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How to buy flooring




We're here to help


Know exactly what you’re getting when you buy new flooring

Flooring isn’t made to look good in the store, it’s made to look good in your home. So why would you buy it before seeing the styles in the comfort of your own home? Express Flooring eliminates the hassle, anxiety, and frustration from the entire process by bringing the store to your door. This ensures that every customer is ultimately satisfied with their selection and purchase, all the way through installation.

See samples in the comfort of your own home

Furniture, décor, interior paint, and lighting will completely change the look of your flooring. It’s important to get a sense of what each style will look like in your home as opposed to the industrial atmosphere and lighting of the store.

You Won't Pay For Convenience

Express Flooring starts providing value, right from the very start with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION, IN-HOME ESTIMATE. We are happy to come to you seven days a week (including Sundays), with appointments available in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.
We are so confident that our products, pricing, and service cannot be beat by any competitor, we gladly come to your home AT NO COST TO YOU. If another flooring provider wants to charge for the opportunity to provide you with an estimate…you should probably be concerned about what other extras they will be adding to your contract throughout the process.

Get an expert’s opinion

Express doesn’t send a mere salesperson to your house with just a few samples to try and convince you to buy. You will be meeting with a skilled and highly trained Design Consultant that will show you lots of samples and options for you to choose from. Our Design Consultants will take all the time that you require to review options best suited for both your style and your lifestyle. They will walk you through an experience that will undoubtedly result in you selecting the perfect product that is optimized for your home…and your budget.

Don’t forget about furniture

One of our customers’ biggest concerns, and a reason for delaying getting their flooring needs addressed, is the daunting task of moving a lifetime of furniture…especially if you have to pay someone to do it for you. At Express, we don’t charge for moving furniture—it’s just another way we make it easy to get that new flooring you’ve been waiting for. Your Design Consultant will identify your needs and make sure that on your installation day, your furniture will be moved and replaced as carefully as if it were their own.

Know your true cost

Most people have a budget for their home improvement project. Like a car, you don’t need to be distracted by the price of the steering wheel or spark plugs to know if the price meets your needs.
That’s why Express Flooring provides each customer with an out the door, full project price. This includes, but is not limited to product and materials, freight, rip-up and haul-away, furniture moving, and installation, There are never any unknown costs or hidden extras within our estimates. That way you can be confident that the price on your contract will be the price throughout the entire project.

Does the company stand behind their work?

The only true indicator of the quality of a company is how long they will stand behind their products and services. Express Flooring provides not only industry-leading product warranties, some as long as 40 years, but most importantly a FREE LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY. Most of competitors warranty their services for only two years, which is the MINIMUM required by law…but our installers are so highly skilled that we are willing to stand by their craftsmanship FOR LIFE. Now that’s security that you can expect from Express Flooring.

Make the decision together

One of our slogans here at Express Flooring is that we are “The Happy Home People.” We’ve been doing this a long time, with tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers…and we’ve found that the absolute best decision for flooring is made when everyone affected by the decision is involved.
Buying flooring for your home IS A BIG DEAL…and hopefully, a decision that you make only a few times in your lifetime. So, why not let everyone—spouses, children, parents, and even pets—play a role in the selection process with our convenient appointment times? Our Design Consultant would love to meet with everyone who will be enjoying the new flooring. We do appointments 7 days a week including Sunday.

Take advantage of our purchasing power

Express Flooring is the leading provider of floor covering solutions in the the areas of Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico. The largest and most recognizable flooring manufacturers like Shaw and Mohawk have recognized us as one of the largest flooring retailers not only in those areas, but throughout the entire United States…and those manufacturers do play favorites. Express Flooring is able to provide Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico’s most competitive pricing because we purchase in such large quantities and therefore get the deepest manufacturer discounts. Big box stores and smaller shops don’t have the local relationships to get the same discounts as we do. Let us put our purchasing power to work for you.

Ask about inventory

Can other providers meet your installation timeline? What we hear regularly is that they can’t! The biggest reason is that they don’t have what the customer wants in stock. Our 40,000-square-foot warehouse is continuously packed to the rafters with the latest products, styles, and colors from the most recognizable manufacturers in our industry. If flooring isn’t the competitor’s only focus, it may take up to 8 weeks for them to get your new floors.
Without your choices in stock and ready for installation, you’ll be left waiting! What might seem like a great deal now is only asking for headaches, anxiety, and frustration later. At Express Flooring you will never be dealing with “liquidated” products or low-quality seconds.

Don’t stress about cleanup

Most estimates charge extra for the rip-up of your old floor, and hauling and disposal aren’t always included. Is the installer just taking your old floors to the curb or to a proper disposal site? Are they environmentally conscious by choosing disposal sites which recycle and repurpose your waste? What is the additional cost you have to pay to get rid of your old floor? You shouldn’t have to stress out over the cleanup and disposal, so that’s why the cost associated with rip-up and haul-away are always included with every estimate provided by Express Flooring. And, we take every possible precaution to leave your home even cleaner than we found it once the installation is complete.

Stay on your schedule

Getting an in-home estimate is very important, but you shouldn’t have to adjust your whole schedule to make it happen. Design Consultants should come to your home 7 days a week—morning, noon or night. We want to make it convenient for everyone in the household, so we offer an amazing amount of scheduling options that can meet anyone’s busy schedule. And, with Express Flooring bringing the store to your door, think of how much time you will save and aggravation you will avoid by letting us come to you!

Lowest price out there!

The bottom line…How much is this going to cost? Ensure you’re getting the lowest price for flooring. A price match guarantee is something to consider when shopping for new flooring to help know you’re getting the best available deal on your new flooring.