-worthy selections. Starting with the flooring, this is the time to go into the deepest, darkest, most elegant hardwood finish you can find. Try to choose a flooring option that has some distressing to it for an antique look and feel.

Victorian Style Interior Design

Complete this interior design trend by adding ornate wooden furniture, gold-trimmed mirrors with an elaborate design, and a large baroque-inspired area rug. A curved sofa or chair with a velvet finish is also a must. Add a candelabra over the fireplace and an antique chandelier to really emphasize this particular style. This interior design trend will certainly add a whole new level of elegance to any home and can easily turn your sitting room into something out of a 16th-century novel.

10. Wood, Wood, Wood, and More Wood

This interior design trend has a focus on, you guessed it, – wood! That doesn’t mean you have to focus your budget solely on real hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring can also be a great alternative. The idea is simply to focus on a wood-like finish from top to bottom in one particular room. That means everything from wooden furniture to wall-to-wall wooden cabinets and even wooden wallboards. If an area of the wall isn’t covered in wood, paint it in a soft neutral shade and decorate with wooden photo frames or wooden shelving.

Interior Designs With Wood Products

The idea is for the wood to really stand out and bring that cabin-style coziness right into your home. There’s no arguing how warm and pleasant an all-wood surrounding can make you and your guests feel. Just remember to keep all wooden selections, from the floors to the décor, in the same color and finish. It’s also ideal to opt for a lighter wood color rather than a deep one to brighten up the room and give the illusion of space and depth.

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