Peace, Love and Interior Decorating: Never Fight Over Design Themes Again

You adore mid-century modern decor, but your spouse favors the bohemian look. You dig a French country style while your housemate is a minimalist. You’re a little bit country, and your partner’s a little bit rock and roll.

Whatever decorating disagreements you have in your life, don’t worry. You can tie two or more styles together cohesively and beautifully. Multiple design schemes really can enhance one other. It’s all good.

More Alike Than Not

True, your furnishings needn’t have the same style to blend well. But it does help if they have some things in common. That way, they’ll appear to be unified.

Try to find pieces of furniture that are roughly the same size. You might look for similar shapes, lines and curves, too. And items that are made of the same materials, especially the same types of wood, just seem to belong together.

Home Furnishing with flooring

Then there’s color. Why not use the same color scheme throughout your home? You can make this task easier by mostly sticking to a few basic colors. (Black, white and gray spring to mind here.) Likewise, if you decide to use a repeating pattern, keep it as simple as you can.

With all of these similarities, many of your guests won’t even notice that the styles are different. Winning!

Find Your Connective Tissue

Believe it or not, you can blend decorating styles in the very same room. The trick is to use a larger room and to find a piece of furniture or accessory – may be a few of them — that can act as a bridge between the styles. That way, the entire space will be visually appealing.

Imagine you decided to make your living room both traditional and contemporary. Well, the left side of the room could showcase streamlined accent chairs and lamps with sleek rectangular shades. Meanwhile, the right side might feature antique lamps, an ornate rounded cabinet and embroidered curtains.

Perfectly streamlined accent chairs and lamps

With those elements in place, you’d need something to join the halves into a harmonious whole. (Try saying that three times fast.) For instance, you could use a cabriole sofa. This understated couch dates back to the 18th century, and it suits both old-fashioned and modern settings. Plop one down in the middle of the room, and voila! You have a focal point that will bring everything together.

Don’t forget about your flooring. Hardwood floors, for example, look good with just about any design style, and they can create that unifying effect. And gorgeous modern tiles with elaborate designs will get lots of attention in their own right. Better yet, they can provide a gradual and satisfying transition from one section of your home to another.

Yours, Mine and Ours

Maybe you’re in this situation. You’re moving in with someone else. That person owns furnishings in a style that’s radically different from yours. They diverge in color, materials, age and so on. They just don’t go together at all.

At the same time, neither of you wants to give up what you already have. What do you do? Is the marriage or the relationship over?

Never fear! When it isn’t practical to blend styles, you can keep them separate from one another. You take one or two rooms, and he or she takes one or two. Those rooms should be places that your visitors don’t usually enter. Examples would include a den, a study, a spare bedroom, a powder room or an attic room.

Beautiful bedroom Interiors

Therefore, you might end up with a basement man cave that’s bursting with bean bag chairs, dartboards and potato chip crumbs. Meanwhile, just above it, a home office could boast a tasteful Scandinavian air. Because those rooms are closed off, they’ll never clash. And both of you have your own space to retreat to and feel comfortable in whenever you like.

At the same time, rooms where your guests spend time — the living room and the kitchen, for instance — could have a more neutral look. Indeed, you could fill those areas with furniture and decorations that the two of you find and buy together. Those rooms will thus become living histories of your life together, time capsules that you can enjoy every day.

Go With Your Gut

In the end, don’t get hung up on the idea of decorating styles as hard and fast, categories that are totally distinct from one another. The truth is that many of today’s most popular themes are — to some degree, anyway — combinations of styles from the past.

So who knows? As you mix and match to your heart’s content, maybe you’ll hit upon the next big craze in interior design. Maybe you’ll get your own show on cable TV. Move over, Chip and Joanna!

At the very least, you’ll create unique, warm and cozy spaces that make coming home every day a true joy.

To get started, you can contact us for more info about flooring options that can link decorating themes. Then, once your lovely new floor is in place, you can get going on all of those accessories and pieces of furniture!

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