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Vinyl Flooring Installation

Getting new floors is a big investment. Once you’ve chosen your preferred flooring style from Express Flooring, we want to help ensure that you’re entirely happy with the decision you’ve made—not only today and next month, but for years to come.

To start your long-term satisfaction on the right track, we recommend that you get the most out of your new floor by working with our installation experts. Think of how much time and effort it would take if you had to take care of the vinyl flooring installation yourself, as detailed by the DIY Network with assistance from Congoleum Floors and Mohawk Floors.

Imagine the difficulty of completing each step on your own:

  • Get specific measurements, calculating every dimension
  • Consider how to center any pattern your new floor may have
  • Flatten the subfloor, making sure it’s completely smooth
  • Patch any holes or low areas in concrete subflooring
  • Cut your new vinyl to fit every corner and surface exactly
  • Lay it in position, allowing for extra vinyl against every wall
  • Work around corners and barricades by making just the right cuts
  • Roll out the flooring and apply the correct adherent
  • Press it down and cut away the edges from each of the walls
  • Secure the adhesive and replace all the molding, trim and furniture
  • Finish the procedure by cleaning your brand new vinyl floor

Express Flooring saves you all that trouble

From decorator styles like a luxury plank vinyl floor to practical choices like waterproof vinyl flooring, and from projects as simple as vinyl garage flooring to something as detailed as a vinyl floor in bathroom, our experts understand the tedious process of all types of vinyl flooring. They’re trained to install your new floors with precision.

Each of our independent contractors is licensed and certified, because we don’t trust just anyone to deliver the kind of careful expertise it takes to provide you with the best possible vinyl flooring installation. They’ll get the job done right from the very start, so your new vinyl floors will look great and last a long time.

What to expect from our flooring installation experts:

  • Convenient Scheduling: The moment your vinyl is available, we’ll schedule your installation. You can choose the appointment time that suits you best, because we make a point of offering our services every day of the week from early in the morning until late in the evening.
  • Regular Communication: We will inform and confirm with you every step of the way. There’s never any need to wonder whether your vinyl flooring experts will arrive when you expected, because we make a point of staying on top of things.
  • Make Sure You Are Ready: Upon arrival our Team Manager will walk you through the process of vinyl flooring installation. You’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the entire process, from beginning to end.
  • Everything Covered: We’ll prep your home for installation — including moving furniture. Don’t worry about moving lighter things in advance to save your team some effort. The price is the same no matter how long it takes, so let them take care of everything.
  • The Actual Installation: Regardless of what you’ve chosen — Armstrong vinyl flooring, Mannington vinyl plank flooring, Mohawk vinyl flooring, Shaw vinyl flooring or any other brand — your beautiful new vinyl will be installed on time and with expert quality.
  • Finishing Touch: We’ll move all the furniture back, clean any mess, and remove any old flooring. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the great new look.
  • Report Card: We will give you an opportunity to let us know how we did and to make sure you are 100% happy and satisfied! Listening to people like you want, need and appreciate is what keeps Express Flooring the premier residential and commercial flooring company in Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico.
  • Welcome to the Happy Home Family: Enjoy your new vinyl floors and space!

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