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Discount Vinyl Flooring Stores In Phoenix, AZ

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Express Flooring in Phoenix has a range of vinyl planks that brings out the beauty of your home. Express Flooring is a premier vinyl flooring supplier in Phoenix. Express Flooring in Phoenix provides vinyl flooring for residential and commercial clients. Vinyl is a good flooring material for high-traffic areas and is also not that expensive compared to other flooring materials.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for a child’s play room, office reception area, kitchen and bathrooms where water and other liquids are more likely to get spilled. Vinyl planks can be redone with no effort. Vinyl planks from Express Flooring in Phoenix emulate the look of real ceramic tile, stone and wood. Express Flooring provides vinyl flooring in Phoenix at the best rates possible.

We offer online specials for our shoppers who purchase vinyl flooring from us. You can give us a call or provide your details on our online free in-home estimate form. Express Flooring will send a design consultant to your home with vinyl flooring samples. They then give you an exact estimate of how much the entire project will cost with no hidden fees.

We offer next day installation for our in stock vinyl flooring in Phoenix. We have spectacular deals for our in stock vinyl flooring. Make up your mind on which type of vinyl flooring you want and we will take care of the rest. Get value for your money with our guaranteed lifetime installation warranty service for flooring purchased from us.

The sales team at Express Flooring would be thrilled to help you choose vinyl planks in Phoenix. Click here to get your free estimate in Phoenix today. We make buying new flooring as easy as possible.

Discount Vinyl Flooring & Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Vinyl has become one of the most popular types of flooring among homeowners and business owners in the Valley today. Express Flooring is a highly sought out flooring specialist when it comes to vinyl flooring in Phoenix. Our outlets offer a range of vinyl flooring options that add to the beauty of any home. If you’re looking for an affordable option that replicates other types of flooring and proves as a product suitable for high-traffic areas, vinyl is the perfect choice for you.

Express Flooring provides high-quality, discount vinyl plank flooring options at some of the lowest rates in the Phoenix area. At Express Flooring, we help you pick the best material that makes sense for all the factors of your home, compliments your design style, and suits your family. Express Flooring is sure to have a vinyl flooring that’s perfect for you.

With its affordability, easy maintenance, and known durability, vinyl flooring is growing as a top flooring choice for homeowners and is gaining popularity every day. Having trouble deciding which vinyl will be best for your home? Express Floorings experts are ready to help!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Phoenix

Express Flooring is a highly-skilled, reputable and well-seasoned vinyl flooring store in Phoenix. Vinyl plank flooring is on trend, and we’re ready to help you upgrade to the floor of your dreams. As experts in the Phoenix flooring market, we service homes and commercial businesses across the Valley in adding to the design and comfort levels of their space with our beautiful, luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl is a modern flooring that’s made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. It’s an extremely versatile flooring option that comes in a wide range of colors and designs. When choosing vinyl flooring for your home, it’s important to consider the overall interior style. Is it bright and vibrant? Or is it a little more subdued? No matter your answer, Express Flooring has an option that will work for you. Our expert team will work with you in choosing the perfect vinyl plank flooring to match your dream aesthetic.

Have an active family and high traffic throughout your home? Vinyl flooring is a highly durable flooring type that can stand up to these levels of activity. Worried about moisture resistance? No need! Vinyl plank flooring is safe for bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room or other areas susceptible to water. Vinyl is warm and soft to the touch beneath your toes, but tough and resilient to wear and tear.

Express Flooring's selection of vinyl flooring can match the elegant looks of tile, natural stone, and even wood — at a significantly lower cost! Achieve that look of beautiful hardwood or marble floors within your budget.

