Bamboo VS. Natural Cork Flooring: Pros and Cons

Bamboo and cork are popular sustainable options for wood flooring and has become a popular option among many home owners. They are light, durable and often cost- effective. Cork is more flexible in both tiles and planks, while Bamboo is generally considered more decorative, though it is only available in two different shades. Cork offers a resilient alternative to traditional carpet and hardwood floor. Choosing a cork floor can provide both benefits and drawbacks as well. Bamboo has become a popular option among other types of flooring. It holds a beautiful finish where it adds a unique look to any room. However, there are some pros and cons of choosing bamboo flooring for your home.

Cork– Cork is a sustainable material harvested from the bark of the cork tree and the material is then shaped into tiles or boards that are used for flooring. While cork is soft, it is usually covered with a protective coating and valued for its fire- resistance, impermeability and variety. If you opt for cork tiles, you can arrange them in endless configurations.corkorbamboofeature

Pros of Cork Flooring:

•    Quieter– Cork flooring is tremendously soft beneath and more comfortable on walking with bare foot. It’s is extreme quiet where it absorbs sound and noise of the surface.
•    Durability– Cork flooring is highly durable in nature. It is a resilient flooring option and can withstand in high traffic areas very well. It would bounce back to its original shape after it gets squeezed. Also, it resists to fire and insects too which promotes the healthiness of an environment.
•    Great Insulator– Cork is a natural insulator against heat and cold.
•    Hypo- allergic– Cork tends to keep away dust and other small particles from its surface.
•    Ease of Maintenance– Cork flooring is relatively simple to take care where it requires regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove small grit and dirt particles.

Cons of Cork Flooring:

•    Difficult to repair– Cork flooring is very soft material where it can be damaged when sharp or heavy objects get dropped on the surface. The damage can’t be refinished as like bamboo does.
•    More Expensive– Cork flooring tends to be slightly more expensive as it is not as plentiful.
•    Pet Scratches– Pet scratches are a particular problem with cork flooring, however keeping their nails trimmed can help this from scratches on the floor.
•    Sunlight fading– Direct exposure to sunlight neither alters the color nor become paler of the floor.

Bamboo– Bamboo is created from the bamboo plant grown in Asian countries in moist conditions. It can grow very quickly and is easily replenished, making it a very sustainable option. While bamboo is not an especially hardwood, it is durable and often has coatings like those on cork to protect it from wear. Bamboo is favored for its natural beauty and utility.

Pros of Bamboo Flooring:

•    Eco- Friendly– Bamboo is made from natural undergrowth and considered as eco friendly option as it grows abundantly and plentifully making it a very sustainable product.
•    Less Expensive– Bamboo is usually less in expensive than cork.
•    Resembles traditional wood– Bamboo is alternative to traditional wood flooring as the look is similar to it.
•    Refinished– Bamboo can be sanded down and refinished to repair scratches and scuffs.
•    Easy of Maintenance– Bamboo is relatively easy to maintain with regular vacuuming to remove small particle debris. Occasionally, you can damp mop it with bamboo floor Cleaner.
•    Water Resistant– Bamboo is relatively durable and slightly resistant to water damage and stains.
•    Style– Bamboo is a trendy flooring material and has an appearance and a feel that is similar to hardwood flooring which adds an ineffable quality to a room.

Cons of Bamboo Flooring:

•    Noisier– Bamboo flooring is harder in surface as it is much noisier in the areas of heavy traffic especially those with kids or pets.
•    Quality Variations– Low quality bamboo flooring may scratch and dent easily under high pressure, whereas high quality bamboo remains durable. Not all bamboo flooring products are bent alike.
•    Scratches– Small grit and tiny particles of dirt may cause scratches on bamboo flooring for over time.
•    Humidity– In humid area and also in dry environment the planks can shrink. In both cases, cracks in the bamboo will be the result.

Ultimately, your flooring decision comes down to personal taste or lifestyle. For traditional wood flooring material then bamboo would be right choice. Or if the comfort is your precedence, nothing beats cork. Both bamboo and cork are praise-worthy porch flooring options for many reasons beyond their Eco-friendly nature.

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