Top Carpet Choices: How to Spot High-End Quality

Your home is your sanctuary, a personal retreat that provides shelter, comfort and an inviting welcome for family and friends. Reflecting who you are and how you live, your design aesthetic begins at ground level with your flooring, laying the foundation for your signature style. The number one choice for flooring is carpeting, which racks up more sales than all other types of floor covering combined. Soft and cozy, carpet provides insulation and sound absorption along with beauty and functionality. An important design feature and lasting investment, the right choice of quality carpet will pay dividends in comfort, beauty and functionality for years to come.

Kid Friendly carpet flooring

Your home’s carpeting conveys the image that corresponds with your lifestyle. This choice is a crucial element that deserves careful attention, and with myriad options to consider, it is well worth the time to learn how to spot the best workmanship and quality available. By equipping yourself with some basic know-how, you’ll be able to choose carpeting that is perfect for your home’s design, style and budget.

This carpet primer will inform your buying options, helping you determine what constitutes excellent construction, how to spot fabrics that deliver high-end comfort, and which type of fibers deliver durability and easy maintenance. A little familiarity with basics, from types of fiber, density, pile, height and face weight, will show you how to identify the best features for your style and budget. Armed with this carpet confidence, you will be familiar with key criteria to inform and guide you to the right soft surface choice for your home.


A quick Carpet 101 overview starts with pile, a term which indicates how the individual strands of fiber are placed on a carpet’s backing; strands may be looped or cut, or feature a combination of both techniques. The best way to determine your pile preference is to see and touch various carpet samples. Express Flooring eliminates the need to visit multiple retail outlets — our professionally trained design consultants will arrive with large, oversize samples for your consideration, tailored to your home’s aesthetics and functionality requirements. Run your fingers through cut pile, loop pile, plush and low pile options as our consultants explain the construction, purpose and wear of each type.

Loop Pile

When the tufted strands of yarn in a carpet’s construction remain uncut, the result is termed a loop pile, with the height and looseness of the loops dictating the look and feel of a carpet’s design. Loop pile carpet features fibers of yarn bent into small loops and arranged in rows to create a smooth finish that provides a durable, easy to maintain flooring choice. This style may be constructed in level loops, which is desirable in high traffic areas, or may feature a combination of high and low loops, for added design interest. There are also patterned loops, incorporating strands cut to create interesting textural designs for your floors. Low pile’s shorter carpet fibers provide easy maintenance and stain resistance; in high traffic areas, consider a carpet with tight, dense loops that will afford long-lasting durability. High pile carpets are designed with taller fibers that offer a fuller look and feel, a warm and inviting choice popular for bedroom environments. Express Flooring design consultants will help you assess and navigate the best quality loop and pile choices for every area of your home.

Loop Pile Carpeting

Cut Pile

These sheared end fibers are exposed, creating the look of a soft, plush field. The end fibers, shaped in different lengths and thicknesses, present a luxurious flooring choice that affords added comfort and texture underfoot. This style is easy to vacuum, as dirt cannot be trapped in hidden loop areas, and is also resistant to matting. Express Flooring partners with a leading manufacturer, Shaw Floors, to offer an exceptional range of cut pile carpets in styles limited only by your imagination. Their Cashmere Classic cut pile, for example, is available in four plushness options and 50 designer colors, from palest ivories to rich saturated jewel tones.

Impressive cut pile carpeting

Cut and Loop

This style is frequently seen in Berber carpeting; versatile and beautiful, Berber is a popular choice for many different areas of the home.

cut and loop carpets

Weight and Density

Design experts measure quality by assessing key metrics of a carpet’s construction, paying particular attention to pile weight and density. They look to pile weight, which measures the weight of carpet fibers in one square yard, and density, which indicates how closely together those fibers are tufted.

Weight and density work in tandem to determine the overall standard; ask your Express Flooring design consultant to discuss the particulars of each carpet sample you are considering. Our manufacturers provide complete and transparent construction information to guide your design choices.

Plush Carpet

Nothing feels more high-end and luxurious than a thick, plush carpet underfoot. The tighter twist, which indicates how the yarn is twisted on itself, and increased density on the base create the generous pile that is the hallmark of a plush carpet. Delivering the look and feel of luxury, plush carpeting adds an upscale touch and high-end appeal that is sure to impress. Sinking your toes into soft, inviting comfort makes plush carpeting an irresistible choice for downtime areas of your home where relaxation is key, such as family rooms, dens and bedroom areas. Look for high pile density and a good quality cushion when choosing this elegant option.


Choosing the right fiber for your carpet is a key consideration for homeowners.

Olefin, a synthetic fiber with a wool appearance, is frequently the first choice in the manufacture of Berber carpets, produced in a level loop style in both matte and sheen finishes. Sustainable and hard working, Olefin carries a reliable reputation throughout the carpet industry.

