Create A Game of Thrones Inspired Home

Game of Thrones is a global TV phenomenon that has enthralled viewers around the world for nearly a decade. The hit HBO show is packed with action, romance, loss and drama — along with a style all of its own. The final Season hits the screen in 2019. If you’re looking for any spoilers or behind the scenes information, this isn’t the place. We aren’t even showing the season 9 Game of Thrones Trailer or sneak peaks. However, if you’re keen to bring a little of that Game Of Thrones interior design style into your home, there are some relatively simple ways to do it.

Everything from the flooring to the wall art in your home can contribute to a room’s style and theming. Make the right decorative decisions in the right places, and you can bring a little of the Westeros magic into your home.

Whether you’re a spiritual Stark or a loyal Lannister, these Game of Thrones home design tips should deliver results in any type of property. Which of the 7 kingdoms suit your style? Where you live in the valley may even influence which kingdom you want to choose as well.

Game of Thrones Flooring

Along with the walls in the room, the flooring you choose is the blank canvas. Get this right, and you can set the tone for the rest of the space. Fortunately, there are several suitable options to choose from.

Dark and Rustic for the North

Take a Stark setting in the North, for example. Generally, these sets are darker, colder and more clinical than those in King’s Landing. With this in mind, something that delivers the look and feel of stone is perfect. However, the real stone is very expensive. Look for stone-effect tiles that deliver the same aesthetic for a fraction of the price. Darker tones work best. Just choose something that looks rustic and imperfect.

Stylish and Opulent for King’s Landing

If you want to recreate a typical King’s Landing set, wood flooring is probably best. However, terracotta or ceramic tiles can also work in the right space. If you go for wood, choose something light. A lighter oak is perfect. If your budget allows, go for real wood flooring. It delivers a combination of warmth and luxury that simply can’t be replicated by laminate or vinyl. And it delivers an authentic sound when people walk on it.

Stunning family friendly wood flooring

Flooring manufacturers such as Shaw, Armstrong and Mohawk make real wood flooring to the highest standards. Whether you opt for solid oak or a wood-effect laminate, Express Flooring experts will assess the space and perform the fitting. All you need to do is choose the floor type and color that will deliver the Game of Thrones aesthetic you’re looking for.

Achieve a Real Wood Effect on a Budget

Just remember that injecting some Game of Thrones magic into a space doesn’t have to cost the Earth. For example, in the bathroom, you could use a stone or tile-effect vinyl floor. Strong, durable and very easy to clean, quality vinyl flooring delivers the look without the big price-tag.

High-Quality pet-friendly vinyl flooring

Don’t worry if the cost of real wood flooring is prohibitive. There is some very realistic embossed laminate flooring on the market today. Or you can enjoy the best of both worlds with some engineered flooring (a mix of real wood and a laminate under-layer).

A lot of the more lavish sets on Game of Thrones feature stunning floors that are finished off with lavish rugs and mats. In the right room, a faux-animal fur rug can work wonders. For darker, colder rooms (like those in the North), a patterned rug might be more appropriate. Watch scenes set in King’s Landing, the North and the Riverlands for inspiration.

Game of Thrones Furniture

Game of Thrones has delivered some truly breathtaking backdrops over the years. And many of them were indoors. Whether it was Cersei Lannister sipping wine at her desk or Daenerys Targaryen planning war at a lavish table, the show always delivered a unique decorative aesthetic.

Impressive Thrones Furniture

One of the simplest — and most effective — ways to transform a room into a Game of Thrones set is to introduce a few select items of furniture here and there.


A lot of what we see in Game of Thrones is inspired by Roman-ruled Europe. During the glory days of the Empire, the rich and powerful dined in a formal space known as a triclinium. One of the most eye-catching items of furniture in a triclinium was a low, backless couch — commonly known as a divan. Several major Game of Thrones characters sat on such an item over the years, including Lord Varys and Cersei.

Divan Beds

As you’re trying to inject a little Westerosi magic into your room, choose a Divan that makes wood the star of the show. And look for something upholstered with premium fabric. The more opulent the better.

Mini Bars

The main protagonists in GoT often pour themselves a drink during a particularly dramatic scene. How many times have we seen Tyrion and Cersei do just that? In most cases, the drink in question is held in an ornate decanter. And it’s drunk from stunning goblets.

Mini Bars

Start by finding some suitably lavish decanters and goblets. Once you have them, you can start looking for a stylish (probably Gothic) table on which to place them. Place your mini bar next to your divan, and that Game of Thrones vibe will reverberate around the room.

Standalone Bathtubs

If you’re transforming a bathroom, a standalone bathtub is a must. Choose something in cast-iron, preferably with ornate legs. Alternatively, a wood-paneled tub also delivers the required aesthetic. Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen both spent time in feature bathtubs, so check out those scenes for inspiration.

Standard Standalone Bathtubs

Ornate Bookcases

Books feature prominently in several Game of Thrones episodes. In some cases, they’re integral to the storyline. Shop around for some leather-bound books, and use them as props in the space. House the books in an ornate, wooden bookcase, and you should be impressed with the results.

Four-Poster Beds

If you’re decorating a bedroom, you have to start the process by making a four-poster bed the focal point of the space. Hang lavish drapes around it. And look for anything in gold or red velvet. Deeper, darker shades will add a Gothic aesthetic to the room — which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Four poster beds which look beautiful

Wooden Armchairs

Particularly if you have a real fireplace in the room, an ornate, wooden armchair is a must. But don’t look for it in regular furniture stores. Instead, trawl the Internet for period items. Alternatively, look for house clearances, garage sales and antique fairs in your area. You’ll be amazed at what can be picked up at these events. Something in dark wood and upholstered with red velvet is perfect.

