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5 Things To Consider When Buying Harmonics Laminate Flooring

June 23, 2020
Laminate flooring is rapidly gaining popularity due to the easy availability and hassle-free installation process. These are easy DIY projects which can be completed quickly. One of the most popular flooring types in this category is harmonic laminate floorings.

Harmonic laminate floors are glueless laminate flooring that does not stick to the subfloor. The harmonic laminate floors are extensively used in modern architecture. The harmonic laminate floors are referred to as ‘floating floors’ as they remain in floating position rather than being stuck to the subfloor.

The main characteristics of harmonic laminate flooring are that they reflect the color of the wood. They are specially designed to replicate the natural color of wood which inculcates a natural appeal in your home. Thanks to grains used in the laminate floorings it appears to look like a wooden texture.

It is true that the flooring demands more than just a good visual appearance. The laminate floor installation should be tightly fitted and tough combined with a good price brand. The strong visual appeal plays the part of cherry on the cake. And yes, why not, it is really important to look good and attractive.

Because of its wood pattern the harmonic laminate floor does not offer much choice. It is available in four patterns:

1. Windsor Oak: mostly brown tones are considered. The pattern consists of softwood and hardwood graining.

2. Vineyard Cherry: it combines the reddish-brown color to create beautiful patterns.

3. Harvest oak: it has bold grain patterns. It reflects a dark honey color.

4. Golden Aspen: The golden aspen exhibits colors from light to darker shades. Mostly resembles an amber or honey-toned hues.

To choose the best color and pattern, scrutinize the above list and find out what suits you well.

There are certain things that you must examine and ponder from your local laminate floor store. Carefully analyze the pros and cons of your choice and safeguard yourself from any future discrepancies.

Below given are five points to be considered before installing laminate floors.


No doubt laminate floors are tough and durable. But different floorings are required for different parts of the house so depending on the space for which flooring has required the decision for flooring should be considered.

It should be clear that the laminate floor installation is to be done for office or for residential purposes. Office use or commercial use tends to scratch the floors by revolving chairs and furniture. It is essential to note, the quality of the harmonic laminate floor depends on which floor it is to be used. For commercial purposes, better quality is to be used.


Naturally, since the harmonic laminate floor does not stick to the floor but keeps floating, therefore, it is important to choose comparatively thicker planks. The floor with thicker and tighter planks will be considered more suitable for use.


The main purpose of the laminate floor installation is for looking luxurious. If you are not able to achieve that desired visual appeal then all efforts go in vain.

Take proper time for your decision and if necessary take a few samples home with you to decide better.


You should first always enquire about the warranty with your seller. The result will depend on the quality of flooring selected by you. High-quality harmonic laminate floors are less likely to suffer damage but it is always in your best interest to inquire about the warranties and guarantees associated.


Both things are associated with each other. It is often advised to order 10 percent more than you require. As there is always a chance for a few damaged planks in your order. The seller should specify in advance what are the chances of damaged tiles? And, if any, what is the possible outcome for it?

Also if by mistake you ordered way more than required how will you return it? And will he accept the returned product?

These are a few inquiries that should be dealt with before committing to any deal.

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