A naturally strong fiber, nylon is prized for its resiliency and used in the creation of both high-end and less expensive products. Upscale options feature quality nylon grades, such as the premium branded products offered by Stainmaster, a top flooring manufacturer serving Arizona communities. Choose a carpet with a tightly woven backing system and high pile density; also inquire about tuft twists, which determine how a carpet retains its shape. A tight tuft twist ensures that a carpet will keep its new appearance for years to come, resisting the tendency to blossom or unravel.

Pet-friendly nylon carpets

Polyester, long regarded as a modern miracle product, is used extensively by top carpet manufacturers.

Soft and luxurious to the touch, today’s polyester carpeting is fade resistant, sheds moisture and is a good choice for allergy sufferers. Further, polyester carpeting incorporates the use of recycled materials, making it eco-friendly. Look for soft fibers that carry a luxurious showroom feel and high density. Sink your fingers into the pile to feel the thickness and check for texture retention.

Kid friendly polyester carpet types

A synthetic fiber that is close to wool in feel and appearance, acrylic is a more affordable option than wool, and this less expensive interpretation resists staining, fading, and mildew. Soft and lightweight like wool, acrylic carpets repel stains and wick away moisture. Acrylic carpeting, available in refined, fully articulated color palettes, is often blended with wool, combining the benefits of both synthetic and organic materials.

Synthetic Fiber carpets

Wool, the only natural fiber used in carpeting, is highly valued for its beauty and versatility. Used for centuries and prized for its exceptional warmth, comfort, and style, wool is a premier carpet choice, a luxurious upscale favorite that transforms your surroundings. Naturally lustrous, this natural fiber accepts dye easily, making it available in an endless array of hues. Because of its natural crimping, a wool carpet springs back into shape after being walked on and will not take on a matted look even in heavily trafficked areas of your home. The most expensive and luxuriously soft fiber available, wool is the carpet of choice for the discerning homeowner. As durable as it is beautiful, wool is a more costly option that does require professional maintenance; it will, however, last for decades with proper care. Dig your fingers deep into the pile to check for density; good quality wool will feel soft to the touch and not produce too many loose fibers.

Highly stain-resistant, requiring only water for cleaning, Triexta repels dirt and stains with a unique soil shield, making this the perfect carpet for busy households with children and pets. Fade resistant and environmentally friendly, this innovative fiber, created by Dupont, maybe the hardest working material ever.

Family-friendly Triexta Carpet

And it’s as beautiful as it is durable. Triexta fiber presents a stunning matte finish and is luxurious to the touch; each strand bears 700 silk-like fibers, producing an extraordinary softness. Mohawk’s SilkReserve line of Triexta carpet is produced in a wide-ranging palette of colors, including whites, creams, taupes, grays, and blues; sophisticated patterns with a Mediterranean influence are available to complement each shade.

When faced with the daunting number of options to wade through, visiting carpet showrooms can be overwhelming. Express Flooring design consultants remove the stress from this process, arriving with a curated collection of oversized samples that will provide the inspiration for your decorating choices.

Textures, Patterns and Styles

The texture is trending strongly in design showrooms this year, and incorporating this design element into your carpet lends an upscale feel to a room. Saxony carpet is densely woven and incredibly soft, a traditional cut pile carpet created by twisted fibers that stand upright. This density creates superior comfort underfoot and lends a classic elegance to any room. Textured Saxony carpets feature fibers twisted in different directions; thusly placed, these fibers reflect light and mask the footprints and vacuum marks seen when fibers are upright.

Textured Saxony Carpets

A casual, shaggy look, Frieze carpeting is composed of fibers that are evenly cut, loose and bent. The high twist of fibers provides added durability, making this choice compatible with heavily trafficked areas of the home, as a more tightly twisted fiber better withstands abrasion. Pattern carpeting, another preferred cut and loop combination, is manufactured with interesting detail including dotted, linear and varied geometric patterns. From traditional and true to eclectic contemporary design, patterned carpet offers innovative possibilities to transform any room of your home. Trending colors range from creamy neutrals to vibrant bold hues, and Express Flooring design consultants will help you navigate the color spectrum with confidence.

Carpet Constructions (Cut and loop)

Wall-to-wall carpeting envelops and unifies a space, making a sweeping statement that ties a room together. Alternately, a mixture of pattern and color serves to delineate rooms and transition areas, creating defined, purposeful spaces in the home. While whole house carpet is the first choice for many homeowners, others prefer the trending style of mixing several carpet types and patterns to suit the functional needs of particular home areas.


Product technology continues to evolve and redefine the manufacturing process and has produced new materials that offer options and solutions for today’s busy households, including stain resistance, hypoallergenic materials, and even waterproofing protection. Discerning Arizona consumers demand eco-friendly, non-toxic and durable design solutions, and environmentally friendly carpet options are the clear future direction of the industry.

Responsible products are now both affordable and beautiful, and Express Flooring is proud to partner with leading manufacturers. Green Label Plus is a leading force in the sustainable carpet field, dedicated to environmental stewardship. Carpet manufacturers are conscious of the dangers of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and work to ensure their carpet and backing products meet health and safety standards. Many of today’s carpets actually improve indoor air quality by clearing the air in our homes.

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