Attractive Wooden ArmChairs

Game of Thrones Decor

Forget about pastel shades and neutral tones. A Game of Thrones room has to have bold, brash decor at every turn. Once again, you need to decide whether you want to recreate the sumptuous luxury of King’s Landing or the coldness of the North. Once you’ve decided, the rest should be quite simple.

Patterned Wallpaper

Watch Game of Thrones for some inspiration. While you might see the odd wallpapered wall, a lot of the sets are dominated by brick, stone or plaster. These natural substances create a truly Gothic-looking space that screams GoT. A simple way to recreate these looks is with patterned wallpaper. For example, you can transform your living room into Ned Stark’s personal quarters by hanging stone or brick-patterned wallpaper.

Attractive Patterned wallpaper

Rich and Luxurious Paints

If you’re recreating a typical King’s Landing boudoir, deep, rich colors work best. Deep reds and dark greens look fantastic when set against dark wood floors. One idea involves painting three walls in a room with a dark red or green paint and covering the fourth in a patterned wallpaper. In many cases, the fourth wall is the one with the fireplace.

Be Bold with Red and Gold

For a beautifully appointed Lannister bedroom, red, gold and beige deliver stunning results. And if you can panel the walls with real wood, even better. Take a look at a scene of GoT set in Cersei Lannister’s bedroom. You’ll see these regal colors jumping from the scene with vigor and grace. This is exactly what you need to recreate.

Game of Thrones Features

Once you’ve created your blank canvas with the right flooring, decor, and furniture, you can start adding the finer details. This is the fun bit, as you can let your imagination and creativity roam free.

The Fireplace

If you’re styling the main living space, the fireplace is arguably the most striking feature you can add. There are countless Game of Thrones scenes that feature a lavish fireplace. In many cases, this most dramatic of features is the backdrop for terse discussions, angst, and plotting.

In-home fireplace

Again, there is a clear difference between fireplaces in King’s Landing and the rest of the Game of Thrones world. If you’re hoping to invite Jon Snow for dinner, a rustic fireplace made with stone is perhaps the best option. The addition of some brass ornaments and a thick rug will transport everyone in your home to Winterfell in an instant.

Free-standing Candelabras

The Game of Thrones world doesn’t have the luxury of electricity. Lighting is rudimentary and basic — often consisting of little more than a naked flame. While you obviously don’t want too many naked flames in your home, a little candlelight can create the perfect ambiance.

Free Standing Candelabras

Rather than placing several small candles around the space, go with three or four free-standing candelabras. And the bigger, the better. Scour the Internet and local marketplaces for ornate candelabras — and place them at key locations. Beside an armchair or next to the fireplace are perfect places.


A stunning chandelier features prominently in almost every interior scene of Game of Thrones. In King’s Landing, the chandeliers are ornate — often bedecked in gold and crystal. Don’t be afraid to be ostentatious and over-the-top when it comes to choosing the right chandelier for your Lannister-style space.

Attractive Chandeliers

If you’re going for the colder, more brutal aesthetic featured in the North, look for a Gothic-style chandelier. Think Count Dracula or Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Cast-iron chandeliers look great, but they’re usually far too heavy for domestic properties. Instead, look for an iron-effect chandelier made from a composite material.

A Mysterious Wooden Chest

Take a few moments to pause an interior scene in Game of Thrones. Be sure to choose scenes from both King’s Landing and the North for inspiration. Study the scene carefully, and you should notice that the set is littered with incredible features. One thing you might spot is the mysterious wooden chest that often lurks in the background. Pick up an old second-hand chest from a local market or antique store, and give it pride of place.

Mysterious wood chest

Game of Thrones Accessories

When it comes to setting the scene and creating an immersive world, the devil is always in the detail. Set designers search high and low for the small things that deliver big themes. Alone, these items can get lost in larger rooms. But when they’re part of a collection of items, they transform a space into something completely different.

Pennants and Banners

Search for old pennants and banners that tell a story. In many cases, the sheer mysteriousness of such an item is all the story you’ll need. Flags, pennants, and banners are central to the Game of Thrones narrative, so embrace them wherever possible.

Brass Items

Brass ornaments, utensils and drinking vessels work in almost every Game of Thrones setting. If you’re going for a King’s Landing aesthetic, they can pass for real gold. Leave these items dirty, however, and they’re perfect for a classic Winterfell-themed space.

Bottles and Jars

Bottles and Jars

There is something mysterious about a shelf filled with random bottles and jars. Do they contain magic potions? Do they deliver magical spells, or are they ancient remedies? Particularly in the darker sets of Game of Thrones, such props feature prominently. Collect as many colored bottles and jars as you can find, and display them on shelves alongside leather-bound books.

Handheld Lanterns

Remember when Tyrion entered the Dragon’s cave — intent on freeing Daenerys’ creatures from their chains? He held a lantern to guide the way. In fact, lanterns feature prominently throughout the series. Whether you use them for lighting or as props, a sprinkling of antique or Gothic lanterns can give your room that classic GoT aesthetic.

Handheld Lanterns

Anything Old

This is where you can really have some fun. You can wander around antique fairs and markets to your heart’s content — searching for objet d’arts, trinkets, props and ornaments that deliver the classic Game of Thrones aesthetic. There’s no right or wrong here, just items that add to the experience. And your work is never done. Treat your GoT room as a work in progress, and it will continue evolving forever.

Remember: any great Game of Thrones room starts with a great floor. Grab Your Free In-Home Estimate and speak with the floor specialists from Express Flooring to assess your room, and take the first step towards creating a Westerosi space you can be proud of. You may even qualify for a Vacation Getaway.

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