Top 10 Ways To Void Your Carpet Warranty In The 1st Year

A quality carpet is a very big investment for most people. Pay for quality today, and enjoy your new floor covering for many years to come. But what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when, through no fault of your own, your carpet fails prematurely?

Well, your investment is saved – by a carpet warranty. But only if you have one. Most reputable manufacturers and suppliers offer a basic warranty as part of the purchase price. But this doesn’t usually cover everything. In fact, there are often more exclusions than inclusions.

Pet-friendly flooring

Before you buy your next carpet, check what your warranty says about coverage. Because if you don’t abide by all the terms and conditions, your warranty could be voided. And that could leave you seriously out of pocket.

1. Damage Caused by DIY Steam Cleaning

Carpets get dirty over time, no matter how often you vacuum them. There will probably come a time when you have to clean yours — which may involve the use of steam.

There are several steam cleaners on the market, so doing it yourself isn’t difficult. But doing it right is a completely different proposition. Carpet cleaners are complex and powerful. In the right hands, they can breathe new life into floor coverings. But in the hands of an amateur, they can cause untold damage.

Steam cleaning carpet process

If you go ahead on your own, and cause damage, there’s a very good chance your carpet warranty will be voided by the manufacturer. In most cases, the best course of action is to hire experts. And in the unlikely event that any permanent damage is caused, keep all your receipts — which should demonstrate due diligence on your part.

2. Using the Wrong Vacuum Cleaner for the Carpet

Not all vacuum cleaners are suited to every type of floor in the average home. Some are best suited to hard flooring, and some are geared towards carpet cleaning. Not only that, different types of carpet benefit from certain features.

Check the cleaning instructions that came with your carpet. Follow the advice on vacuuming to the letter. If you use an inappropriate vacuum cleaner that causes damage to your carpet, you may be held liable.

Ultra soft High pile carpet

For example, an ultra-soft, high-pile carpet usually benefits from large support wheels. This stops the machine sinking into the pile and causing permanent crushing and matting. Other beneficial features include adjustable suction levels and an adjustable height.

3. Infrequent Cleaning

Don’t expect your carpet manufacturer to pay for cleaning or repairs if you haven’t looked after their product. If you make a claim for discoloration or staining, the carpet manufacturer will want to inspect the carpet closely. If you obviously haven’t been vacuuming, cleaning, and removing stains regularly, they may refuse your claim outright.

Daily vacuuming cleaning is recommended for all carpets — even if they don’t appear to be dirty. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas. As for cleaning, you shouldn’t overdo things. A professional clean every two or three years should suffice.

4. Ignoring Official Cleaning and Vacuum Instructions

Every carpet comes with its own cleaning and maintenance instructions. And they’re there for a very good reason — to prolong the life of the product. If you ignore them, don’t be surprised if your carpet starts to deteriorate far more quickly than it should.

Regular Vacuum cleaning

Before you step foot on your newly-laid carpet, examine the carpet cleaning and maintenance instructions closely. Carry out those instructions to the letter. If you’ve obviously been ignoring the official guidelines, your warranty might be voided without further explanation.

5. Not Protecting High-Traffic Areas

Reputable carpet manufacturers are committed to supplying quality products that stand the test of time. But these companies also expect you to play your part when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance.

If you don’t take measures to protect your carpet from premature wear, your warranty may not cover the work needed to rectify the problem. One of the simplest steps you can take is to stop people from wearing shoes in your home. You can also protect these areas of your carpet with rugs and runners.

6. Damage Caused by Inappropriate Stain-Removal Agents

Panic and desperate measures are the usual reactions to spillages and messes on the carpet. Many of us make the wrong moves in our desperation to save our beloved floor covering. We scrub and scrape, instead of blotting and dabbing. And we reach for any stain remover, often without reading the instructions.

Carpet Stain removal

The moment you purchase your next carpet, take a while to read the stain-removal instructions. So when disaster strikes, you’ll know exactly what to do. You can permanently damage natural fibers such as cotton and wool with the wrong stain remover. And if you do, there’s no way the manufacturer will honor your warranty.

7. Failure to Hire Professional Carpet Fitters

If you’ve ever watched professional carpet fitters in action, you’ll know how fast and efficient they are. But too many people confuse this level of skill with simplicity. Make no mistake: fitting a carpet is a specialized job. Unless you have received formal training, it’s always something you should leave to the professionals.

