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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring Facts That Are Important For Pet Owners

If you have pets, then you’re surely looking for a floor covering that will not only meet your needs but accommodate theirs as well. It can be tricky, especially with carpet flooring, to find pet-friendly flooring that truly delivers.

You’ll need specific characteristics to make sure your floors perform well under the added pressure. For instance, an easy to clean floor is a must, which is one that is a bit more durable and stain-resistant than the average floor covering. We’re going to look deeper into those needs now.

Your Pet-Friendly Flooring Is Closer Than You Think

Many floor coverings will be perfect for your home when you're a pet owner. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles, for instance, offer excellent 100% waterproof protection, scratch resistance, and easy to clean features that make it perfect for every room. Even carpet can be a great choice when you opt for features like built-in stain and odor protection which is found in SmartStrand carpet.

Your pet-friendly floors also come in ceramic or porcelain tile. These materials also offer waterproof features and is incredibly durable, even under heavy traffic. It’s also easy to clean and prohibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, so your floors smell fresher longer.

Laminate is often a choice for pet-owners, as it comes in a water-resistant variety which can give you more time to clean up damp paw prints or accidents that can happen when you’re away from home for too long.

No matter which floor covering you choose, your pet-friendly floors are best installed by professionals. They offer a great amount of experience for just this type of flooring as well as any necessary special tools to help get the job done right.

Let’s Help You Find The Perfect Pet-Friendly Flooring

When you’re ready to get started on your way to the perfect pet-friendly flooring, be sure to contact us. If you’re in Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, or New Mexico, give us a call to browse our extensive line of materials and speak with a flooring associate who can help you navigate all the specific information about each one. 

We are a flooring store that offers everything you need for your new floor coverings. From materials to the perfect services, you’ll find them all right here. And we always strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Pet-Friendly Flooring Guide

Different flooring options are great choices for your pets for different reasons. Whether you’re in the market for a soft choice like carpet, or a hard flooring option like vinyl, Express Flooring has many different pet-friendly flooring styles that will look great in your home or office. Take the time to understand the benefits behind each type of flooring to see what makes them a smart choice for your furry little family member.


Many types of modern carpeting are pet stain resistant, water resistant, dirt and soil resistant, and hypoallergenic. With its softness, warmth, and traction, carpet offers the most overall comfort for your pets to play and rest on.

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Of all the hard flooring options, vinyl is considered the most comfortable for four-legged friends. Vinyl is softer than hardwood and tile, and most types have a slip resistant coating that will help your pets keep their balance as they play.

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With a water-resistant seal, many types of hardwood or engineered wood flooring options become great choices for consumers with pets. Another consideration for savvy pet owners is to look for hardwood flooring that also offers scratch resistance.

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Tile is a durable and highly scratch resistant option that will stand up the wear and tear of owning a pet. Because tile absorbs the cool air from air-conditioning well, it will maintain a cool touch throughout the hot summer months, which your pet will love.

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