Let’s look at the benefits of adding Express Flooring's luxury vinyl flooring into your home:

  • Low maintenance and easy to care for by sweeping and the occasional damp mop with vinyl approved cleaner.
  • It is 100% water resistant — making it great for bathrooms or your kitchen.
  • Softer under your toes unlike wood or tile. Some vinyl flooring even has a padded underlayer as a bonus to the comfort.
  • Inexpensive flooring option that can mimic the look of real hardwood and tile.
  • Highly durable and can last 10 to 20 years based on quality and the way it was manufactured.
  • It can be used in commercial settings.
  • You can easily customize the design to match the aesthetic of your interiors.
  • It’s made from recycled material, making it environmentally friendly.
  • Individual pieces can be replaced.

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is that It’s extremely easy to install and can be installed very quickly. Although it can be done the DIY route, Express Flooring has next day installation on in-stock purchases. We also offer complimentary installation. The entire process can take 24 hours and then you’ll be enjoying your new, beautiful floor for years and years to come.

Express Flooring is truly an expert in Phoenix vinyl installation and provides exceptional services for any flooring need. We work with you step-by-step to make sure you’re making the best choices for your home.

Arizona's #1 Resilient Vinyl Flooring Specialists

Express Floorings vinyl flooring style options are endless. We have a wide array of designs to match any renovation project in your home. Our manufacturer relationships allow us to secure and provide the best products from the best brands at wholesale discount pricing. We have serviced hundreds of thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Phoenix area for vinyl flooring sales and hardwood flooring installation. We understand the market and provide the lowest rates for high-quality products — every time!

Express Flooring offers great online pricing and flooring coupons to save you even more money on your investment. When you give us a call or fill out our free in-home estimate form, our professionally trained staff will come to you. Choose from our many options of beautiful vinyl flooring in the comfort of your own home.

Express Flooring provides next day installation with in-stock vinyl flooring purchases. As a top vinyl supplier in the Valley, we offer the lowest rates of any vinyl store in Phoenix and free vinyl installation with your new flooring purchase. The cost we give you during your consultation is the cost you pay with no hidden charges. All of our luxury vinyl flooring options come with a lifetime installation warranty. A great reason why choosing a specialist like Express Flooring protects your investment time and time again.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and great prices on flooring for homeowners in Phoenix.

Discount Vinyl Flooring From Express Flooring

Here at Express Flooring, we know just how important purchasing your new vinyl flooring is. Our flooring specialists understand that picking the right flooring that works with your budget is imperative. Express Flooring offers the lowest rates for the best quality vinyl flooring than any other competitor in Phoenix. Get the highest value for your dollar when you work with us for your new flooring needs. As a local vinyl flooring dealer, we offer luxury flooring options with outstanding durability and style.

Vinyl plank flooring has a huge advantage over other types of flooring as it’s suitable for high-traffic areas in your home. Get the floor of your dreams for a significantly lower cost by choosing a vinyl design that mimics the look of your favorite flooring type.

Here at Express Flooring, we have incomparable online offers and quotes. Unlike most vinyl flooring stores, the estimates we give you have no hidden charges. We also offer next day installation on in-stock purchases. Our complimentary vinyl flooring installation service with purchase is an unbeatable addition to your purchase. Not to mention, we offer an amazing lifetime warranty on installation. Choosing Express Flooring as your source for discount vinyl flooring is the best way to invest in your new floors.

Trusted Vinyl Flooring Brands in Phoenix

When we look at luxury vinyl flooring from a distance, some brands tend to blend together. In that case, you have to come closer and have a look at them. You can find the absolute difference between them.

So, it's always useful to find the best vinyl flooring brands. As you are staying in Phoneix, you might want to have a look at the trusted and popular brands in Phoenix. Right? Then check out some favorite brands below.

As an experienced and well-seasoned expert servicing thousands of Phoenix homeowners, we have an idea of the trusted brands and also have a great relationship with the best manufacturers in the business. So, we offer high-quality brands at the lowest rates.

Here are a few of our most popular vinyl flooring brands at Express Flooring in Phoenix:

Shaw Premio, Classico, Easy Street, Aviator, Navigator:

Shaw is a top vinyl manufacturer. Premio, Classico, Easy Street, Aviator, and Navigator are a few of the styles that they make. Among them there are differences, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Premio is the best choice when it comes to picking luxury vinyl.