The average carpet warranty works on the assumption that the carpet was installed by experienced professionals. If you and a friend made a mess of the job, the carpet will deteriorate very quickly. And there’s no way you’d be able to make a claim.

Professional Carpet installation process

The great thing about buying carpets with Express Flooring is that experts visit you in your own home. Once you’ve decided on the product, everything else is done for you. Professional carpet installers will take care of the fitting, leaving you to simply look forward to your new floor covering. The experts at Express Flooring can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote — the rest is up to you.

8. Damage Caused by Poor Household Maintenance

Accidents happen, in every home. And when they do, permanent damage often follows. But with most carpet warranties, this is a matter for domestic insurers. If your pipes burst overnight and flooded your carpet, your warranty probably won’t cover the cost of cleaning, repairs, or replacement.

A broken floorboard or a badly-fitted door can cause rips and folds in carpet. Don’t expect the manufacturer to cover the cost of repairs. They’ll assess the damage, and probably conclude that a lack of household maintenance was to blame.

9. Selling Your Home and Moving Out

Check the terms and conditions of the warranty being offered — before you purchase the carpet. Most carpet warranties apply to the owner of the home, on the assumption that they live in the property. If you sell up, the new owner probably won’t be able to make a claim in the future for damage.

If you’re planning to rent your home to a third-party, your carpet warranty may instantly become void. Check the warranty document for details. And if you’re still in doubt, contact the manufacturer for clarification. You may be able to extend the warranty coverage in exchange for a small fee.

10. Damage Caused by Pets

Dogs love to lounge about on thick carpets. And they’re part of the family, so why not? But your carpet’s manufacturer might not take the same view. Stains, rips, and general damage caused by household pets can void certain types of warranty.

Damaged Carpet flooring by pets

If you have pets in your home, speak to a specialist about the best types of carpet. The chances are you’ll need something that’s easy to clean and highly durable. And before you make a decision, check that the warranty covers homes in which pets reside. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance that you may be able to purchase an extra cover for that exact purpose.

Useful Resources on Carpet Warranties

The average carpet warranty is a complex set of inclusions, conditions, and exceptions. To help you pick your way through the subject, here are a few resources you might find useful.

What Are the Different Types of Carpet Warranty?

Buying a new carpet is a significant investment — which needs protection. It’s important not to take your carpet warranty for granted. There may well be several limitations and exclusions. There could be several occurrences for which you’re not covered. Know your options, and you can get the carpet cover that suits your needs.

Different types of carpet samples

 Before you part with your cash, make sure which warranty is included in the price. And remember: you may be able to add a cover or move to a different warranty option.

Appearance Retention Warranty

This type of warranty covers you for significant changes to the appearance of your carpet. This includes damage caused by the untwisting of fibers. If you live in a home with lots of traffic, this type of warranty may give you peace of mind. That’s because twisting is usually caused by heavy footfall.

Wear Warranty

Sometimes called a quality assurance warranty, this cover is pretty much standard with every carpet made by reputable manufacturers. In the simplest of terms, it’s a guarantee against the carpet falling apart through normal use.

But don’t be fooled by the name of this type of warranty. It won’t cover normal wear and tear. It will only kick in if the carpet prematurely deteriorates as a result of manufacturing or product flaws.

Stain Warranty

This is the type of warranty that interests most householders. You simply can’t rule out carpet stains, so it’s always nice to know that the manufacturer will deal with the most serious ones. In some instances, soiling may also be covered. Just make sure you read the list of exceptions contained with the policy document. There could be several, including stains caused by mustard, urine, chemicals, and coffee.

Fading Warranty

Most carpets will fade over time. And the process can be quicker in areas that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Footfall and air pollutants can also contribute to carpet fading. Some manufacturers offer this warranty as part of the purchase price, but some don’t. Check before you buy. If it’s not available, ask for a quote. Carpets should retain their true colors for at least five years. If yours fades prematurely, a manufacturing fault may be the cause.

A comprehensive carpet warranty gives you peace of mind. After all, a luxury carpet represents a huge investment. But like insurers, warranty providers will always look for ways of avoiding paying off claims.

Talk to the carpet experts at Express Flooring about their carpet warranty when you schedule an in-home appointment.

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