Adaptive Flooring Solutions for People with Disabilities

Are you or someone from your family having any sort of disability? If yes, then are you looking for a home to rent or buy that suits your needs? If you are disabled it is doesn’t necessarily mean that you adjust to a certain set of features that you don’t like. Times have changed and so did the options for flooring. All you need to do is to read up and get your creative antenna set so that you can plan to have the exact same flooring that you have in mind.

Flooring is one of the most crucial elements for a home. In case of people with a disability it is much more important given the fact that the floors should be easy to clean, shouldn’t scratch easily and mostly non-slippery.

Before you start to choose from carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood or even stone, you will need to consider some characteristics that are very important.

Resilience: Any kind of floor you choose should be able to take in a lot of traffic not by foot but by a heavy wheelchair. For example a commercial kind of flooring will fit the bill.

Easy to manoeuvre: One has to consider the movement of the wheelchair on flooring. For instance carpet can be a bad choice if you want to push a wheelchair on it. A better choice would be to go for hardwood floors or laminate or even stone tiles.

The look of the floors: You have to decide and check if you want a shiny floors or a matte floor. Wheelchair tracks can be easily seen on shiny surfaces when compared to matte finish. With dark colour or light colour, darker colours will be tougher to keep clean. It is best if you can go for a surface like hardwood or stone that is non-skid flooring type, as it will help avoid slips and falls.

Flooring OptionsSome flooring solutions are given below, you can select the best one that suits your disability:

Carpet floors give a soft and plush feel. It is the best choice if someone in your family is suffering from joint pains as this will not aggravate the pain while walking on it. It is also the best flooring type for people with a condition of falling or stumbling as it won’t hurt them as much as any other flooring type.

Hardwood floors:
Hardwood floors add beauty to any home, old or new and they also help with people who are prone to allergic reactions. Another advantage is that a wheelchair can be used on it, but you have to prepare yourself for some wear and tear.

Laminate floors:
Laminate floors are two types one is for residential purpose and the other for commercial. If you choose the commercial flooring type, you can be rest assured as it is an ideal choice for wheelchairs and also can take in heavy traffic levels. You just have to make sure to choose the AC rating above 3.

Stone flooring:
There are a few variety of stone flooring that can be used for both wheelchairs as well for people with joint aches. Stone like limestone can be used to avoid slipping as these kinds of stones are anti skid as well as it provides an even surface that can be used for wheelchairs as well.

Tile flooring:
If you are looking for a flooring type that a wheelchair can be used, then tile floors are the best. It is easy to move around on the wheelchair, doesn’t stain easily which means less time for maintenance. The only disadvantage though is that, it can get very slippery when the tiles are wet.

Vinyl floors:
Vinyl is smooth and strong and is the favourite for most wheelchair users. It is less expensive and can give a gorgeous look. Vinyl floors are available in replicas of hardwood, tiles or even stone.

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