Armstrong luxe plank:

Armstrong Luxe Plank has popular wood treatments like rustic weathered wood and exotics. Armstrong’s floors also come with self-stick adhesive.

Mannington adura and distinctive plank:

Distinctive Plank has a ton of variety to choose from. Adura is considered, and entry-level plank and Distinctive Plank is the premium line.

Karndean art select, loose lay:

Kandean Art Select’s rare vinyl is a good option for those looking to embrace the old school look and is willing to spend just a little more. This flooring does not come with a self-stick adhesive and is installed loose lay.

Lumber liquidators tranquility:

The Lumber Liquidators Tranquility is an affordable choice in luxury vinyl planks.

We work with popular brands to provide you the best quality vinyl flooring on the market. The design, style, quality, and service keeps these companies at number 1 in the flooring manufacturing business. If you want to visualize our name brand products in your home, use our simple room scene creator tool. Simply pick the manufacturer and select from hundreds of laminate flooring options.

Best Vinyl Selling Styles in Phoenix

When choosing your new vinyl flooring for your home, there are just a few style options to consider before picking out the actual design that you like. Let’s take a look at what the different vinyl flooring options are that Express Flooring in Phoenix provides.

Vinyl sheets:

Vinyl sheets are aesthetically pleasing and look perfect after installation. They’re very easy to install and are ideal for moisture-prone areas. If you’re looking for slip-resistant flooring, vinyl sheets are a great option for you.

Vinyl planks:

If durability and a wood look are more important to you, vinyl planks create a wooden pattern which mimics the look of real hardwood floors. Every vinyl plank design is different from the next, so the patterns never repeat. Vinyl planks have a very natural look to them and enhance the warmth of any room. This is an extremely popular look among homeowners in the Phoenix area right now.

Vinyl tiles:

Luxury vinyl tiles look like natural stone floors. They’re easy to install and maintain and a great option for allergen reduction.

Once decided on the type, it’s time to look at the two different styles of vinyl flooring.

Inlaid vinyl:

With inlaid vinyl, colored granules are embedded into the vinyl sheet. They give the vinyl depth and a more detailed look.

Printed vinyl:

Printed vinyl is the more popular style among homeowners right now. Patterns and colors are printed directly on top of the vinyl. It mimics the look of more expensive flooring types.

Vinyl Flooring infographic

The next piece to consider is the three types of wear layer finishes for vinyl flooring. These determine the strength of durability. Grade 1 is the thickest and best for high traffic, grade 2 is better for medium traffic, and grade 3 is better for rooms with lower amounts of traffic.

Luxury Vinyl Considerations in Phoenix

Vinyl flooring is a great option for homeowners that want the look of luxury but on a budget. There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing your vinyl flooring type.

Consider the existing decor in your home. What will design styles go best with the look you want to achieve? Are you thinking a wood look? Or maybe natural stone or tile. This is important in selecting between sheets, tiles, and planks. Next, you’ll pick out the greater detail in patterns and colors.

It’s also important to consider the activity level in your home. If you have higher traffic, it’s best to consider the vinyl plank flooring with a good finish to get the most out of your flooring investment. No more worrying about your floors when the kids start running around, or you get a new pet.

Vinyl plank flooring is a great option for children's’ playrooms and other areas susceptible to damage through wear and tear. Even rooms that could be directly affected by water are safe for vinyl flooring — rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens and more.

So What Next?

Give us a call or fill out our simple free in-home estimate. Express Flooring has served hundreds of thousands of Phoenix residents and business owners in the choosing the perfect vinyl flooring and providing excellent service for tile installation. From the moment you get in touch, we work with you step-by-step on your new vinyl flooring journey.

Our sales team experts at Express Flooring are ready and excited to assist you in choosing the perfect vinyl flooring for your home. Click here for a free vinyl installation estimate in Phoenix.

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