KonMari Your Kitchen Remodel With These 5 Easy Tips

Professional organizer extraordinaire Marie Kondo’s Netflix show Tidying Marie Kondo has towns of tidying-fans and hopefuls talking for days and for good reasons. Kondo helps you make sense of any mess or clutter you’ve been struggling and shows how she helps her clients keep their kitchens clean, inspire home makeovers and spark joy in their lives. It’s a method that works well with minimalist design for a kitchen, too. But knowing how to apply it to your kitchen remodel requires a plan.

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Visualize Your Space

Before you break ground on your kitchen remodel and get rid of any existing clutter in your kitchen, it’s important to visualize how you will use your space. Part of Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method involves envisioning your ideal lifestyle. If that means living in a streamlined, minimalistic way, then it’s important to define what that means for you by being specific to your needs.

Kondo's KonMari Method

For instance, you can define your ideal lifestyle by one that makes you feel calm, comfortable and safe when you walk in your kitchen. That may mean having floors that accommodate this lifestyle, such as vinyl flooring that is water-resistant, comfortable and safe to walk on, durable and easy-to-clean. When you visualize your space and how you want it to function for you, you can make better decisions regarding the design elements of your kitchen remodel.

Clean by Category

Your kitchen has different zones for cooking, cleaning and eating. So, when you’re trying to infuse minimalism in your new kitchen, it’s important to keep this concept in mind. The KonMari method calls for tidying based on categories rather than location. It’s important to keep your kitchen clean before and after a remodel if you want to achieve a minimalistic look. Also, make sure you continue on this path of minimalism by tidying up everything at once. Instead of cleaning everything in the kitchen pantry or the breakfast nook in your kitchen, clean by categories in one sweep.

You can start to break it down by tackling large-item categories first. For example, you can start by cleaning and sorting through kitchen appliances and focusing on surfaces, such as your ceiling, countertops and kitchen floors. Then sort and organize smaller items, such as kitchen utensils, dishes, spices, cookbooks and cleaning supplies. This helps you to simplify the process of knowing how many items you have in your kitchen so you know which items to keep and which ones to discard.

Stick to the Plan

Without staying committed to your concept of a clean, streamlined kitchen, you can easily derail your mission for a minimalistic look. This especially important when it comes to choosing your flooring since it affects the aesthetic of the kitchen and other design elements you choose to include in your remodel. Also, it can drastically change the cost of your kitchen remodel. That means if you decide to opt for vinyl flooring over tile flooring, then you need to stick with the plan. Commit to keeping your kitchen clean and streamlined so you make your remodel simple and flow easily with a minimalistic lifestyle.

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Finish Discarding Before Installing Flooring

Completing your discarding process first is a core KonMari step that is essential because it ensures you’re not hoarding or storing items that continue the never-ending cycle of the need to tidy. If you want to maintain a minimalist kitchen, then it’s key to get rid of these items before you install your flooring. Try these tips for streamlining the process:

  • Donate or sell items. Sort through items and donate or sell items you don’t use or haven’t used within six months.
  • Get rid of it. Throw away rancid or expired food and spices and carefully discard broken dishes or tiles from your floor. This helps you have a clean slate so you know what items need replacing before you install your floor.
  • Get help from professionals. Keep your remodeling sane by using the help of design professionals once you complete the discarding process. For instance, Express Flooring provides in-home consultations to help you choose your flooring.

Install Flooring That Sparks Joy

While choosing to floor based on function and durability is crucial to achieving your over goals for your minimalistic kitchen remodel, the feeling you get from the flooring option you choose should also spark joy. When you touch the floor and see the floor, it should bring you joy. If it doesn’t, then move on to another flooring option.

Professional Kitchen laminate flooring

It’s key to have several options to choose from when you’re making this decision. So, consider opting for a professional flooring provider that offers a wide selection of flooring options, such as Express Flooring. With Express Flooring, you can choose from a wide selection of flooring ideal for your kitchen, including unfinished hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and stone flooring options, such as granite and slate.

Final Thoughts

Creating the kitchen of your dreams is simple when you apply these quick tips from the KonMari method. The great part is you don’t have to leave your home to choose the flooring you need for your ideal kitchen. The consultants at Express Flooring bring it right to your Arizona home when you set up an in-home visit. Get ready to KonMari your kitchen and take the right step with unique residential flooring solutions from Express Flooring and schedule an in-home consultation today for a quote.

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