A Mix of Textures Takes Entries and Transition Areas To New Levels

While much attention is paid to a home’s central living areas, there are key spots in a residence that are often overlooked when it comes to design. Entry and transition areas, the most trafficked spots under the roof, can make a strong design statement by incorporating an interesting mix of textures. By alternating gleaming hardwoods, natural-look laminates, sophisticated stone, and lush carpeting, a mix of Express Flooring’s stylish options can take every inch of your home’s blueprint to a new level.

Lush Carpeting in Hallways

Your entryway does much more than usher your family and friends in and out of the house — it creates a style statement, a preview of your home’s interior design choices. First impressions are lasting, and this key area should clearly announce your unique aesthetic. Textures are trending strongly this season, and a home’s foyer offers the best focal point to highlight this visual welcome.

Interior Design Choices

Mixing textures that complement one another, such as a polished oak entryway that leads to a lush, wall-to-wall carpeted living room, adds depth and tactile richness. The dark burnished glow of Express Flooring’s hardwood and wood-look offerings lend balance and character to this transition area. Our manufacturing partner, Shaw Floors, offers hardwood in longer, wider planks that are trending for 2019. Their newest line incorporates must-have textures, from heavily scraped and distressed to reclaimed and wire brushed designs. Another showcase trend cited is a wood-look throughout the home that alternates different plank sizes, patterns, and textures. We work with Mohawk, whose products comes in a range of constructions, including wood, vinyl, and ceramic options, as well as with Bruce, a quality flooring manufacturer serving Arizona communities.

Favorable Flooring Brands

The sophistication of stone carries a timeless appeal, making a stunning first impression. The elegance of a natural stone entryway offers a seamless transition to living areas with contrasting flooring choices. This mix of textures can be further complemented by choosing products in a range of designer colors. Express Flooring is proud to partner with top brands including Bedrosians Tile & Stone, which offer a gorgeous spectrum of travertine, granite and marble flooring. The long-lasting beauty of limestone, sandstone, and slate, natural stone flooring increases your property value and is available in endless variations and hues. Express Flooring’s design consultants will choose the right stone for your home’s unique aesthetic when they provide an on-site flooring sale and installation quote in the comfort of your home.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is a perfect fit for transition areas, offering beauty, durability, and longevity. A natural resource that is fully recyclable, tile is available in a range of natural shade variations in finishes from matte to glazed, textured to smooth. Eco-friendly flooring is an important consideration, and Express Flooring is proud to work with environmentally conscious manufacturers. Emser Tile offers colors, patterns, finishes, and textures in its Green Friendly product line.

Tile-look flooring is a prominent trend for 2019, heralded for its ability to replicate natural products. Affordable wood-look, brick-look, and marble-look options are excellent choices for well-traveled entry areas and complement both hard and soft surface coverings in main living areas. Whether echoing the elegance of ceramics or the rustic appeal of wood, a mix of shades in receding and advancing colors affords a custom design to your home’s entryway.

Tile Look Flooring Options

Textural mixing serves to delineate the space between entry and living room, hallway and bedroom, corridor and garage door. A stairwell can benefit from contrasting flooring; adding a nubby carpet runner provides interest when it reaches the landing area, covered in a warm bronzy hardwood. Dream Weaver products lead the eco-friendly revolution in carpet products that are stain resistant and guaranteed to withstand wear. Likewise, a corridor in stone-look laminate effectively defines the space between pantry and garage door entrance. Other transitional techniques that add interest include using the same type of flooring product in varied patterns. Laminates in sophisticated parquet and herringbone designs can alternate between transition areas and living spaces to create a winning, on-trend textural mix.

Durable, resilient and easy-to-maintain vinyl and laminate floors are excellent choices for transition areas. Advances in product technology have produced natural looking colors and textures that replicate more costly stone and hardwood artisan quality designs. If your home includes children or pets, the easy care of scratch and stain-resistant laminate flooring is a welcome addition and carries the added benefit of withstanding UV light to protect your home’s hardworking surfaces. Check out the Amtico luxury vinyl tiles and visit the Armstrong flooring options to beautify transition areas.

Hallways, landings, and corridors, while often overlooked in terms of design, deserve the same attention as larger living areas of the home. These well-used spots provide a buffer between indoor and outdoor living, offer needed storage space, and filter sound and traffic noise between adjacent rooms. Express Flooring design professionals will arrive with large size samples of the latest designs and colors all at price points to suit your budget and complement your decor.

Free In-home Shopping

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