How to Create a Luxurious Interior Design Look on a Tight Budget

Take a look at any celebrity magazine these days, and you’ll see the stunning homes of the rich and famous. While many people completely dismiss the idea of such luxury, it’s often more accessible than people imagine.

From the flooring to the ceilings, the rooms in your home can simply ooze style and sophistication with the right approach.

Here are a few design tips to get you started.

Install Wood-Effect Flooring

Real wood floors deliver a warm, lavish and luxurious aesthetic — but they aren’t cheap. And if space is large, the bill for real oak, beech or walnut can often run into thousands of dollars.

Beautiful looking wood effect tile flooring

But thanks to the latest embossed laminate, you can achieve exactly the same look at a fraction of the price. These products look and feel like the real thing. And until anyone examines them at close quarters, the differences are almost unrecognizable.

If your budget is particularly tight, a wood-effect vinyl might help you to achieve the premium aesthetic you’re searching for. Strong, durable and easy to maintain, modern vinyl flooring is now available in a massive range of finishes, patterns, and colors.

Original wood effect vinyl flooring

Choose One Central Color

You will struggle to achieve the opulent aesthetic you’re looking for if you can’t decide on a primary color. And in most cases, this color will be neutral and natural. Whites, creams and pastel shades of yellow work beautifully.

Carefully painting walls

Remember, you’re creating a blank canvas when you’re painting or wallpapering walls — so err on the side of conservative. If you have to add color, you can devote a feature wall to more vibrant color.

Use Soft Furnishings in the Right Areas

Even the sparsest and basic of living spaces can be given an injection of luxury with a few cushions and throws. Assuming you’ve chosen neutral colors for your walls, this is your chance to add some vibrant colors. Opt for larger pillows and cushions of at least 22 inches.

Choose the Right Curtains

It’s always worth investing in a good set of curtains or drapes, as they alone can transform almost any space. Not only that, they can make a small room appear larger.

If your budget allows, get your curtains made from specialty fabric. You may be surprised at how affordable the basic raw material can be. You can then either make the curtains yourself or pay a local contractor to do the work. Keep things simple to minimize costs.

Beautiful looking rooms with high-end curtains

The way you hang curtains is also a crucial part of creating a luxurious aesthetic. For the best results, they should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible. They should also stop just a fraction of an inch above the floor. Try to make your curtains a focal point in their own right. But be wary about blocking the flow of natural light.

Work on Lighting Levels

The way a home is lit can have a massive effect on its overall look and feel. During the day, make way for as much natural light as possible. This might involve switching curtains, removing blinds and clearing obstructions from windows.

Fantastic look with Freestanding floor lamps

During the evenings, make sure there are no dark areas in the space. The addition of freestanding floor lamps and table lamps is a great way to add to the sense of luxury.


Simple room decoration which suits flooring

Avoid the temptation to buy cheap items and ornamental features from stores. They’re usually mass produced, and they often look dull and cheap. Instead, search secondhand stores, markets and antiques fairs for bargains. You might actually save some money.

Hang Oversized Art

Assuming you’ve stuck to neutral and natural tones throughout the space, the addition of some unique art can take luxury to the next level. Again, you don’t want something that might be hanging on your neighbor’s wall. Bespoke means everything when it comes to luxurious art. Just be sure to fill a wall. If art is swallowed up by empty space, it usually becomes invisible.

Luxurious room decoration

You need an artwork that is unique to your home. You might be able to pick it up at a local flea market. You may even be able to commission some art from a friend. And if all else fails, you can always use your own artistic flair.

Embrace Glass

Glass is a naturally elegant and luxurious material. And it also happens to be cheap. Introduce a glass coffee table or some secondhand glass sculptures for a quick injection of elegance. You can amplify the look with the addition of a few mirrors. By positioning them opposite windows, you’ll also make a small room appear much larger.

Embrace Glass in a luxurious Room

Any luxury space in home starts with a blank canvas. Get that right, and the rest should take care of itself. The experts at Express Flooring are waiting to visit you in your home to make your dreams of a luxury living space come true.

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