Pros and Cons of Carpets and Area rugs

Carpet and Rugs are the most popular choices of floor covering for homes and will enhance the look of most living spaces. Carpet with its many styles, textures, types of construction and variety of designs using it, will make your home a more desirable and cozy place in which to live also it will keep its beauty and durability for many years. Area rugs usually have multiple uses with huge benefits. It may be used as centerpiece flooring, or hung on wall. They may used as foot rugs sofa or bed throws or as table decor. They usually have an artistic or stylish touch in terms of patterns, shape or color.

However, carpet and area rugs both offer several advantages and disadvantages in home decor. It usually comes down to the first choice of the home owner.

Carpeting for Flooring:

Pros:carpet flooring

  • It tends to soften the look and dampens the sound.
  • Soft beneath and warm under foot especially in colder climates.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • To keep your carpet flooring looking new for ages, you can get carpet cleaning services at cheaper price.
  • It is more comfortable to walk on, and especially when fall on.
  • It provides insulation to any room, for this particular benefit- go with a carpet with denser fibers.


  • Carpets require high level of maintenance; also difficult to clean at the corners.
  • Carpet wears out within a few years where the entire room of carpet needs to be replaced.
  • The major downside of carpet flooring, it is very difficult to keep it dirt free.
  • One of the devastating ones is the effect carpeting be a problem for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • It tends to attract both dust and small microbes.

Area Rugs for Flooring:

Pros:Area Rugs

  • They come in vast colors, designs and patterns.
  • Area rugs are more versatile and can be moved from room to room.
  • Easier to clean.
  • In expensive than a room of wall- to- wall carpet.
  • Area rugs can be used as a design tool, where you don’t need to hire someone to install.


  • It can slip and slide easily, where you need a first-class rug pad to keep them in a place or you can glue the tape to stick on the floor.
  • Rugs will not cover the complete floor. It covers just an area of it.

At the end, both flooring’s have their own pros and cons essentially, choosing between carpet and area rugs flooring is an individual choice based on your personal style, budget and interiors of your home.

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