[How to] Remove Rug Pad Marks From a Floor

Many a times people are tempted into buying that rubbery waffle weave rug pads since they are so easily available in any home goods store and are also cheap. They are much better a rug with no rubber backing as they prevent you from slipping. However, many people complain of the rug pad marks that they leave behind on a floor. They can damage the floor by marking their design on the floor. Many times people have to get their floor refinished because of these marks. Before calling the Flooring Cleaning Services, there are a few things you can do about it by yourself at home.

How to Remove Rug Pad Marks From a FloorThere are many ways to remove these marks. But in this article we will discuss two ways to do it:

The first way is to use a good lubricant of your choice. WD 40 is a recommended one. Apply the lubricant over the stained floor. Let it sit over the stains for a while and sink well. Now get a rag and start scrubbing the areas that have been stained. Depending on how bad the stain is, you may have to scrub with more pressure until the stain is off. IF in the middle of the process you need to change your rag then do that. Once you feel like this is the most you can do, get a fresh rag and clear out all the excess lubricant from the tile floor. After this, use any floor cleaner of your choice to get rid of any residue or smell from the lubricant.

The other option is a home recipe, for this you just need liquid detergent soap. Mix 3 cups of water with one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Dip a rag in the solution and start scrubbing the stains. Use good strength on the more stubborn stains. When this is done you could use one of those erasing pads that are easily available at the supermarkets. Just wet the tip of the pad and begin scrubbing the stains. This should do a pretty good job. Once it is done, get a damp cloth and go over the area once again to make sure all the residue from the detergent and the erasing pad is wiped out. Allow the floor to dry well before allowing any sort of traffic on it.

Both the above methods are tried and tested methods. But at the end of the day each floor and every stain is different and there is a possibility of these methods not being good enough. However, before calling for more expensive fixes there is no harm in giving these solutions a try. Regular floor maintenance is the key to avoiding this. Floor maintenance also includes making the right decisions regarding your floors and rugs. Always choose rugs with felt or semi felt backing. It is not the rubber backed rug pads that are bad, it is the ones that look like rubber but are not, that destroy your floors. Don’t compromise quality for a lower price. So, make smart choices!

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