Best Type of Flooring for a Restaurant/Bar [Quick Guide]

It is very difficult to choose the perfect type of flooring for your restaurant or bar based on the various options available in the market. Before getting into that, we should know the basic difference between residential flooring and commercial flooring options

Commercial Flooring vs. Residential Flooring:

The first every important condition that needs to be fulfilled by commercial flooring is that it should be slip resistant. If it is not so, the floors will be more accident prone and you will have to face more law suits. Residential flooring does not need to fulfill any such criteria, although it is recommended that it too should be slip resistant to reduce accidents. Second consideration should be inflammability. If you floor is inflammable such as carpet, then your restaurant becomes a risk-prone place. Hence, it is important to avoid such floorings. Durability is another important concern for the restaurant owners. If your flooring is not durable, it might not be able to take the heave traffic during peak hours and may crack/break. This will only cost you more money in repairing. Residential flooring does not experience such traffic and so durability is not an equally important criterion.

Restaurant FlooringFlooring Options:

#1: Tiles:

Tiles are extremely durable in nature. Also, they are inflammable, be it for residential use or commercial use. These tiles are very versatile and come in a variety of patterns, colours and textures. This makes them a very popular choice for the restaurant owners. Not just that, these floorings can be installed on floors as well as walls. But the residential grade tile differs from the commercial grade tile on one aspect, that is, slip resistance. While the commercial grade tile is slip resistant, the residential tile is not so much. Also, installing tiles is a very lengthy and tedious process. It takes a lot of time and should be done carefully otherwise the tiles can break.

#2: Carpets:

Another option available is commercial carpet flooring. A lot of people also use outdoor carpets instead of the commercial carpet floors, as long as it is grade II or above for restaurant use. It is durable and slip resistant. A lot of people also consider using carpet tiles simply because they are easy to install and remove in case the floor is stained or torn.

#3: Laminate:

Laminate flooring is also a popular flooring option among restaurant and bar owners. Laminate flooring is not just durable, but it is also scratch resistant and slip resistant. It is very easy to maintain this flooring as even two days old stain marks can be removed using a wet mob on these floors. Considering restaurants are prone to such stains, this flooring is desirable. Also, because laminate flooring comes in various textures and colours, it gives a warm feel to your restaurant and even makes it look richer.

#4: Resilient:

Resilient flooring includes vinyl, linoleum, rubber and cork tile. The biggest advantage with this flooring option is the availability of variety of patterns, textures and colours. Also, because these are industrial grade floorings, they are durable and slip resistant, except cork flooring. In terms of cost, they are medium ranging, similar to laminate flooring.

All the flooring options have their pros and cons. It is important to determine your parameters and choose the flooring you think is perfect for your restaurant or bar.

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