The Top Interior Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Decorating your home can cost a lot of money, so you want to choose options that will stay in style for years. Express Warehouse helps customers pick top interior designs that look modern for decades. That way, you get the most value for your money.

Mixing Formal and Casual Decor

Formal décor usually costs a lot of money. The high price makes it difficult for most people to decorate their homes with items that look formal. Besides, an overly formal room can feel too stuffy and uptight to use. You want attractive rooms that you can actually use.

Decorating the room with soft colors

Mixing formal and casual décor solves these problems by keeping prices affordable and giving you a more relaxed space to spend time with your family.

You have unlimited options when mixing formal and casual décor. Some popular options that we see in homes include:

  • Pairing a leather couch with a distressed coffee table.
  • Mixing floral upholstery with modern cocktail tables made of metal.
  • Adding furniture with tapered legs to a room with sleek curtains.

No matter what styles you choose, you need a floor that provides a canvas for your furniture and decorations.

Some of our favorite flooring options for rooms that mix formal and casual décor include:

  • Engineered wood floors made from red oak or Brazilian cherry wood.
  • Luxury vinyl planks that mimic the appearance of wood or stone.
  • Durable nylon carpets that resist stains.

Mixing formal and casual décor often takes some time because you build your collection slowly. Express Flooring, however, doesn’t make you wait to get the floor you want. We provide next-day installation on all of the flooring products that we have in stock.

The Power of Combining Black and White

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, combining black and white will never go out of style. The colors have a clean look that makes bathrooms attractive. The colors also help you keep your bathroom free of mildew, dirt, and other messes. When dust accumulates on black or white tile, you can see that it’s time to wipe down the area.

Combining black and white bathroom design

You probably don’t want to use a lot of black and white in most rooms. The colors can feel too formal for living rooms and dens. If the white and black combination feels overwhelming in your bathroom, you can add a splash of color with cut flowers or artwork.

Express Flooring recommends stone flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that get exposed to moisture. We have a huge selection of black and white tile flooring from renowned companies like:

Express Flooring gives you a lifetime installation warranty on the flooring that we install. If we make a mistake, we’ll come back to fix the problem. Just report the problem to us within 24 hours so we can do our best to make the situation right.

Soft Colors and Textures for the Bedroom

You deserve a bedroom that will help you relax and get restful sleep. Adding more soft colors and textures to your bedroom will give you a place that makes you feel comfortable so you can snooze the night away.

DIY ideas on home flooring and furniture

Color psychology says that you should choose pink, blue, green, or lilac colors for your bedroom. These colors make people feel calm, serene, and balanced. Avoid red, which makes people feel aggressive and black, which feels too formal and overwhelming for most people.

Remember these color suggestions when you buy blankets, paint, furniture, artwork, and drapes for your bedroom.

Express Flooring carries several types of carpeting that can improve your bedroom’s aesthetic. Some of our favorites include:

  • Cut pile carpets
  • Plush carpets
  • Cut and loop carpets

When we bring carpet samples to your home, you’ll get to see and feel each one in your bedroom. We make it as easy as possible for you to choose carpeting that improves your bedroom’s interior design and helps you get better rest.

Get Free Interior Design Advice From Express Flooring

Not sure what interior design matches your home best? Express Flooring offers complimentary decorating advice to our customers. We’re always here to help your house look as good as possible.

Our experts will help you choose more than the perfect floor for your house. They can also give you ideas about furniture, paint colors, lighting, and other decorative elements.

We even offer next-day installation on flooring that we have in stock.

Get started by scheduling your free in-home estimate today. We’ll bring a selection of flooring options to your home so you can see what each product looks like within your room’s context. Our advice will help you choose flooring, furniture, and decorations that make your house look better than ever.

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