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How to Clean Floor Tiles by Yourself

June 18, 2020
Tile floors are the most preferred flooring option in today’s market. They are waterproof, installation is considerably easy, you get to choose from a variety of styles and it is the most resilient. When compared with carpet or wood floors, it is low maintenance.

Whether they are ceramic tile or stone tile or porcelain tile, you need to know how to clean the tile to make it look like new. Below you can find information as to how one can clean there tile floors in the appropriate way.
kitchen with tile floor

How Tile Floors Should be Cleaned on a Regular Basis:

  • Sweep your floors with a mop or vacuum to clean out any dirt or dust particles. Always make sure to use the dust mop and never use the straw broom as this cause scratches on your floor.
  • Mop your floors once a week with a bucket of warm water. Your tiles will look neat and will sparkle.
  • Once you mop the floors, dry your floor immediately. This is to prevent dust particles from setting in the damp area and can become a hassle to clean again.
  • If you notice a spill, even if it is water, be sure to wipe it clean. If the spill is something grimier, make sure to use a cleanser to clean it up. Make sure to use the cleanser only on the area that the spill occurred.
  • Be sure to place a doormat outside your home and inside to avoid mud coming in to your home. This is mostly required when the weather conditions are damp outside, like during the rainy season.
If your floors are dirtier and there are stubborn stains on your floor, you should deep clean your tile floors. It is recommended to deep clean your tile floors once or twice a year.
cleaning a tile floor

How to Deep Clean Your Tile Floors

Below you can find a detailed procedure on how to deep clean your floors:

  1. Mop your floors with warm water and ½ cup of white vinegar. This is so that the acidic reaction vinegar has will help remove the grease and dirt. You can also add a few drops of dish soap to a gallon of warm water to remove the stains on your tile floors.
  2. If you have stubborn stains, mix half spoon of scouring powder to warm water and make in to a paste. Now spread this mixture on the stain and wait for 10 minutes, take a soft bristle brush and scrub the area. After you finish scrubbing, clean the tile with plain water and dry it with an old cloth. If the stain still persists, repeat the process.
Any harsh cleaner can eat away your tiles. Always make sure to use cleaners that are pH neutral and are safe to clean tile floors. Baking soda, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide are good options to clean your floors.

How to Clean Tile Grout

Cleaning tile floors is an easy task when compared to cleaning the grout on your tile floors. You can find below some points to look at when cleaning grout on your tile flooring:
  • To remove any loose debris, first clean the grout with water and dry it.
  • If you have colored grout, do not use bleach on it as it tends to tarnish the grout.
  • Do not use brushes with metal bristles as this wear away the grout. Always make sure to use a stiff brush for scrubbing the stains.
  • When cleaning your grout with industrial cleaning agents, make sure there is enough air for circulation.
  • Make sure you have eye wear on and gloves to protect from the chemical cleaners.
  • First test your cleaner, in a place where it is not seen and make sure it doesn’t damage the grout.
  • Lastly never ever combine cleaners as they can cause fumes and if the mixture is touched can cause your skin to burn.
  • Make sure to apply the grout sealer to give it a neat and clean look. You have grout sealers for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and floor tiles. Make sure you choose the correct kind depending on where you are applying it.
  • Reapply the grout sealer at least once a year.

Have a good flooring installed is easy, and if it is maintained on a regular basis, they will be as good as new for many more years.