How to Stretch Carpet yourself?

Carpet for ages would develop wrinkles, bumps, buckles or due to wear which looks unattractive, as we go with regular carpet cleaning because it receives a lot of wear, especially in heavy used rooms. Most of the carpets will stretch over time, especially in high traffic areas which cause folds in the carpet that can quickly become risk for you or your family member to stumble over. Regardless of the reason for carpet strikes, restretching carpet is the best way.

Restretching your carpet can eliminate bumps and wrinkles in certain areas where it gives your carpet a new appearance and improve safety. It also saves your budget on a new carpet installation. Few basic tools and materials would require restretching the carpet. It generally takes less time a day at most to restretch your carpet.

Things you need-

1. Knee Kicker
2. Power Stretcher
3. Carpet cutter
4. Pliers
5. Tin snips
6. Rubber mallet
7. Would Chisel
8. Pry bar
9. Utility Knife

You can get both manual and power equipment for re-stretching carpet is available at tool rental companies at reasonable daily rates, and padding and tack strips can be purchased at flooring dealers and often at home improvement stores.

Carpet Stretching

Tips to re stretch your carpet-

  • Remove the furniture and clean the room where it allows you to work comfortably with no hitches in order to stretch it properly.
  • Peel back the carpet all around the room from the tack strip underneath with a pair of pliers and roll up the carpet.
  • Pull up the staples from padding and then padding from the floor.
  • Pry up the old tack strips with a pry bar and cut new tack strips with tin snips and nail them down in the place as same.
  • Cut the new padding to the length of the room using a utility knife and tack it to the floor and then unroll the carpet.
  • Set a power stretcher with the teeth on the deepest setting.
  • Start at one end of the room and being stretching towards the opposite wall. Make three passes towards the opposite wall on the left hand side, slightly fanning out with each pass. Stretch down the middle of the room. Repeat with three stretches on the right hand side of the room.
  • Place a knee kicker by the wall and stretch the edges towards the tack strips. Lightly hit the carpet on to the strips with a rubber mallet.
  • Cut the excess carpet using a carpet cutter or knife. Trim the tighter areas with a utility knife.
  • Finally, now the entire carpet has been tightly reset onto the tack strips.

Final Precautions:

You need to be extra careful while working with a power carpet stretcher, as it is indeed a very powerful tool. This is an affordable way to re stretch your carpet for the new look to get rid out of risk and these tips would certainly help you. These tips for re stretching your carpet can help you to save your money without hiring professionals to do it. If you think the procedure is little tough to DIY than you may hire professional further may not to damage your carpet.

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