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Ceramic Vs Linoleum: Pros and Cons

June 23, 2020
When it comes to kitchen and bathroom flooring, linoleum and Ceramic are popular options. Linoleum often is associated with institutional buildings such as schools and hospitals. But there is a new generation of linoleum that, like tile, has many benefits. Linoleum is largely comprised of linseed oil; a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from flax seeds, also mixed with other natural renewable natural and renewable materials such as cork dust, wood flour, and rosin. Ceramic tile flooring is a versatile architectural resource that can be employed in a variety of environments with no bother water, stains, and design. The advantage of linoleum is that there is a wide variety of colors and designs. In fact, linoleum can be used to mimic the appearance of tiles and also a budget-friendly material.

Here you can go with the advantages and the drawbacks of these materials where you can choose the right flooring to your home.

Ceramic- Ceramic tile is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t harbor germs. Ceramic is best known for its durability and is easy to clean and maintain water and stain proof and extremely versatile. It comes in endless shades with interesting patterns and textures with decent imitations of natural stone.


  • Water and Stain Proof resistant
  • Good traction and slip- resistance
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Glazed ceramic doesn’t need sealing.
  • Won’t crack or deform in heat or frost
  • No paling effects.
  • Limitless colors, patterns & textures
  • Easy to clean with warm water or standard cleaning products
  • Durable, extremely wear-resistant and long-lasting

  • Chips and scratches remove the colored glaze.
  • Difficult to repair.

– Linoleum floor has been used since the century’s time and it is still a popular choice for most of the homes and it is the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Linoleum is one of the most versatile flooring choices because it is available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Also, very affordable and it is the right choice for a budget flooring idea.


  • Easy to clean and maintain, since it is water-resistant.
  • Resist to dirt, scratch, and scuffs.
  • Well, suits for high traffic areas.
  • Cost-effective when it comes to maintenance.
  • Quite attractive in appearance also you feel soft underfoot when you walk.
  • Free from the noisy atmosphere while walking and moving things.
  • Suits more for kid’s room and living rooms.


  • Unlike other flooring options, linoleum is a little difficult to install, since the material has thickness and inflexibility.
  • Floor protectors should be placed under furniture legs.
  • Slippery in nature.
  • Highly flammable.
Ultimately, any flooring has its own pros and cons. All you have to choose the right kind of flooring based on your necessities and the interior design of your home. For versatile flooring material then ceramic would be a perfect choice. Or if comfort is your concern with kids, linoleum is the ideal option to go for. Both ceramic and linoleum are worthy of flooring an alternative, however, flooring decision comes down to your lifestyle.