Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials Being Used More

Present day builders and homeowners are opting for Eco-friendly flooring materials that are energy efficient and ensure a safe, breathable environment. Environment-friendly flooring materials are not toxic in nature and contribute to a green surrounding atmosphere. They are available in any color and pattern you desire.

Present day American Builders are opting for green homes with Eco-friendly flooring materials to ensure the safety of their clients. Builders and homeowners are waking up to the need to use environment-friendly flooring materials to avoid the buildup of toxic materials in their homes or offices. These toxins are extremely dangerous as they cause long-term damage to the inmates of the home. Pollutants trapped inside the house or office is more dangerous than outdoor pollutants.

The origin of these toxins is usually present concealed in your flooring right under your feet and is not visible to the normal eye. We encourage homeowners to opt for environment-friendly commercial flooring options that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and harmful toxins.

Express Flooring has a wide range of environmentally friendly flooring materials like:

  • Glass Tiles – These tiles are made from used beer and wine bottles. They are available in a vast range of patterns, colors, and designs to suit your requirements. These tiles are designed to withstand stains, water and can be cleaned effortlessly. They do not have the problem of mold formation or stagnant water on its surface and is ideal for use in areas where there is use or more water like restrooms, swimming pools, and porches.
  • Wool Carpet – Carpet is the best-liked flooring material of all as it is durable and has a soft supple texture. Wool is obtained from natural resources and can be dyed according to your desired colors.
  • FSC Certified Wood – FSC is a nonprofit organization that has a rigorous process for certifying the wood used for flooring. FSC certified wood is available in various colors and patterns and certifies that the wood is grown especially without the use of harmful pesticides. Hardwood is considered as one of favorite office flooring options by many companies.
  • Polyester Berber Carpet – These carpets are made from plastic bottles and are extremely durable. It is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and is designed to withstand spills.

Express Flooring offers an excellent selection of environment-friendly flooring that will suit your requirements and provide a safe and healthy environment in your home or office.

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